PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance. PGA and politicians take note! And everyone else, consider taking out some insurance.

Public notice: reality check

For far too many people and for far too long, the Democratic Party has managed to fool their voters with spurious concerns about safety, health and economic well being. This week it has been made quite clear, for anyone who was paying attention, just what the elites of this extremely left leaning party really think of their voters.

Some people, those who just listen to or watch news from the mainstream media, will certainly have missed it. But here it is…… the Democratic Party thinks the people are stupid.  Too illiterate to read and comprehend information and too half-witted to understand a little math or grasp common sense.

It has just been revealed the so called leaders of the Democratic Party knew millions of people would lose their health care coverage, knew the cost of increased taxes on the healthcare industry would be passed to the consumer, knew that millions of jobs would be lost and millions more reduced to part time, and knew that Obamacare was economically unsustainable.  All this while snickering behind closed doors about just how stupid their constituents, congress persons of their own party and the press are.  This mountain of contempt was then topped off with lies, day after day, and year after year, until they were convinced the entire amorphism had been ingested by all.

The reality check

Public notice: the Democrats want you at the mercy of this...person.If they have such small regard for the truth and even less regard for the voter who supports them, it may be time for the Democratic voter to look more closely at more of their lies, deceptions and manipulations. If one will lie about something, he will lie about anything.

For instance, if the Democratic Party needs impoverished minority voters to keep it in power, and it does, how hard are they really going to work at helping that group escape the grip of poverty?  What effort would be employed to ease racial tensions and the strife which derives from that?  Remember, every individual who rises above the poverty level is very likely to rise above the depraved ideology of the left and well educated people will be less dependant on big socialist government.  For well over sixty years, in cities across this country where liberals control the law and education, the results of their evil intentions to sabotage the minority community, simply can not be denied, though it is clearly being ignored.

The public notice, in a nutshell

As did every Communist dictatorship in the past, the Democratic Party needs massive numbers of the population to be poor and envious of those who are not.  To this goal they seize every opportunity, subvert every racial group and use the government controlled media to support and embellish their lies. To successfully remain in power they must do a few things.

  1. Increase the disenchanted population.
  2. Keep them poor and uneducated.
  3. In case they wise up, they must be kept unarmed.

How about the right of self protection?

Inner city residents, the large majority of which are minorities, are told that they can not be trusted with weapons or be afforded the right to defend themselves.  Those law abiding citizens are forced to live in fear of rape, murder, and extortion as thugs roam their streets and neighborhoods, armed to the teeth and unconcerned about the ability of their targets to fight back or the police arriving at the scene in time to do much more than stretch out the yellow barrier tape.

Lies and racism are behind this.

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People in the inner cities are told they do not have the same rights as those who have moved to or live in rural areas.  They are told they have no right to enjoy summer evenings outside with family and friends, talking and playing or just absorbing the wonderful world God has given mankind.  No, they must be locked in their homes, behind barred windows and double locked doors, for fear that at anytime their lives could be shattered or lost.

Who is it that condemns these families to such existence?  Who are they, who do not themselves live in such a perilous environment?  Who are they, who provide themselves with the protection of armed guards or personal weapons?   Who are they, who may look a lot like the cowering citizens with complexions similar?  They are the privileged.  They are the elites.  They are the deceivers and the liars.  They are the racists and the manipulators.  And any resident of the inner city who voted Democratic, voted for them and in reality voted for the dire straits in which they find themselves.

Armed gangs do not invade homes, destroy neighborhoods and murder innocent people out in the suburbs and the affluent communities across this country. Why?  Is it because they are for the most part white and educated?  Conversely, are those gangs which terrorize the inner cities doing their nasty deeds because they are black or hispanic?  That is apparently what leftist politicians believe.

But the true reason is very simple.  Honest, law abiding citizens in the suburbs are not denied their rights to self protection.  Criminals and thugs understand that their lives will be in danger long before anyone dials 911.  However, the vultures of the inner cities, cultivated and nurtured by liberal policies, know no such fear.

If the people were allowed, as stipulated by the United States Constitution to have access to firearms anytime they might need them, the inner cities would be just as safe as the suburbs. But, as long as gangs, terrorists, rapists and murderers are the only part of society which is armed and as long as the honest people continue to vote for those who would sustain that environment, nothing will change.Those who advocate the end of laws that restrict the people’s ability to defend themselves are not seeking a wild west scenario where everyone is armed and ready to duel it out with gun fights.  That is the wicked lie that the leftists continue to pervade.  The facts are exactly the opposite, in every part of this country where people have the right to access firearms when they are needed, there is less violence, by hundreds of times per capita, than areas where only outlaws are armed.  This is a fact that can’t be denied, but it surely can be lied about. Of all the gun crimes in this country in the year of 2012, FBI statistics show that only .007% of them were perpetrated by legal firearm owners. Legal gun owners are safer to be around than bike messengers or taxi drivers and they just may save your life one day.

The next time a city politician asks for your vote, remember, his or her election depends upon your community being in disarray and conflict so that they can promise you, this time, they will make things better. If you support them, give them your vote you will guarantee that your life of mayhem will not change, either for you or your community.

We are calling on all Democrats, minorities and disenchanted Independents, even if you agree in principle with many of the distortions of the Democratic Party, if you want to help raise the safety and security of your neighborhood you can support the Second Amendment Preservation and Protection Act which is being put forth by many groups here in New Jersey.

You, your community, your business and your family will be better off.  The changes won’t take place overnight, but gradually, the criminal element will know he may find that that “sitting duck” may be armed and dangerous.  Soon, those summer evenings will be shared and enjoyed without the fear that now permeates every aspect of city life.  If you won’t do it for yourself, if you won’t help us help you, nothing will change and it will probably get worse.  If that’s even possible.

Think it over.  Objectively look at what we have written here.  Plain common sense mixed with history will guide you to the right side.

Regular TPATH Readers,

If you know of persons who would fall into the categories described above please do your best at getting this information to them.  As always this or any posting on TPATH may be re-posted or linked to without restriction.


As can be seen below TPATH and TeamNj have undertaken a 3 part campaign to end state and federal governments from infringing on our rights and placing us needlessly in peril.  The first two parts of that campaign are well described in the links below.

Coming next week, a description of the third leg.  If you are on board with this effort you won’t want to miss it. Promise.

For more information and ways you can join this fight check out the following links.

Note from TPATH and TeamNJ:

If you have had your right of self protection denied or infringed and you believe, as we do, that it is time to stop not just the illegal laws but to hold the lawless lawmakers to account, click on this link, read about what our group of patriots is working to accomplish, then sign up and help out.

Read all our documents on line here:

Download all the documents now in PDF format here:

Then if you want to help get this information to the NJ Legislature sign up here:

Or if you have been denied the right to carry a firearm for the unlawful reason of insufficient need, sign up here and help with the coming class action suit:

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<a href="" title="Public notice: reality check">Public notice: reality check</a>

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Tonto USA

Some of the inner city blacks are getting wise to this…..and it’s way past time. Many, many are armed already, but now, court cases are making it legal….a huge step forward for decent folks and a huge step back for the soviet agenda…..good!

Mike Dunn

Mike Dunn liked this on Facebook.

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