America losing the war

Islam: Obama's religion of peace, and enemy of America. And a deadly religious perversion.
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America is losing the war because she defines her enemy as “Islamic terrorism.” Islamic terrorism is only a tactic the enemy employs to distract Americans. The real enemy is not terrorism, which preoccupies the media and reputed academic experts on Islam. No, the enemy is unadulterated Islam, Islam without qualifying adjectives. This is nothing less than the Islam of Qur’an, the Qur’an of Muhammad, the Qur’an of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood.

Islam against America

This Islam is dedicated to the destruction of its rival, Western Civilization. President Barack Obama hates this Judeo-Greco-Christian civilization, which is why he sent a bust of Winston Churchill back to London.

The spearhead of this civilization is the United States of America. But America will continue to falter and decline so long as Obama is in the White House. Obama knows what he is doing. His hostility toward Israel, the heart of Western Civilization, and his genuflecting to Muslim Iran now verging on the threshold of nuclear weapons, are the basic ingredients of the present war.

Obama’s retreat from the Middle East, his curtailing of military hardware, and his use of diplomats addicted to the Moral Equivalency entrenched in the State Department – notice that John Kerry bowed to Iran’s Mullahs – tell the story of the collapse of the United States as a world power – precisely the global objective of Barak Obama.

Therefore, it is pointless to emphasize the phenomenon of Islamic terrorism, which Obama denies. That is only a distraction of Islam, which Muslims use to weaken and confuse the United States. Islam is the real enemy. This is the enemy America must confront, disarm, and destroy.

We look in vain, however, for any Western leader equal to this world-historical task. Castrated by the spineless academic doctrine of moral relativism, the leading politicians of the West dare not call Islam Evil, the first step in waging war against this implacable enemy of civilization.◙

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