CIA flag - real symbol of color revolution? CIA flag - real symbol of color revolution?

The CIA Brings Regime Change to America

Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. On this Report I will be talking about the CIA’s efforts to execute regime change in America. They have done this in many foreign countries.

But first I want to at least mention that Sunday November 10th was the Marine Corps birthday and Monday the 11th is Veterans Day. I honor them wherever they are.

The war for the heart and soul of America

This Report is not good news or happy news today. But it is the truth as far as I am able to determine it. There has been and is ongoing a great battle for the heart and soul of America. This battle has been raging for many years but when it first began is anyone’s guess. The long and short of it is that the Deep State won and the American people lost. This was the big war, perhaps the most important one ever fought by America. And the Deep State has been able to accomplish something that Nazi Germany, the Japanese Empire, and Fascist Italy could not accomplish in four years of total war.

Donald Trump v. the CIA

Donald Trump apparently didn’t know that he was in a war, nor did he understand the forces allied against him.  He apparently was just a babe in the woods against the big bad wolf, as manifested by the CIA. Perhaps that is why he retained so many of President Obama’s Deep State operatives in his administration. At least in World War ll we understood who and what we were fighting. But today America is no longer homogeneous.

Lack of cultural identity

Inundated with unassimilated migrants from all over the world, it no longer has a cultural identity. It no longer has a common religious tradition, and with the secularization of society, America lost its moral framework. So we don’t know who we are fighting, and we fail to realize that an unelected department of our government is manipulating our reality to deceive us and keep power over us.

There is no longer any kind of trust in American culture. In fact, many on the left and their allies seem to despise American culture as it used to exist. Donald Trump tried to fight against all this but he really never knew what he was dealing with. Therefore, he never knew what hit him. He wanted to “get along with Russia”, to withdraw troops from some of the quagmires and avoid others, and to stem the tide of mass migration. But his efforts have all washed away under the power of the Deep State.

Is Donald Trump a statist at heart?

One problem is that he is a statist at heart and wasn’t alarmed at calls for government to grow bigger. He doesn’t seem to understand anything about economics or have any kind of economic philosophy. Despite the growing debt, he looks for more waste and more money creation. He doesn’t seem to realize that he is the general in charge of an army in this civil war that has been raging for some time. It is a civil war in the sense that it is two forces fighting for control of one government so they can run it in their own way.

That war has been lost and the Deep State was the winner and now it is in mop up mode. Oh, they will try to keep the union together for a while, but it won’t work. Because right now even members of the same family can’t have a civil conversation. People have come to viscerally disrespect and despise each other. Trump is simply the lighting rod or catalyst for both groups.

The record of the CIA

Who knows how many regime changes the CIA has instigated around the world in the last 70 years or so. I’m sure the number is hundreds and perhaps even thousands. If they don’t like the government or the leader of some country, especially if that country is not nuclear armed, they execute a program of regime change to “give the people of that country a democracy” but it’s really a government more to CIA liking.

The CIA won’t even deny it any longer

How did I come to such a conclusion in such a short period of time? Well, I’m glad you asked. First of all, it wasn’t such a short period of time because these things have been ongoing throughout my lifetime. It’s just that they were brought home to me in a very public way when I heard the CIA change tactics and admit publicly what it is doing. The tactic all along with the total impeachment effort against Trump has been deny, deny, deny. That is, deny your own crimes and blame your own criminality on others.

That tactic no longer works, however, because the crimes of the CIA and their sycophants have become so obvious that further denial is probably embarrassing for them. The new tactic is to publicly admit what they are doing and claim the moral high ground for it. We are the good guys, they seem to be saying. And because the situation was so bad, we had to do something.

The CIA started even before the nominations

The fact is, though, that the CIA, under the leadership of John Brennan, during the Obama Administration, started regime change against Donald Trump even before his official nomination. John Brennan, who was then Director, appointed a committee of CIA operatives made up of CIA and FBI agents to investigate and infiltrate the Trump campaign. That was a serious felony, and at least skirts the edges of treason, but no one seems to care now. Did President Obama know about the committee? I’m sure he at least has a way to distance himself from the decision making. But it’s hard to believe he knew nothing about it. Why then is John Brennan still walking around free, making up lies, and glaring at us from the camera? Because that’s the way the Deep State wants it.

The CIA around the world

The CIA has brought about regime change across the world. We ordinary Americans have always just ignored it. It was as if Washington has some right to decide who and what government runs the nations of the world. If you don’t like Kaddafi and he won’t comply or take your money, then he has to go. If he can’t be peaceably removed then we will invade his country and kill him. The normal procedure would be to offer lots of money created by the FED for the CIA’s black ops budget. Sometimes it might be a straight up quid pro quo, such as weapons sales or purchases. But it’s the same tactic the drug cartels use dressed in fancy clothes. That tactic is silver or lead, which means take the money or get the bullet.

and in the USA

Somehow it just never occurred to me that the CIA would use this same tactic here in the United States. But here it is, right upon us and very successfully I might add. I wonder if it’s happened before to a President who couldn’t be bought. Robert Kennedy seemed to think so and so does his son.

Normally those who seek power in Washington understand that they are simply puppets for the Deep State. They know that the spigots of money must be kept flowing to the various Deep State coffers. They may buy votes by having the FED create borrowed money. Then they add it to the debt and the backs of working Americans. They also know that they must allow the CIA backed by its sycophants in the media and those it already owns in Washington to foment chaos and war around the world to keep the trillions flowing to the power mad lunatics who run it all.

The CIA obsession with Russia

During the 2016 campaign, in a kind of offhand way, Donald Trump asked the question, “What’s wrong with getting along with Russia?” He is finding out now what’s wrong with getting along. Chaos and conflict with Russia has been a CIA obsession throughout its many years of existence. It is necessary to keep the high tech boondoggles going and to keep the European vassals in line.

The CIA declares itself in public

I said the Deep State had come publicly out of the closet so let me tell you how that happened. The other day I watched a program hosted by the Schar School of Policy and Government concerning election security. I was interested because of the topic but also because it featured several well known criminals as guest experts. Former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and former CIA acting Director John McLaughlin were all on the panel of guests.

When McLaughlin was asked about the term “Deep State”, as if it were some mythical thing, he openly praised and acknowledged it for its role in the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump. The moderator said that the rumors feed Trump’s belief that a “Deep State” exists there to take him out.

A spy in the administration

“Thank God for the Deep State” was McLaughlin’s reply. He went on to say that it took an intelligence officer stepping forward to unleash everything else. He’s publicly admitting that the so-called whistleblower is not a whistleblower but an intelligence officer. That is CIA speak for spy or someone whose job is to go around the world doing the criminal, treasonous bidding of people such as McLaughlin and Brennan. The “intelligence officer” McLaughlin spoke of in reference to impeachment was, in fact, a CIA officer assigned to the Ukraine/Russia desk as was McLaughlin. Most likely the officer had regime change practice during the instigation of discord and the coup in Ukraine that put a pro-Western country on Russia’s border.

A rogue army of bureaucrats

So, in effect, we have this very powerful, unelected rogue army of bureaucrats out there. They have grown so powerful that they just know they run this country and perhaps the whole world. You know what folks, apparently they do. They have control of the money supply so they can continue to loot the nation and its people. They have control of the armed forces by controlling the elected representatives who are supposed to control the general officers. And they have the ability and willingness to destroy anyone who stands in their way.  By the way when McLaughlin made the remark about thank god for the Deep State, he got enthusiastic applause from the audience.

CIA media accomplices: witting

I’m certain that most of the media and the politicians who are sold out to the CIA, i.e., the Deep State, understand perfectly what they are doing because they are bought and paid for. The CIA has controlled the media in the United States and Europe virtually 100% for decades. Papers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post print CIA propaganda virtually verbatim as if it were real news.

and unwitting

There are, however, many who are constantly stoking their hatred for everything Trump. And they probably don’t know that they are being manipulated and their hatred stoked by master criminals. It is the same tactic the CIA uses in the Middle East all the time. The Arab spring uprisings across the Middle East that brought regime change to several countries a few years ago is a good example. The CIA operatives in a country set about to stir up and exacerbate the ethnic conflict and hatred that has existed in these countries for more than a thousand years and all of a sudden it is unbearable to the oppressed and they rise up.

Meaningless conflicts

Here in America the conflict is over many things that never happened or happened more that 100 years ago.  Suddenly the old problems are unbearable. And unless this society deconstructs itself these problems can’t be solved, and there will be no peace.  So society tears itself apart and deconstructs in an effort to cleanse itself of sins that no longer exist. The people are angry and easy prey for the vultures on their TV screens and their “friends on social media”. Meanwhile the evil John Brennan and the evil John McLaughlin glare at them from their screens.

These people are really just celluloid images  for most people, but instead of realizing how unimportant they really could be, they are lifted to positions of unelected, behind the scenes, Deep State power. They continue their self-righteous, lying tactics right in our faces and show no embarrassment. For example: McLaughlin, in the same program I mentioned went on to say that the CIA is not a policy making institution but its sole mission is to speak the truth. It’s engraved in marble In the lobby, he said. As if that somehow prevents these criminal liars from plying their trade.

The CIA leadership v. rank-and-file

Let me take a moment and say that there are many, perhaps even most CIA operatives out there protecting the interests of their country at the risk of their lives. The names of the dead, at least a star without a name, really are carved in stone in the Langley lobby. I’m not talking about them; I’m talking about those who decide what they do and when they do it. 

The CIA has won

So we have lost the war. We lost because our elected officials and our media giants, as well as those who have retired from the military. Even serving officers have colluded with the enemy. Many of them have not only disagreed with their Commander-in-Chief, but have declared him unfit for office. Therefore he should be removed or at least obstructed so that he can’t carry out his agenda of getting along with Russia. These people are extremely dangerous in a thermonuclear world and it is greatly disturbing that people listen to them.

The Deep State is real then and it has publicly admitted it. The monster comes forth as the good guy in the horror movie. It is waging a three part war against us. I suppose that’s because most military units are divided and subdivided by threes. The three parts are the military, the money, and the voters. The Deep State controls the mechanism that controls the power of each. They are controlled physically and psychologically through wealth, power, and blackmail.

Washington repeats CIA lies

Finally folks: It is sad, really sad, because from now on you can assume that when Washington speaks it is just spouting CIA lies and also remember that the CIA’s belief is that elections are irrelevant unless it approves the winner. Sounds too much like the old Soviet System to suit me folks.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle.

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Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle is an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, a former USMC Combat Officer and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. Darrell gives his unique analysis of current national and international events from a historical and constitutional perspective. You can subscribe to Darrell's weekly podcast at

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