Suppression, Oppression, and Servitude

President Biden signed legislation to proliferate the collapse of the United States Dollar. Thus, the citizens’ financial system. (Excluded, International Monetary Fund’s Select Drawing Rights.

The old adage goes, “never bite the hand that feeds you.”

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.” Albert Einstein.


One of the most important contemporary criminal prosecutions is happening, as we speak. Yet, most readers have probably not been informed regarding the crucial bits of information involving it. Or even are aware of its existence.

That’s the point.

Though this trial involves one of the most prominent human traffickings rings the world may have ever known. The USDC ordered a media gag. This, as we have come to be familiar with, was for the public’s “protection” and “safety.” For comparison, O. J’s brutal trial was proliferated nationally.

This may just be me, but I am exhausted from the government attempting to preemptively safeguard from speculative harms. Like, for instance, a cold.

This trial seems to be where the bear does not want to be poked.

What I am talking about is the prosecution of Ghislaine Maxell. For those unfamiliar, Ms. Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s (who did not kill himself) “madam.” She would recruit underage girls for Jeff and the Boys’™ sexual gratification. All of these victims who suffered from such grotesque criminal acts were from families of low income and little means. That is, no power. If you have not been apprised of Jeff and the Boys’™ horrific acts, there is a Netflix docu-series on it that would make your goosebumps pur.


Major media have ignored reporting on this. Those in positions of power have done all they can to suppress it. For example, Twitter, this past week, deleted an account that was tracking the trial. It had over 550,000 followers. It grew this large within weeks. Other outlets continue to act as if this trial did not exist.

From Fox News to CNN; radio silence.

This is the current state of our union. For those who wield immense power, politically and monetarily. Responsibility and accountability are of no concern.

The ball does not stop there.

Servitude, Government’s Ultimate Goal

Servitude of the American populace seems to be ultimate goal of the Washington Elite. Those who look upon us from their Ivory Tower seem to deal in self-interest only. That is the opposite of the intent and purpose of our constitutional republic.

Yesterday, President Biden and his handlers, proudly posted a video of him announcing he was signing a bill to fast track the Democrats raising the United States debt ceiling. The purpose is to pass his Build Back Better program that will vastly transform the relationship between the American federal government to our economy and our individual rights. This bill almost makes FDR and LBJ look republican (RINO, not conservative).

Of course, Biden’s message to the American people was one of responsibility, urgency, and importance. “The United States pays its debts when its debts are due.” Yet, this is not a truthful discussion about responsibility or importance. One may call it propaganda.

These debt payments are most definitely urgent. China’s economy is faltering. The United States government, the most powerful and prosperous government in the world, does not, I repeat, does not have to spend its colossal $5.5 trillion-dollar tax-revenue budget in full. This does not include deficit (read: debt, credit card) spending. Congress, with its constitutional power over our Nation’s wealth (purse), could, for instance, act as every citizen does and spend well within its means.

Though, based upon historic actions and legislative powers, why would Congress? I mean, it has, unconstitutionally, ceded its power over the purse.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

The Federal Reserve of the United States is the most powerful entity in the world. More powerful than the United States Federal Government. For an entity that expresses to the nation whom it controls the wealth of, that it is both “independent” and “insulated” from short-term political pressures. It has consistently failed the People of these united States to be either independent or insulated from the short-term political winds that captivate the United States’ mast.

The Fed has brilliantly failed to accomplish its statutory goals of maximum employment and a stable price level. The only objective accomplished is making the $USD an “elastic currency.”

Economically, elasticity in goods and services is a good thing, when those goods and services are controlled by the free market. When the market that controls the outcomes of all other markets (currency), is controlled by one Chairman, the effect is to centrally command an economy, arbitrarily. That is, communist. Evidenced by the perpetual prevalence of the dollar’s destruction, the Fed has made every citizen a hamster on the government’s wheel.

Furthermore, the Fed takes every opportunity to encroach itself like a virus onto our inherent and inalienable rights. It facilitates pro-active measures to catastrophes, wars, and welfare. Though, ironically, it is the one that wields all the power. And the one that causes the need for corrections.

The State of Our Union

Those that control the airwaves of information continue to suppress what is important and promote what is polarizing and divisive. This has been a strategy for over a millennium. The art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. To divide and conquer.

If the American populace is, as Abraham Lincoln once stated, pitted against each other to be a house divided against itself, it cannot stand. For those who implement such divisions, what does that say about them regarding who is their enemy?

Who, then, do you believe they are attempting (successfully) to force into servitude for the furtherance of their goals?

The oppression we have all faced since “fifteen days to slow the spread.” To be honest, I don’t think I have to state more on that subject. To all my millennials and Gen Z’s who think communism is the future and capitalism is oppressive and fascist. I hope your trial experience of fascist communism has been all the utopia you were promised.

As one of the world’s most underappreciated economists once stated, inflation silently taxes both the rich and the poor. But one of these parties can handle higher taxes better than the other. And one entity controls the rate of inflation.

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