Swamp report card: enemies and friends

An example of creating controversy. Bear this in mind as you read the Swamp Report Card.
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Dear Mr. President: I am sending the current swamp report card for your review.

Most sincerely,

Linda Goudsmit


Swamp Report Card

Navy Admiral James “Ace” Lyons shocked the nation with his candid remarks at the Center for Security Policy “Defeat Jihad Summit” held in January, 2015. Admiral Lyons calmly and plainly stated that Obama was deliberately and unilaterally disarming the military. The Admiral further warned that the Muslim Brotherhood has already penetrated every one of our national security security agencies including our intelligence agencies.


Instead of heeding this dire warning Mr. President, your government continues to be informed and advised by Obama legacy staffers who remain in government advancing Obama’s anti-American, pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood agenda. Whether uninformed, misinformed, or disinformed the Obama leftovers threaten our national security with their skewed information because those are the people who are briefing you daily. Islam is not a religion like any other. Islam is a comprehensive socio-political ideology with military (jihadi), educational (mosques/cultural centers), and religious (imams) wings. Islam is an expansionist movement seeking world dominion. There is no separation of church and state in Islam. Islam is a comprehensive ideology governed by supremacist religious sharia law. Islam seeks conquest and submission. Islam is spread through population jihad, educational jihad, religious jihad, military jihad including terrorism, and stealth jihad that relies on taqiyyah – lying in the service of Islam.

Promoting Islam

Mr. President you were exactly correct when you said that open borders is a Trojan Horse – it is the vehicle for population jihad against the host country. Identifying your friends and identifying your enemies in your administration, the military, and among national security staffers is an urgent matter. It does not matter if they are uninformed, misinformed, or disinformed. Any adviser or staffer who refuses to utter the words radical Islamic terror does not belong in your administration. If staffers embrace sharia law, promote Islam, are apologists for Islam, are members of the Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR and support Obama’s purging of materials that implicate Islam, they are your enemies and must be removed.

You are being surrounded by Obama leftovers who will continue to disinform you so that your decisions will tilt toward Obama’s failed globalist policies. Mr. President you are being dragged into the swamp you were elected to drain.

H. R. McMaster

H. R. McMaster was recommended for the position of National Security Adviser (NSA) director by #2 swamp creature John McCain. Under McMaster’s leadership the people who have the courage to speak out and expose the existential danger of Islam are being purged from the military and from the national security staff. Those who have the courage to support the initiatives of your America-first candidacy are being eliminated while the Obama globalist leftovers remain.

Trump loyalists Michael Flynn, K.T. McFarland, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Derek Harvey, Rich Higgins, Adam Lovinger, Steve Bannon, and Sebastian Gorka are all gone. Obama loyalists Dina Habib-Powell, Allison Hooker, Fernando Cutz, Andrea Hall, Rear Admiral David Kriete, Jessica Cox, Stephanie Morrison, Heather King, and Robert Wilson all remain.McMaster’s indefensible defense of Obama loyalist Susan Rice allowed her to retain her security clearance. McMaster claimed Ricedid nothing wrong unmasking the identities of Trump transition aides and leaking the transcripts of Mr. Trump’s phone conversations with foreign leaders. Really?

International Institute for Strategic Studies

McMaster being a member of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) for eleven years 2006-2017 is problematic. IISS is an English think tank funded by profiteer George Soros that promotes globalism. In 2010 the Bahraini royal family began secretly donating funds to IISS – $31.6 million – approximately one third of its revenues. Huge sums of money are not donated without the expectation of influence. McMaster’s association for eleven years with IISS explains his globalism and opposition to your commitment to American sovereignty. McMaster should never have been chosen to serve in your administration because he is ideologically opposed to your vision even if he served with distinction in Afghanistan.

McMaster’s association with a think tank that publicly endorsed and defends the anti-American Iran deal is even more problematic. Iran is the single greatest fomenter of terrorism in the middle east and Obama’s deceitful Iran deal enriched and resupplied an ailing Iran that was suffering under Saudi pressure.

Our National security was turned upside down after 9/11. Most Americans had never thought about Saudi Arabia except as an oil provider – they did not think about Islam and if they did they assumed it was a religion like any other. Americans were not familiar with Islam, Islamic supremacist sharia law, or Islamic supremacist aspirations to re-establish the caliphate worldwide. Americans most certainly were not aware that “peace” for a Muslim meant when the entire world is Muslim. Sixteen years later there is no excuse for illiteracy regarding Islam yet the national security voices are still trying to deny the connection between Islam and terrorism.

Robert Mueller

And now former FBI director Robert Mueller is investigating you?? Mueller is another leftover whose past foretells his future. Mueller has been part of the intricate cover-up protecting the Muslim Brotherhood for years. Judicial Watch has uncovered stunning documentary evidence that Robert Mueller worked with Islamist groups to purge anti-terrorism materials offensive to Muslims while he was FBI director. Offensive to Muslims? Is this the metric for our national security? Candidate Trump promised to reverse Obama’s suicidal policies – President Trump has hired personnel who continue to advance them.

Mr. President, your bipartisan enemies in Washington exist between the ideological globalist puppets and the globalist elite puppeteers. The Washington swamp creatures are the greedy corrupt Democrat and Republican politicians hiding behind the idealism of the puppets and the strings of the puppeteers. To survive the political blitz of the swamp creatures it is necessary for you to distinguish between the uninformed, misinformed, and disinformed puppets and their insidious puppeteers.

You and your America-first policies pose an existential threat to the globalist elite and that is why they are determined to destroy you and eliminate any Trump administration personnel who share your vision. H. R. McMaster is part of the insidious swamp battling against you. He is part of the reheated Obama leftovers who are hazardous to your presidency. Candidate Trump’s courageous Americanism and bold America-first policies require President Trump to find fresh ingredients – throw out the leftovers. H. R. McMaster and his gang need to hear “You’re fired!”

A family problem

The last and most difficult message I have for you is a personal one. Your daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner are loyal loving members of your family and your administration but you must never forget that they have been educated toward globalism by the prevailing re-education curriculum in American schools. You can be proud of their extraordinary achievements but must never forget that their prism is not your prism. They were raised on John Lennon’s “Imagine.” You were raised on the “Star Spangled Banner” – the difference is HUGE.

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