Blake's Image of Creation and creationism should be a warning to fools who deny God and His creation narrative. Or those who presume to judge God with theological questions about which they know little themselves. Some dire predictions are also possible today. Creation also answers a great many questions about who we are and where we came from. Blake's Image of Creation and creationism should be a warning to fools who deny God and His creation narrative. Or those who presume to judge God with theological questions about which they know little themselves. Some dire predictions are also possible today. Creation also answers a great many questions about who we are and where we came from.

Creation ex nihilo – intro

Since Darwin first wrote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured (sic) Races in the Struggle for Life (which title was shortened in the 1872 second edition to “The Origin of Species”), the hypothesis of Evolution has had an impact on the educated world. By strongly suggesting that the biblical account of Creation is nothing more than a myth for the uneducated and weak-minded, Evolution has indirectly served as the subliminal evangelist for atheism and agnosticism.

Creation ex nihilo: introduction

How old is this planet? Creation gives one answer, evolution another.
Earth from space. Photo: NASA

This hypothesis has provided a scientific explanation to support the many sneers from the intellectual elites that clearly say: “Surely, you can’t really still believe in that ‘stuff’!” Well, the cynical tides may indeed be turning on those who prefer to believe the lies instead of the truth, with the irony being that science may provide the vehicle that will support the creation account and disprove the atheistic dream of Evolution.

Although the Creation account has been dismissed as fantasy by many (as is the God who it testifies about), a study of the Hebrew words used in Genesis 1:1-8 coupled with modern discoveries in physics have unveiled a startling explanation of the most provocative question in science today: how did something come out of nothing?

The familiar verses in Genesis are often glossed over by theologians and laypersons alike, who fail to delve into the in-depth meaning of the words written by Moses approximately 3800 years ago – words that probably didn’t make sense to the obedient Moses and don’t seem to make sense to the reader of the Scriptures today. However, coupling the deeper meaning of the Hebrew words with modern physics reveals the sequence of creation that simply could not have happened any other way than recorded in Scripture. In short, this work argues that modern physics will impartially testify that when God created on days 1 through 6, He created the laws of physics and the sciences to support His Creation as well.

For example, closer examination of the words for “formless,” “void,” and “water” when used in conjunction with the word “hovering” are supported by recent discoveries in quantum mechanics, vacuum, and plasma physics by reputable and well-renown laboratories. The creation of something out of nothing can now be understood when studying Genesis and applying modern physics. All of this was before our very eyes for close to four millennia but we didn’t have the science to understand what God was telling us. Now we do – and this understanding leads us straight back to God as the Creator. Therefore, it is a huge misconception to believe that science and the Bible contradict each other. As it turns out, science actually confirms the biblical account of Genesis. While close-minded skeptics may still find reasons not to believe, the rational and logical thinker should come to the knowledge of the truth: God is God and He is the Creator.

The next segment begins with the Abstract, which will contain a general explanation of where this work is leading. Each subsequent segment will proceed with a more detailed analysis of the Hebrew words and how they explain accurately what happened scientifically on that first day of creation. The segments will proceed with the sequence of creation as revealed on first day of creation and then expound upon the many awesome revelations contained in those few verses regarding the first day – revelations that existed millenniums before the scientific discoveries that confirm them came into being.

ABSTRACT: Asking the Right the Question

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Since Einstein unsuccessfully spent the last 30 years of his life looking for it, Grand Unification Theory has remained the golden fleece of physics. It requires that the small and large forces of physics must not conflicti. As significant as the discovery of this may be, it will only lead to another question: how did something come out of nothing?

Modern day physics has revealed that chaotic bursts of energy existed primevally in a Zero Point Energy Vacuum (ZPE), even in the absence of heat, and are referred to as quantum fluctuations.ii Richard P. Feynman’s expanded upon this in his quantum electrodynamics theory, which gave rise to the concept that two particles can communicate and exchange information through the creation of a virtual particleiii. The developing sciences of vacuum physics, plasma physics, wave physics and quantum electrodynamics provide the basis for understanding what existed at the moment of creation and on the first day, including the communication of information. If God is who He says He is, it should be expected that these sciences will support the Creation account as set forth in Genesis – and they do!

Understanding that energy is contained within matter is not a foreign concept. However, the transformation of energy into matter requires the understanding of the state wherein energy preceded matter in a ZPE environmentiv. Then we need to understand the catalyst that organized this primeval chaos into kinetic energy; then plasma; then acoustical/radiation waves; and then into the cosmos – all with the capability of storing information. It is worth repeating that the Creation account actually gives us the only plausible sequence, which can now be supported scientifically.

This sequence begins within the realm of quantum fluctuations within a vacuumv and brings us to the logical conclusion that chaotic bursts of energy preceded mattervi. Once that is understood, then we can understand how energy is organized into waves and then into matter – or how something comes out of nothing.

The physics in Genesis and the meaning of the full breath of the Hebrew words in the sequence asserts how plasma (the fourth state of water) is produced and how waves and radiation result from God’s “hovering” over the void. The explanation given in Genesis is supported by experimentation and discoveries – most recently at ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) at Cern (NOTE: this will be discussed in more detail within this writing).

In the case of light (radiation waves)vii, there is an interaction between waves and particles forming what is commonly referred to as a wave/particleviii. It is the one observable entity where matter in the form of a particle exists in a suspended state of a multi-dimensional wave. It is the transitional link between nothing and something, as well as the transitional link between primordial chaos, organization, and information. And…it is the first thing God spoke into existence in Genesis but it is not the first thing God created. To those that study Genesis 1:2-3, that might seem like an anti-scriptural statement, but it is a statement that is supported both scripturally and through physics.

Whether or not you accept that God is the Creator and spoke light into existence or that physics acknowledges that light had to be the vehicle that expanded the universe (as Dr. Alan Guth argues in The Inflationary Universe), it is the transitional entity that allows the merging of energy and particles through waves. However, as previously stated, light is not the first thing God created. Actually, God first created kinetic energy when He hovered over the formless void, which resulted in plasma – or the fourth state of water. Then God spoke, which means He created acoustical waves that physics tells us were supportable by the newly created plasma. All this will be explained in more detail as this series progresses.

When God first hovered and then spoke, He also provided the mechanism for the creation of acoustical waves that produced light. These waves also possessed the capability of recording and transmitting information. Furthermore, plasma physicists believe that plasma (water) exists throughout the entire cosmosix, which is exactly what we are told in the Creation account. Unbelievers are faced with discovering the mechanism and the catalyst for the transition of quantum fluctuations into plasma and waves. On the other hand, Creationists have the answers to these questions in the Creation account. Extraordinarily, the answers to these questions were documented by Moses 3800 years ago, well before the questions were asked and well before modern physics provided enough information for us to even begin to ask the right questions, never mind understand the answers.

A standard of evidence

For both believer and unbeliever, the search for these answers brings us back to the primordial realm where the energy in a vacuum first transforms into plasma and waves and develops light and records information in the process. As a Creationist, my standard is Genesis, Chapter 1, and this work is based on that standard. Additionally, I will rely on Proverbs 30:5 that states: “Every word of God is tested” (NASB). I have made every effort to appropriately analyze the Hebrew meanings of the words in the verses discussed. They have revealed that the secrets to understanding the creation of the universe – not only from a spiritual point of view but even more profoundly from an impartial scientific point of view – have always been there as recorded in Genesis. It simply couldn’t have happened any other way.

The assertion that all these understandings are provided for in the biblical Creation account will come as a surprise to many, including those who have read Genesis ad nauseum. There are three reasons for this:

  1. The verses have been read without believing that they held the answers to the most provocative scientific questions imaginable;
  2. Historically, the science did not exist to understand what God was saying; and
  3. The full meaning of the original Hebrew words were not applied and the words used in most translations are grossly simplistic and inadequate.

Amazingly, Genesis holds the key to understanding how God created something out of nothing. Understanding ex nihilo requires an intelligent force that exists outside of the space/time dimension we live within – a force that is capable of organizing energy into matter and is also capable of creating a mechanism for the recording, reproduction and the transmission of information. And it should not be overlooked that in the process of doing all of these things, God created the scientific laws that enabled the universe as we observe it today to exist.

While Evolutionists may argue that energy forming into matter does not require an intelligent force, they would be hard pressed to argue that the creation of information

does not require an intelligent force, or to argue intelligently and logically how life evolves from inanimate matter.

The Bible makes it clear that God hovered and then spoke. Science on the other hand, unwittingly explains that He created the kinetic energy and plasma necessary for the mechanical formation of waves that enabled the recording and the transmission of information, as well as the wave vehicle that enabled the formation of radiation/light, charges, water, and the production of matter.

In this work, I will analyze the sequence of Creation, beginning with Genesis 1:1. In so doing, I will apply the physical laws that God created that support the creation eventually present the only plausible scientific explanation of how something came out of nothing – or more properly: how God brought something out of nothing.

This work will be following the logical sequence of events documented in Genesis, which begins with a topic sentence. The topic sentence is followed by a description of the initial state of existence and then proceeds to the sequence God designed as He created time, space, and matter. While I acknowledge that the reading may be a little tough at times, I encourage you to stick with it. We are told in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5: “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God…” Therefore, I say it’s high time to start pulling down the stronghold of Evolution and cast down its argument that exalts itself against the knowledge of God! We now have the weapon in the form of modern day physics to enter this battle fully armed with the truth and annihilate the enemy that has perverted the minds of many.

i Hawking, Stephen. Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays. Bantam Book 1994. Grand Unification Theories described, pp. 49-53.

ii R. Podolny, “Something Called Nothing” (Mir Publ., Moscow,1986). Richard Morris: “In modern physics, there is no such thing as “nothing.” (Morris 1990: 25).


vi – vacuum fluctuation – A spontaneous, short-lived fluctuation in the energy level of a vacuum, as described by quantum field theory. Although these variations are violations of the law of conservation of energy, they are tolerated in quantum mechanics by virtue of the uncertainty principle. Such fluctuations are associated with virtual particles. Morris, Richard 1990. The Edges of Science. Prentice Hall Press. Vacuum Physics and Quantum Field Theories, pp. 8, 25, 184; quantum mechanics, pp.19. An investigation into and a report on vacuum physics and quantum mechanics.

vii, Light: Particle or a Wave? by Kenneth R. Spring – Scientific Consultant, Lusby, Maryland, 20657 and Matthew J. Parry-Hill, Robert T. Sutter, and Michael W. Davidson – National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1800 East Paul Dirac Dr., The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310.

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