World War III – the West cannot win

What a Jihad recruitment poster would look like if they were honest about the rage and hate they bear toward anything non-Muslim. (Does that include mass rape as well?) This is the true face of the Muslim faith, and disqualifies it as a religion. Words like islamophobia will not change that. No room for moderates here. It turned Europe into Eurabia. This is World War III. It also captures the spirit of sedition in prominent American Muslims. not only sedition, but also barbarism - refusing to recognize anyone else as human. Take offense at this! Considering this attitude, intolerance of Arabs by Jewish residents of Israel has a sound warrant. The more reason, by the way, never to tolerate it. One does not tolerate the intolerable. (And by the way: radicalization always happens between two people. No one self-radicalizes.)
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Few people realized that former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, once the most powerful leader of Shi’te Islam, declared war on the Judeo-Christian West by declaring his intention to “wipe Israel off the map” and establish a “world without America.” In short, he declared World War III.

To take Ahmadinejad seriously, one would have to liken him to Adolf Hitler with nuclear missiles. But this obscures the dynamics in today’s world, a world ignorant of its imminent demise.

Nature of World War III

For example: Wahhabi Saudi Arabia has been financing the construction of thousands of mosques in the Judeo-Christian West. Imams are preaching jihad to the millions of Muslims that populate this world. Great Britain and Europe, thanks to their permissive immigration policies and legal systems, are being populated by Muslims of jihadic persuasion.

While Middle East expert Daniel Pipes estimates there are no less than 130 million Islamic jihadists on planet earth, expert Robert Spencer warns there may be more than 650 million! It will become virtually impossible to prevent the murderous attacks of this burgeoning enemy of civilization.

World War III is not merely a war against international terrorism: it’s a war between those who do and do not cherish the sanctity of human life.

Although the U.S. toppled the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the West’s only superpower refrains from clearly identifying its deadliest foe, Islam – Islam without qualifying adjectives. In Israel, the daily victim of Islamic terror, one may be indicted for “racism” by telling the truth about Islam, whose scriptures call Jews the sons of dogs and pigs.

The U.S. has the power to relegate Islam to the dust heap of history. What prevents it from doing so despite the deadly threat posed by Islam?

Economic motives

Let us begin with economic motives, such as Saudi oil and petrodollars. But surely it would take little more than a few days for the U.S. to take over Saudi Arabia, which sits on 25 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves. Now turn to more specific matters.

The Carlyle Group

Consider the Carlyle Group, a Washington, D.C. based global private equity investment firm with more than $40 billion of equity capital under management. The firm employs more than 300 investment professionals in 14 countries with multiple offices in North America, Europe and Asia. It has on its staff attorneys and Ph.D.s from many of the world’s most prestigious universities. Carlyle employs people and investors in 55 countries. Consider some of its recent VIPs:

Trading with the enemy

Thanks to Carlyle, defense giants Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and TRW International (a major weapons producer) have multi-billion dollar contracts with Saudi Arabia. These contracts yield enormous commissions.

Many former U.S. government officials are or have been on the Saudi payroll. Former CIA operative Robert Baer whimsically remarked that “Washington’s franchise players head straight for the Carlyle employment office as soon as they are out of the government.”

Saudi money has also poured into many American universities, especially their Middle East programs. (Is it any wonder that so many Middle East specialists have portrayed Islam as a religion of peace, and tolerate anti-Israel propaganda under the façade of academic freedom?)

Moral relativism

But Mammon and Muslim apologists in academia are not the only obstacles hindering the West from winning World War III. Nothing so inhibits the West’s ruling elites from identifying Islam as our mortal enemy than the university-bred doctrine of moral relativism.

It was moral relativism that prompted Europe’s intelligentsia to ridicule President George W. Bush for referring to an “Axis of Evil” when Muslims destroyed the World Trade Center.

Not a religion of peace

Of course, not every Muslim is a terrorist. But it is not accidental that virtually every terrorist is a Muslim. Hence it was not only a matter of ignorance but of intellectual dishonesty to have called the religion of Muhammad a religion of peace. The empire established by Islam within 100 years of Muhammad crossed three continents. In all the lands it conquered, Islam replaced indigenous places of worship – Christian, Jewish, Persian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Hindu – with mosques. This could not have been done without enormous bloodshed.

Islam does not respect life

But turn to our own time. Europe today is being inundated and ravished by a tsunami of Muslim migrants from North Africa and Southeast Asia. Few people know that Iran used children to explode minefields in its war with Iraq in the 1980s. But who does not know that Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, used Lebanese families as human shields in its unprovoked war against Israel? Not a single Islamic regime denounced this denial of the sanctity of human life – a denial evident in almost every page of the Quran. But no less culpable are the legions of moral relativists in the West who are silent about the enormity of evil lurking in Islam.

Do not wait for a reformation

With due respect to experts who vainly appeal to Muslim moderates to assert themselves, it is shear folly to expect Islam to undergo a “Protestant Revolution” before Muslim terrorists everywhere obtain miniaturized weapons of mass murder.

The West, and Israel, need moral revolutions

Hence, unless the West undergoes a Moral Revolution, beginning in its halls of education, it’s psychologically incapable of winning World War III.

As for Israel, over whom or because of whom this war is unknowingly being fought, I will say this. In contradistinction to the Nation of Israel, the State of Israel has brought fools and scoundrels to power. This war is revealing the decadence of Islam and of the West. It is also revealing the inept structure of the State of Israel.

One last word

Whereas World II produced Israel’s physical rebirth, World War III, I believe, will lead to Israel’s spiritual rebirth. The eyes of mankind will then turn toward Jerusalem, the City of Truth, which transcends the absolutism of Islam and the relativism of the West.◙


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