Arrest Mahmoud Abbas

Flag of Palestine - but who are the Palestinian people? Why speak of coexistence when they speak of resistance? Do they include Marwan Barghouti, who cheats on hunger strikes? And why does PBS present a view that leads to sacrifice of her children?
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The PLO-Palestinian Authority, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, has been inciting Arabs to kill Jews in Israel. This is not only a violation of International law, but also a blatant violation of the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993.

Crimes of Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas enjoys our alien President's ear.

Mahmoud Abbas meets Barack Obama for a photo-op in the Oval Office, 28 May 2009. Photo courtesy The White House.

Mahmoud Abbas must also be charged for having violated the October 1998 Wye Agreement, which was consummated by PM Netanyahu, an agreement that names the United States as its guarantor.

Mahmoud Abbas has renounced the Oslo Agreement.

Netanyahu, therefore, has solid grounds for arresting or deporting Mahmoud Abbas for inciting Arab terrorism, as a first step for dealing with the Palestinian Authority, whose terrorist activities, according to the United Nations Charter and international law, stamp it as a criminal organization, which must be duly punished.

Authority to act against Mahmoud Abbas

It is the duty all members of the UN to assist in the punishment of such criminal organizations.

It logically follows that Mr. Netanyahu has the legal, as well as the moral, right to punish PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, either by having him incarcerated or deported for having committed the crime of incitement.

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations should submit a report covering the preceding facts to the appropriate agency of the UN.

Mr. Netanyahu should instruct Israel’s ambassador to the United States to send a copy of this report to Secretary of State John Kerry.

To avoid misrepresentation by the media, Mr.Netanyahu should conduct an international press conference and elaborate on the PLO-Palestinian Authority’s violations of international law and of the Oslo and Wye Agreements.

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