China exports largest, most advanced warship to Pakistan

China’s largest and most advanced warship has been handed over to its ally, Pakistan. In a continued effort to expand its Navy in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, China is now working towards bulking the naval forces of Pakistan.

This is just the first of four navy vessels China will be sending to Pakistan. China has worked together with Pakistan in the past to build aircraft for Pakistan’s Air Force.

For its first mission, the ship will go to the Arabian Sea. Pakistan benefits from the ship being there as they will have a front row view to activity on India’s western coasts and, in the event of war, it can easily stop oil and supplies from getting to India.

India is not pleased with this development. Sudhir Chaudhary, the Editor-in-Chief for Zee News, expressed his concern on Wednesday. He spoke on how a war would affect India, as it would be facing two enemies, not just one. Although India has an advantage over Pakistan in many regards, the country comes nowhere near to China’s capabilities. 

The ship was built in Beijing and commissioned in Shanghai, where it was given to Pakistan. It will reside in Pakistan’s navy, but will remain under Chinese orders. It was built by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC) and is a Type 054-A series frigate, which is estimated to cost $350 million USD. Pakistan has named the ship PNS Tughril, after a medieval Pakistani ruler.

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