Vattel's Law of Nations, that defines natural-born citizen and birthright citizenship. Vattel's Law of Nations, that defines natural-born citizen and birthright citizenship.

Alien evil in power

As this year of 2015 fades into the past, the dangers wrought upon America by the Islamic communist occupying the White House, will not. In fact the malevolent seeds embedded into the body of American culture are metastasizing and festering.  They are now feeding upon the lesser virtues of society and may require no further nurturing.  Make no mistake, this is not incompetence. This stoking of the fires of terror and hatred, of racism and class envy, has been well planned and equally well implemented.  If America survives this epoch, this evil man and those who set him up, those who supported him and those who chose to bury their heads in the sand, will one day be held accountable.  But that is a huge IF.

The evil that men do…

The evil that men do lives after them. Had the country followed the Vattel Criteria, it might have avoided this.Located in hundreds of unsuspecting communities across this country the most evil of those implants is training and growing at a quickened pace.  With the encouragement, support and initiatives of Barack Insane Obama, that infestation is taking place at such a quickened pace, even the most ardent terrorist could never have imagined it or dreamed of it.  If you have not been paying attention, we speak of the vile and murderous cult of Islam.  The decisive destruction of Judeo-Christian culture is underway. Allah Akbar!

From the very beginning of this national nightmare known as Obama, he has made it quite clear what he had planned for this country.  That is, punishment, retribution, revenge and payback to all white Christians and Jews who stole from the minorities of the world, repressed them and enslaved them.  He has warned America there is no future for anyone who disparages the Muslim Prophet.  Each step of the way, as his sinister plot unfolds, the news media and both political parties, have either cowered in the shadows or cheered from the rooftops.

These perils are not restricted to the startling lunacy of importing Islamic terrorists, though it most likely is the most imminent of threats.  There is much more to his campaign of recompense.  Closing down hundreds of businesses and industries, preventing the free flow of oil, putting our country on the edge of a financial Armageddon, uncontrolled spending and debt creation, supporting and encouraging the free and liberal use of mind fogging drugs, inviting third world, uneducated, disease carrying, unskilled people to breach our borders, fomenting hate and racial tensions, disparaging our police, dividing people against people in every way imaginable and last but not least, taking every opportunity to destroy the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

As heads literally roll, and blood flows like rivers at the hands of Islam, Obama has been doing all he can do to make their exploits more efficient by ensuring that no armed Christian or Jew  will infringe on Islam’s right to slaughter infidels.

How America might have avoided the evil

The brilliance of the Founding Fathers once again is on display as we now can begin to envision the evils they anticipated, the dangers to a free society they knew lay in wait, as they prepared Article II of the Constitution. They knew it was beyond imperative to barricade our freedoms from any individual with foreign affiliations and why they chose to block both doors to the office of the Presidency by requiring that both parents be citizens at the time of a potential president’s birth.  They knew no General would intentionally leave one flank open to the threat of an armed invasion and they knew also it would make even less sense to leave a flank open to a foreign political invader.

If one doubts this, just look at what has been done to this country and its future by this usurper, this Muslim, this person sired by a foreigner, this non Natural Born Citizen.  The country chose to ignore the warnings of our Founders and if it survives, it will take years if not decades to recover from this one breach of Article II.  The question every patriot needs to ask of himself is; have you learned the right lesson or will you once again ignore the Constitution?  Ignoring it because this time, the ineligible one is one of us, can and will abet in the eventual dismantling of the greatest country the world has ever known.  Are there any patriots out there who wish to have a hand in that?

Reprinted from TPATH

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  • I have noticed a lot of conflicting “facts” on recently. This is not just the opinion matters like if Trump is the only serious candidate or a joke candidate.

    Today, Jan 3rd we get both “Ted Cruz for President” from Paul Eidelberg and this item from Dwight Kehoe that states (indirectly) that Ted Cruz is ineligible.
    The primary has made a mess of this site to anyone that reads it regularly.

    • Understand that CNAV has many different contributors. Each contributor expresses his own views with complete freedom. And those views do not necessarily reflect those of the site’s editors. Unless, that is, the editors themselves are expressing their views.

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