Gun control, people control

Benjamin Franklin, who wncouraged men to unite for freedom.
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Ten days ago, Sleeper 13 Productions released a “public service announcement” they called “Stop Gun Violence.” They really plumped for gun control. And the tone they took should alarm anyone who values his freedom. It calls on children to go beyond informing on their parents with police and other authorities. It actually calls on them to break several laws and gun safety rules. it does all this in the name of people control.

What this gun control PSA shows

The Daily Caller reported on this PSA first, after it had been on YouTube for nine days. So did Gateway Pundit. Then The Washington Times picked up the story.

The PSA opens with a fifteen-year-old boy looking to see what his mother is doing. She is sitting in her living room, reading. So he quietly walks upstairs and into the master bedroom. There he reaches into a top dresser drawer and pulls out a gun – a semiautomatic pistol. He puts this into his backpack. Then he goes off to school. And in his first class he walks up to the teacher’s desk, pulls out the gun, and places it on the desk. “Would you please take this away?” he asks. “I don’t feel safe with a gun in the house.” And the teacher agrees to accept the gun.

Sleeper 13 uploaded this to  YouTube. I will repeat here what I said in this comment on the video. First, I notice the uploading user still allows comment. This although, at last check, this video showed 131 “likes” and 17,572 “dislikes” out of 299,328 total views. Why that user has not (so far) closed all comments, escapes me.

But her leading character breaks several laws by his act. He steals the gun. At his age he shouldn’t even hold it in his hand in most jurisdictions. This holds especially since he stole it. Then he brings it to school. And at school, he takes it out and slams it onto a teacher’s desk. Someone could take that as a threat.

Add this to it: the teacher, by accepting the gun, receives stolen property.

Then add this: never once did anyone check to see whether the gun was loaded. This boy took a gun out of a drawer, put it into his backpack, and carried it on a school bus. He then slammed it onto a hard, unyielding desk. And the teacher handled it next. Now if the boy’s mother kept the gun to ward off intruders, she almost certainly loaded it. Whether she did or not, a gun is always loaded until you check to see whether it is loaded or not. That is an elementary rule of gun safety. Which this boy ignored.

What the PSA does not show

An anti-abortion and anti-gun control messageThe PSA does not show why the boy’s mother bought the gun to begin with. It does not show cases in which someone broke into a home, only to run away when the homeowner turned out to have a gun. (Or die at the homeowner’s hands when he foolishly challenged her, thinking she hadn’t the moxie to pull the trigger.)

Nor does it show another likely scenario: that night, someone breaks into the house. Mother reaches for the gun. And does not find it. And as she frantically calls 911, the intruder overpowers her.

But why would it show that?

The premise of gun control

Gun control proceeds from a central, idealistic premise. Disarm everyone in society, and those same people cannot re-arm. So gun control would solve all problems with crime.

It’s a false premise, of course. And it appeals, not to reason, but to emotion. It appeals to those too lazy to defend themselves, but still fearful of criminals. So those seeking to control the people, make an easy pitch. We’ll take all the guns away and make society safer.

Benjamin Franklin memorably said,

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Franklin said that in a letter to the then-colonial Governor of Pennsylvania in 1755. The context relates directly to the gun control debate today. Dr. Franklin urged rejection of a scheme to send armed troops to guard the western frontier of Pennsylvania. Instead he urged those frontier settlers to arm themselves.

Today Dr. Franklin would say the same. He would have no patience with any gun control scheme. He would tell ordinary citizens, both rural and city dwellers, to arm themselves.

From gun control to people control

But this gun control PSA should chill any American even apart from the gun control issue. Remember: the boy in this video breaks several laws. The teacher breaks another. So Sleeper 13 Productions must propose not prosecuting anyone who breaks those laws in this context. Anyone who steals a gun and brings it to school to turn in and get it out of the house and “off the street,” they would excuse from prosecution.

That’s selective law enforcement. It also means recruiting 15-year-old high-school students to lay information with police and school authorities, against their parents.

Different government bully boys have done this before. The Hitlerjugend and Komsomol did this sort of thing.

No government of the United States could curtail the people’s liberties alone. They would always need someone with a well-meaning, or at least nice-sounding, message to co-operate with them. They found it, in Sleeper 13 Productions.

Except this American will not sleep.

UPDATE: The user who uploaded this video, now has taken it private. Naturally the user gives no reason. CNAV can guess: the embarrassment has grown too great, especially at the extreme proportion of disapproval and the scathing comments.

FURTHER UPDATE: On December 22, 2014, another YouTube user uploaded the video after the first user took it private. The video shown is the reupload, with some pointed annotations.

FURTHER UPDATE: On December 23, 2014, Regina Sincic re-published the PSA on her own channel. This time, she disabled the comments. At the same time, YouTube removed the annotated upload on copyright grounds.

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