Americans, not Islamists

Senator Robert Menendez, who enjoys the protection of a sycophantic media
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Several weeks ago I sent Senator Menendez of New Jersey a letter asking him why he was supporting Obama’s importation of potentially dangerous Muslims.  In that letter I asked several specific questions which clearly required him to think about the consequences of his actions, especially for Americans.

A typical database form-letter answer

His response was typical liberal-speak. It was generic in nature to the topic and failed to respond to or consider the important questions the letter presented to him.

After having received permission to email the good Senator, my privilege seems to have been revoked.  Oh, you didn’t know that New Jersey constituents are required to get “permission” to email our senator? Well we do.  My privilege was quite short lived because this morning’s email was rejected by the Senator because, I once again, do not have the privilege. Wonder if it was something I said?

Senator, do you work for Americans or for Muslims?

Americans should count more than Islamists in the mind of a United States Senator.In lieu of once again calling his office and going through the process of getting my name back on the list of the “privileged” which took over a week the first time, I decided to post my response to his letter on TPATH.  Hopefully someone will send him the link.

Excerpts from his letter are followed by my responses and additional remarks.

RM:  Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding the question of United States assistance to vulnerable and displaced populations in the Middle East, including Syria………..Bla, Bla, Bla

TPATH:  Not surprisingly you failed to respond specifically to any of the points that were presented to you in my first letter concerning the dangers of your support for Obama’s terrorist insurgent importation program.  Obviously your letter was a prefabricated generic response.  That of course is one of the (many, many) reasons people do not have trust in their government or their representatives.

If you had of actually read that letter you would have seen that it’s not assistance of the destitute the American people are against, it’s assisting them “here” where they may decide to kill us and our children.

RM:  Whether across the Middle East, or in parts of Africa, Asia, or South America, people are fleeing their homes at rates unseen for generations, seeking refuge wherever they may find it.  For many Americans, myself included, the United States was the refuge that welcomed us, our mothers and our fathers.

TPATH:  Two very important points here Senator. The first being that the government of the United States did not create the problems during the decade that your parents fled Cuba.  The problems we are seeing now in the Middle East are the direct result of Obama and his destabilizing policies which, supported by you and your party, were enacted to empower the Muslim Brotherhood at the expense of America’s security.

The second point is that when your folks came here they were not followers of a “Murderous Cult”.  They came for freedom, liberty and assimilation.  It is impossible to equate Muslims with such aspirations.

And while we are on this subject, is it not true that your family fled not from Castro and his Communist Regime, but from Batista?  Just a minor point.

RM:  There is no more striking example of this than the current humanitarian crisis in Syria, which has forced more than half of Syria’s 23 million people from their homes.  The images of lifeless bodies of young children…….

TPATH:  It is always the same with phony liberal compassion concerning “the children”. They care! You don’t!  That is of course unless the children in question are being sucked from the womb by a spinning razor nozzle attached to a powerful vacuum.

Refugees, or terrorists?

RM:  Even safe passage to Europe, however, leaves many facing economic and social hardships with which overwhelmed governments and non-governmental organizations are struggling.

 TPATH:  The least of those facing hardships are those refugees who are migrating into those European countries.  The citizens there are facing not just the economic hardships but they are also having to endure cultural changes and depletion of resources,  not to mention that there are terrorists imbedded in that influx who are planning murder and mayhem.  In fact most of those refuges agree with the concept of Sharia Law.

RM:  The humanitarian crisis is global and it has enormous social and economic impacts not only on those countries which host displaced populations, but also on the United States and the rest of the world.  It affects security and stability, exacerbates pre-existing vulnerabilities, overstretches basic social services, aggravates unemployment, diminishes trade and investment, and creates competition for limited and declining resources.

TPATH:  Well, we certainly agree on that paragraph.  Care to consider who is responsible for it?  While you are pondering this, do not for one minute think it’s the American people.  An overwhelmingly large percentage of Americans made it clear that Obama’s policies were dangerous.  They were right and those in government who supported him, were wrong.  I believe that includes you.

RM:  I believe our national security is our government’s most fundamental responsibility.  That is why there is an intensive process for Syrian refugees to enter the country to ensure that our national security is not compromised….

TPATH:  Anyone with an IQ which extends to digits beyond the ability to feed and dress oneself, knows that these refugees have no paper trail, they have no documents, they have no recorded history and are located in no database and therefore it is impossible to declare even one of them as not being a threat, let alone hundreds of thousands of them.

RM:  In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, we are taking this challenge very seriously.  Through a series of ongoing hearings that has included Administration officials and outside experts, we are assessing the available options.

TPATH:  If you and your committee were actually taking this situation seriously you would stop worrying about people around the world who have chosen to worship in a religion that not just excuses the murder of innocent people, but rewards it.  Instead you would do all you could do to make sure that no American will be slaughtered as a result of your compassion.

RM:  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of further assistance.

TPATH:  Thanks for that fine offer.  I didn’t hesitate this morning, but your office appears to have hesitated in accepting my non-hesitative contact effort.

To sum up: what about Americans?

In closing please keep in mind that Obama and his cohorts are already responsible for many hundreds of American deaths.  His selling of fire arms to drug cartels, his open border policies which have allowed illegal drugs and the deadly consequences of them as well as releasing dangerous criminals back onto the streets, preventing his DOJ from investigating suspected terrorist ties which led directly to the slaughter in San Bernardino, the releasing of committed and well trained terrorists from Gitmo are all his responsibility.  Would you relish having your legacy so entwined?

If not, whilst you and your committee contemplate the proper steps, the first order should be protecting the American people.  There are horrible, terrible and unimaginable living and dying conditions being endured by millions upon millions of people around the world.  Your oath prevents you from bringing any part of those conditions here.

Americans are and always have been compassionate people.  We just don’t want to emulate that frog who foolishly tried to carry the scorpion across the river.  Most Americans would have no problem with tax dollars being spent to create and maintain a safe zone for these people.  Over there, not over here.

Obama has become a multi-millionaire while in service of the Muslims of the world.  How about you and your committee decree the creation of a “safe zone” somewhere in the Middle East and have the one responsible for the mayhem, pay for it.  That would be Barry.  Then contact Donald Trump, he will tell you how that’s done.

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