The United Nations, and especially its General Assembly, is chief instrument of globalism and international government today, and precursor of world government. (And zero population growth) The UN works against the sovereignty of nation-states. The United Nations, and especially its General Assembly, is chief instrument of globalism and international government today, and precursor of world government. (And zero population growth) The UN works against the sovereignty of nation-states.

What is the real purpose of the United Nations?

The United Nations (UN) is widely known as “The house that Hiss built.” So, who was Alger Hiss? He was a graduate of Johns Hopkins University ( Phi Beta Kappa), and of Harvard Law School, and was a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. In 1933, he entered government service in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration, and served successively in the Departments of Agriculture, Justice, and State. He attended the Yalta Conference as an adviser to Roosevelt. He was instrumental in forming, and in promoting our joining, the United Nations and served as its first secretary-general at the San Francisco Conference. Soon thereafter he was indicted on two charges of perjury while testifying about communist activities and served jail time. Later it was determined that he was a communist spy for Russia.

United Nations as instrument of one world government

Alger Hiss, architect of the United Nations
Alger Hiss testifying in 1950. From the New York World-Telegram and Sun collection at the Library of Congress. The copyright is donated to the government per the Instrument of Gift.

From Day One, the United Nations was designed to become a one world government run by communists and the Deep States behind the Deep States.

The pattern continues to this day. The present secretary-general of the United Nations is Portugal’s Antonio Gutierrez. He has served as president of the Socialist International (once named Communist International.) He is infamous primarily for helping to engineer the massive tsunami of Islamic immigration into the West. His prescription for what ails the world: more world socialism, more power for the UN, more “global governance,” and more mass migration from the Third World to Western countries.

In the General Assembly of the United Nations we have one vote. There are 192 other member nations. In spite of the fact that most of them get foreign aid from us, almost all consistently vote against us.

When we joined the UN we agreed to accept and carry out the dictates of the Security Council. Thus we signed off to allow the UN decisions to supersede our U S Constitution. Although that has not always been the case, all too often it has been the UN, not the US Constitution, dictating what we have done and the plan is for the demise of our Constitution and complete UN control over us.

Obama stood before the UN General Assembly and called for Americans to totally surrender our national sovereignty to this world body.

And, history tells us:

Our military fought in the Korean War as a part of the United Nations Army with communists in charge of both sides of the war. Even though MacArthur was capable of doing a great job, his actions and plans were thwarted by the communists in charge of him. No wonder that we lost the war which we could have won.

Likewise, in the Vietnam War we fought under the auspices of SEATO, a UN agency. We could have won that war, but again we lost it.

In Iraq President H. W. Bush sought and received a UN Security Council Resolution for the first invasion of Iraq boasting that it was needed to promote “The New World Order,” another name for a one world government run by communists and the Deep States behind the Deep States.

George W. Bush sought and obtained another UN Resolution for the second invasion of Iraq.

Obama signed the UN’s Small Arms Treaty, which threatens individual firearm ownership
and is a blatant attack on the God-given rights of every law-biding American.

Modern United Nations measures

Local control over law enforcement is essential to preserving freedom. So, consider that the UN has started to intrude in that regard by calling to bring together more than 100 police chiefs at its first-ever UN “Chiefs of Police Summit” (UN COPS).

Loretta Lynch has said that the UN’s Strong Cities Network will be implemented on the pretense that it will help cities prepare to defend themselves against “radical terrorists” and keep “extremism” in check. Could you guess who they consider to be possible “extremists”? Yep, anyone who supports the US Constitution. Its goal is to militarize local law enforcement agencies into a federal police force.

Private Property ownership is on the chopping block, with he false Climate Change being the excuse. The UN’s goal is for all to live in government housing (except themselves of course) This legislation has already been passed as Agenda 21/2030 by many Boards of Supervisors or other supervising bodies.

Dictating American foreign policy

And, the UN’s highest court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that America must halt sanctions on certain “humanitarian” items to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Among those “humanitarian” items are airplane parts. The saving grace is that the ICJ has, as yet, no enforcement mechanism, and President Trump is likely to ignore this ruling. However, that could easily change with another president, and it is telling of the bias of the court. Once the ICJ obtains the means to enforce their rulings, it won’t matter who is on our Supreme Court. In fact, there have already been Supreme Court rulings based on “International Law” rather than our Constitution.

United Nations detailed plans for controlling America

The United Nations has been involved in, and/or plans to control in America:

Doing it little-by-little, slowly but surely, the UN is conquering our country – not by an attempted military attack which they would surely lose, but legislatively piece by piece until it is 100%.

Even though President Trump has done much in America’s best interests, his hands are tied on many fronts. This is one of many that needs Congress to take action.

We can ignore it and allow our country to become another Venezuela, or we can extricate ourselves while there is still time to do so.

What can you do?

HR193 is the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, and it would get the US out of the UN. Call and email your representative (202-225-3121) and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 193.

Even though it seems pointless to call and email our senators, (202-224-3121), nevertheless, please ask them to introduce and cosponsor a companion bill for H.R. 193 in the Senate; it is still helpful since a lot of opposition will help slow down the progress of the UN’s plans to take over our country.

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