Joe Biden announces he’s not a crook

Joe Biden, former Vice President, and agent of conspiratorial division. And enemy of every Jew in America.
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Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 18th day of December in the year 2020. This is not the last Friday of the year because that honor goes to Christmas Day. But it’s the next to last Friday of the year. What a year it has been so good riddance to 2020. The Friday after Christmas is January 1st and that of course is the beginning of 2021. So we are almost at the end of the plague year.

No Castle Report next week or New Year’s week. So I will speak to you again on January 8th which will be 3 days after the Georgia elections. And that will present a better view for some type of year in review report. The Castle family is doing well right now considering the loneliness of being apart from loved ones at Christmas time. We pray that next Christmas will be different. But for now we approach the real meaning of Christmas as we are.

Joe Biden imposed himself on America

President imposed, Joe Biden came out to speak to us after the electoral college vote the other day. And in that roughly 12-minute talk, he attempted to make it all sound legitimate. Right now, he is in Georgia campaigning for the two runoff Senate races to be held January 5th. If the Democrats win both races, they will control the senate 51-49.1 So it is something that is very critical to the success of Biden’s four years. He is telling the people of Georgia that if they give him the majority, he can give them more of what other people now own, so it’s a traditional Democrat appeal.

While speaking, he appeared to be a little under the weather. Which is understandable this time of year with the cold and the virus. He coughed a lot and later said he did not have the virus, but just a little cold. I’m glad to hear that because I thought there were no colds or flu this year, only virus. But now I know that is not the case. He seemed angry about being challenged on the legitimacy of the election and spoke to tell us that the election was fair, and he is not a crook.

Embarrassment, much?

Perhaps he is a little embarrassed about holding the nation’s highest office when he knows that it was stolen. No, he doesn’t care about that. The only thing in this war the Democrats are waging on civilization that matters to them is winning. His speeches are 12 to 15 minutes of telling us that everything was on the up and up. He won the office fair and square, he said. Yes Joe, you stole it fair and square and apparently even Democrats know it, so you can stop telling us.

He references the Texas lawsuit and says that the court examined it and said it has no merit. But that is untrue. The court did not consider the case on the merits of the evidence. Instead, they refused to hear it and that is not the same thing. I suppose it’s the old Joseph Goebbels theory that if you tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough people will believe it.2

Joe Biden cannot talk about the rule of law

Let me give you a few quotes from his let’s all come together speech.

Today, the members of the Electoral College representing the certified winner, cast their votes for President and Vice President of the United States in an act just as old as our nation itself. And, once again in America, the rule of law, our Constitution and the will of the people prevailed.

Joe you have a knack for saying the opposite of the truth and pretending you actually believe it. You have been a big part of destroying the rule of law in America. The will of the people. Don’t make me laugh. Thanks to you and your party the will of the people means nothing. The rule of law is nothing but meaningless words. You have even destroyed the English Common law based on the Magna Charta which goes back to 1215. So, Joe, congratulations on once again establishing that there are two sets of laws, one for us and one for your kind.

He can’t be serious!

Our democracy pushed, threatened, proved to be resilient, true and strong. The Electoral College votes which occurred today effect the fact that even in the face of a public health crises unlike anything we’ve experienced in our lifetime, the people voted. They voted in record numbers. More Americans voted this year than have ever voted in the history of the United States of America. Over 155 million Americans were determined to have their voices heard and their votes counted.

This was the biggest voter turnout in the history of the United States of America, a number so big that this election now ranks as the clearest demonstration of the true will of the American people, one of the most amazing demonstrations of civic duty we’ve ever seen in our Country.

You can’t possibly be serious about that Joe. About 100 million of those votes did not turn out as you put it but were mailed in. Many were gathered by bundlers and sent in en masse, so don’t deceive us with the words turned out.

Yes, more American citizens voted, but how many non-citizens, how many dead people, how many times did they vote? This obvious fraud destroys the will of the people and the right of free people to govern themselves. And you are therefore the president imposed. Just as the old monarchs inherited their office, the people had no say in it. We have you imposed on us, Joe.

Joe Biden in paraphrase

However, I want to be sure I have his view of the imposition straight for you so I will summarize it. More people than have ever voted for any one in history, about 81 million, voted for this corrupt, probably demented man, who has suffered two separate aneurysms, and who can’t read a teleprompter and keep the words coming our correctly, and who campaigned primarily from his basement. That is what we are expected to believe because he tells us that is so.3

Kamala Harris …

Wait a minute though, I’m probably being a little hard on the President imposed. I forget that he is undoubtedly just a trojan horse for Kamala Harris. It’s hard to read her and make an educated guess about what kind of president she will be. Most prosecutors that I have known tend to be conservative and protective of the criminal justice system. When she was attorney general of San Francisco and California, she prosecuted over 1900 marijuana convictions. Tulsi got her out of the presidential race by pointing out her hypocrisy. She said she was Jamaican so of course she used it herself.

She also argued that the death penalty is constitutional, and she did not support efforts to force the police to wear body cameras. These things angered the extreme left and as I said, forced her out of the presidential primary race. But while serving as a U.S. Senator, her voting record was the furthest left of all the 100 senators. That is an extreme swing and tells me that she is simply a nihilistic person who has no real principles except those that will get her to more power. The best guess is that she will remain true to the extreme left who imposed her on us.

… or Jill Biden

I could be wrong of course, and Biden could survive for several weeks or months and perhaps even for an entire term. He seems to be acting as if he intends to hold the office so we will see. I do pray for his health during the next four years. But I will tell you something else about the presidency right now, no matter who holds it. More than 100 emergency powers plus more than 13000 executive orders, plus the total irrelevance of the constitution make the presidency a virtual dictatorship. So, contrary to all the platitudes of Biden regarding “our democracy” we have had a socialist dictatorship imposed on the United States and its people.

A couple of months ago I said that Jill Biden, I’m sorry, Dr. Jill Biden,4 the imposed first lady might be the real power behind the throne. She will undoubtedly compete with Harris for control over her husband. But apparently, she has some serious self confidence issues and that does not favor her in a fight on that level. Her insistence on being referred to as doctor doesn’t embarrass her, it seems. But, being seen as a pretentious impostor would embarrass most non-Democrats.

If Republicans keep the Senate

The strongest hope we have right now is that Republicans will prevail in the Georgia senatorial elections and will still control the Senate. That way we would experience the deadlock of socialist control of the House and the Executive, with Republican control of the Senate. That would give us at least a partially paralyzed federal government rather than one with complete power to ruin the lives of all current Americans living as well as those who will live. I point out that one of the Democrat candidates for the US senate from Georgia is a revolutionary communist who hates America, hates Christianity, and hates white people. Apparently, there are a lot of people in Georgia who are so self-loathing they will vote for him.

Joe Biden the weakling – and subsidiary of China

Having said all that, it seems obvious to me that the leftists in the Democrat Party chose Joe Biden when he had no capability of being nominated on his own. They knew he was sick and on his last legs; that much must be obvious with even a slight examination. He fumbled every speech and could not answer even the simplest question without stumbling. His many health problems I have reiterated. So best guess is that they want him sickened and unable to continue so their control will then be complete.

The things I have mentioned are bad enough. But the Democrat role as prostitutes for Communist China is perhaps most concerning. As columnist Stephen Green said, Biden is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Communist Chinese. I wonder what their rate is, these Democrats, I mean if they are prostitutes, I wonder what they charge? I bet it’s a lot, but once you are owned, bought and paid for, you probably have to deliver something in return, unless you are dishonest enough not to stay bought.

Hunter Biden’s laptop

It seems, however, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real after all. Yes, for several months, a scandal involving a presidential candidate’s son as well as the presidential candidate himself, was not allowed to escape into the public discourse. The big freeze as Barney Fife used to call it. The charge, confirmed on the laptop emails, that the Biden’s ran a pay for play access to the Vice President was not considered relevant until now.

Why now? Why, suddenly is the President’ son being investigated for “tax issues?” I don’t know the answer to that, but I can make a reasonable guess. The obvious guess is that there is plenty of evidence of guilt. But tax issues sounds a lot better than he is a traitorous money launderer. The other possibility is that it is part of a scheme to weaken the president imposed so that Harris can replace him.

How do you say “The Spy Who Loved Me” in Chinese?

A Communist Chinese agent named Cynthia Jang has been literally and figuratively in bed with some prominent Democrats. I suppose the Chinese are well acquainted with the Democrats weakness at keeping their pants on. The latest to fall for her honey trap is Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell from California. This Democrat was one of the leading proponents of the outrageous lie that President Trump was a Russian agent. That was a charge that Swalwell knew was an absolute lie, but he carried it until the end anyway. While he was propagating the lie about President Trump he was sleeping with a Communist Chinese spy.

Did I forget to mention that he serves on the House Intelligence Committee which has oversight of the CIA and that he is still there. Problematic for sure, but then Nancy Pelosi comes to his defense. I suppose she can’t afford to lose him right now and winning is all that matters. I kind of expect certain members of Congress and the Senate to be at least bent and at worst traitors but it’s that look they give you that’s really revolting. You know the one, it’s all a conspiracy theory, I didn’t do anything. How was I to know that beautiful Chinese woman, half my age was a Chinese agent. I thought she was attracted because of my good looks, my natural charisma, and my power.

Joe Biden made an ugly world uglier

Finally, folks, Joe is no more a crook than any other Democrat politician. They all conspired to steal the election and they don’t care whether you are happy with that or not. They have taken an ugly world and made it a lot uglier.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until January 8th folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

(Shared by permission.)

Editor’s Notes

1 In fact the distribution of the Senate is 52-48, counting the two Georgia incumbents who each face a runoff. If Messrs. Warnock and Ossoff win the runoffs, Republicans and Democrats will split the Senate 50-50. Then if Joe Biden’s “imposed” victory holds, Vice-President Kamala Harris will break ties in the Senate. See U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 3, Clause 3.

2 Actually the phrase “Big Lie” (große Lüge) appears first in Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. Hitler and Goebbels used that expression largely to project on their enemies – Hitler against the Jews and Goebbels against Churchill.

3 In fact Biden’s handlers would have us believe that a significant portion of those millions either split their ticket or cast only one vote up-ticket and none down-ticket. Neither Biden nor Speaker Nancy Pelosi nor Leader Chuck Schumer has explained why the Democrats didn’t just sweep the trifecta. Yet they boasted often enough that they would. CNAV imagines that Pelosi regrets only that she hasn’t the physical strength to strangle whoever missed an opportunity.

4 That’s Doctor of Education, not of Medicine. The distinction happens to be of supreme importance in the Ivy League, where your editor went to undergraduate school. (Yale College, Class of 1980.) The Ivy League is full of doctors of something-or-other. And by mutual agreement (which a professor of economics personally described to your editor as “self-imposed snobbery”), the only persons who rate the title Doctor in typical discourse are the Doctors of Medicine.

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