Hillary Clinton: the real hazard

Obama is Putin's bitch, and that's why the flag of Russia flies over the Crimea today.
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The Hillary Clinton Foundation affair poses a greater hazard than a Secretary of State taking bribes (or extorting money) for official business. She helped decide matters of public policy in ways against the national and public interest. For whatever motive she did this, the American people should take alarm. And not only at Hillary Clinton, but at her boss also.

Background of a witness

Dr. Orly Taitz runs the Defend our Freedoms Foundation. In 1987 she came to the United States from Moldova (then the Moldavian SSR), at the age of 26. So she saw first-hand, as an adult, what living under a corrupt regime could be like. On Sunday morning at about 11:15 a.m. Pacific time, she agreed to talk by telephone with CNAV, about her legal struggles, her insights, and her passion.

The country knows Dr. Taitz for her lawsuit against Barack Obama. She reviewed with CNAV the damaging evidence she has discovered. Among other things:

  • Barack Obama does not have a Social Security number from Hawaii. He uses the number 042-68-4425. That number first went to a man born in 1870, who has since died. That man resided in Connecticut at the time, as the prefix (the first three digits) clearly shows.
  • He used that false number to get a Selective Service certificate. In so doing he committed fraud.
  • The Obama “long form birth certificate” has several invalidating flaws. CNAV has described many of these.
  • Someone has removed from the archives the records of passengers landing in Hawaii in the week of his supposed birthday.

Orly Taitz saw Hillary Clinton's type - in the old Soviet Union.

Orly Taitz, photographed 30 June 2008. Photo: User FiredUpMissoui on Flickr.com, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

She keeps a PDF file listing these and many other flaws in Obama’s story at her site. In fact she keeps several files, all available from her home page.

She informed CNAV she has sent a written report of her findings to Attorney-General-designate Loretta Lynch. (Ms. Lynch took the oath of office at about 11:15 a.m. Eastern Time today.) Thus far, no one in Ms. Lynch’s office has even acknowledge receiving the file.

Hillary Clinton, corrupt operator

Dr. Taitz has two problems with Hillary Clinton. First, she seems to have a pattern of taking bribes. If Peter Schweitzer’s “pattern of suspicious events” holds, then Hillary Clinton is acting like many Soviet Communist Party and government apparatchiks who took similar bribes while Dr. Taitz lived under Soviet rule. The Soviet Union ran on bribery as a way of life. Every Soviet “citizen” knew how the system ran.

In contrast, American citizens still think their country runs on the rule of law. It did once. But Dr. Taitz fears America no longer does. If Hillary Clinton can get away with taking such bribes for her official acts, then America runs itself no better than did the Soviet Union. And in that case, a typical American citizen would not know how to get justice. An American citizen would expect the justice system to give him or her a hearing. A Soviet citizen did not expect this. And so a Soviet citizen knew when to bribe police officers and other low-level officials. (As Lieutenant Viktor I. Belenko, late of the Soviet Army Strategic Rocket Forces, testified after he escaped with his MiG-25 in September of 1976.)

But Dr. Taitz sees a worse problem.

Hillary Clinton not the only one

The elephant in the room: is Hillary Clinton paving the way for Bill? Or his her own ideology bad enough?

Hillary Clinton. Photo: US Department of State

The Uranium One deal draws more attention today than any other single thing Hillary Clinton did or said. Her defenders have pointed out that nine different federal agencies signed off on that deal at the time. Yes, Hillary Clinton could have stopped it. But she could not have put it through on her say-so alone.

Orly Taitz understands that perfectly. But she does not consider that a defense of Hillary Clinton. Instead she condemns the officials, managers, and directors of those other federal agencies for giving that deal the same pass Hillary Clinton did.

“Did she bribe all those other officials?” Dr. Taitz wonders. “Or did they all agree with her?” She seems to believe the latter. And fears that worse than any massive campaign of bribery. It would mean Hillary Clinton could persuade those other agencies to approve this deal without having to offer any bribes. Those other agencies would thus share with her a badly flawed understanding of history. Why flawed? Because we deal here with Russia. Russia has a history of wanting to expand that goes back to Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great. And today, Vladimir Putin, former apparatchik of the original Committee for State Security (Komitet Gosudarstvennoye Byezopasnostiy, or KGB), runs Russia. And wants to revert it into something he could once again call Soyuz Sovyetskikh Sotsialistichyeskikh Respublik – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

In that connection, Orly Taitz takes alarm at something else: Barack Obama’s “Deferred Action on Children of Aliens.” She notes, as CNAV has done, that Barack Obama never issued an executive order in writing. The order-in-writing came from Jeh C. Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security. Dr. Taitz praised Judge Andrew S. Hanen, now hearing the court challenge to DACA, for enjoining the process. But she has only cautious optimism that the challengers will prevail at the appellate and Supreme Court levels.

The latest problem: Obama ordered the Justice Department to help immigrants from Latin America become voting citizens as fast as they can. Obama hopes to have them do this in time to vote in the Presidential election of 2016. At the same time he wants to stop new immigrants from Eastern Europe from becoming voting citizens. Dr. Taitz knows why. The Eastern Europeans know what living under Communism means. the Latin American immigrants do not. (Or would they prefer living under Communism, believing they would get all the benefits and bear none of the burdens? Dr. Taitz did not discuss that. But after all, even men like Daniel Ortega and Salvador Allende got some votes.)

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, says Taitz, she will inherit the Obama policies and the Obama ideology. An ideology Hillary Clinton shares. So the real problem the country should have with Hillary Clinton extends beyond her trying to get personally rich. It goes to the ideology that likely obsesses her. An ideology she needs money to promote. Money she is getting a lot of.

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