Man charged with kidnapping, rape unsuccessfully attempts to jump through window

A rape and kidnapping suspect bounced off reinforced glass when he tried to jump through a sixth-floor hotel room window to escape from police in Blue Ash, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cincinnati on November 21.

Police said officers were called to the hotel for a welfare check after a front desk attendant noticed a woman looking “unwell” with a man. The staff member told police she was “discreetly able to ask the female if she was okay” and “the female used body language to indicate that something was wrong.”

“She was kind of shaking a little bit and seemed very nervous,” the desk attendant told Blue Ash dispatch, according to a 911 audio recording from the Blue Ash Police Department.

The clerk said she was short enough that the man couldn’t see her and was able to mouth, “Do you need help?” to the alleged victim, which prompted the woman to nod and blink her eyes.

Officers arrived at the hotel room and questioned Onjre Damon George before he attempted to jump through the window to escape, only to be bounced back into the room.

In a statement, Blue Ash Police Chief Scott Noel said that the incident was “not a random kidnapping” and that the “victim and suspect were known to each other.” George was arrested and charged with assault, kidnapping, and rape. The woman was hospitalized.

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