President Biden deemed ‘fit for duty’ after first physical in office

President Joe Biden underwent his first physical while in office and was deemed ‘fit for duty’ by his doctor. Biden turned 79 on Saturday, making him the oldest president in US history.

On Friday, Biden spent five hours at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he received his first physical since becoming president, as well as his first since December 2019. Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor, who has been Biden’s doctor since 2009, wrote a six-page report, in which he reported his findings and that Biden was healthy and ‘fit to successfully execute the duties of the president”.

During his physical, he was given an extremely detailed neurological exam, after which he was called “vigorous” by O’Connor. Although many neurological issues were ruled out, he was found to have neuropathy, which could have caused his stiffened gait. O’Connor suggested he begin wearing orthopedic inserts. Biden has normal cholesterol, clocking in at 100, although his BMI would suggest he is slightly overweight at almost six feet and 184 pounds. 

While he was at the hospital, he received a colonoscopy. During that time, one hour and 25 minutes, he transferred presidential power to Vice President Kamala Harris, making her the first woman and first woman of color to ever hold the reins of America. Press Secretary Jen Psaki reported that she worked from her office in the West Wing during that time.

The procedure ended around 11, with Psaki reporting at 11:35 a.m. that Biden had spoken with his chief of staff, Ron Klain, and Harris, after which he resumed his presidential duties. Psaki reported that Biden “was in good spirits and at that time resumed his duties. He will remain at Walter Reed as he completes the rest of his routine physical.”

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