Conservative Matt Walsh’s “Johnny the Walrus” book becomes Amazon LGBTQ+ bestseller

Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh landed the number one best-selling new release “LGBTQ+” book on Amazon this past weekend.

The conservative commentator reportedly wrote and published the book in an effort to criticize the current state of the conversation on the LGBTQ community in the United States. “I now have the number one LGBT book in the country. Any further criticism of me or my book is now homophobic,” Walsh wrote to Twitter Sunday morning. “Checkmate.”

Johnny the Walrus” features a young boy named Johnny with a wild imagination. The child envisions himself as many things, including a walrus. His progressive mommy knows her boy is a boy, but becomes pressured by her friends on social media to treat and “transition” her child to live his true identity as a walrus. Mommy is faced with the choice of either protecting her son or pleasing her friends.

“Folks you have to admit this is all extremely funny,” Walsh continued via Twitter. “Me becoming a number one bestselling LGBT author is the twist no one saw coming.”

‘Johnny the Walrus’ success has some critics, urging Amazon to take action and remove the “stupid book” from the list. One user Tweeted “Matt Walsh is a disgusting anti-LGTBQ, right wing a–hat! He slid his stupid book in that category just to crack jokes! I sure hope @amazonbooks and @amazon see this!

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  • Donald R. Laster, Jr

    Those who promote the deviant behavior of sodomy don’t like it when people point out the difference between pretending and engaging in deviant behavior. A child when properly raised won’t chose to engage in sodomy. Having a book that teaches that exposes the hypocrisy of the groups is hilarious, especially when those promoting deviant behavior like it.

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