Planned Parenthood kills more than guns. An anti-abortion and anti-gun control message from the 2013 March for Life. This represents one of the two Americas. Planned Parenthood kills more than guns. An anti-abortion and anti-gun control message from the 2013 March for Life. This represents one of the two Americas.

Abortion: birth of a feminist

This article was written by [Dwight Kehoe] in response to and because of a conversation [he] had with a TPATH reader. His identity will, at his request, remain undisclosed.  After hearing the account of his meeting up with a long time friend and also the fact that TPATH has been doing research and interviews with many people related to this subject, [Mr. Kehoe] decided that his encounter, combined with data and research [by Mr. Kehoe and TPATH] would provide a vehicle for getting some  important information into print.

His encounter, melded with our data:

Many years have passed since I last had contact with one of my favorite childhood friends. Recently however, through happenstance and coincidence, much to the preliminary delight of us both, we met anew.

We sat, we reminisced, we spoke of the children’s games we played, the troubles I had so frequently managed to find myself in, which my new old friend had on so many occasions managed to extricate me from.

Our talk progressed through the many episodes of our childhood antics and advanced pridefully into a parent’s greatest worldly joy, the successes of their children and the blessed arrival of beautiful grandchildren.

Shared were the stories of their participation in sporting events, the failures and the championships, the lessons of earning one’s accolades, working and practicing to reach an intended goal.  All of which followed them from grammar school, through college and into very successful careers.  We agreed we both had been blessed.

Then, from out of nowhere, our beloved reunion was over. The warmth and friendship, the the newly ignited flame which had just been re-lit and fueled from decades of refreshed memories, was blown away with the chill of an arctic blast.

What so abruptly ended this reunion?  It was the audacity that I, a male being, one with no knowledge of what it means to be female, a creature without female organs or the understanding of what an imposition both pregnancy and childbirth are.  Yes, my love for all God’s children, all of them, which I unabashedly proclaimed, caused the eruption that ended not only our chance meeting but any future meetings, chance or otherwise.  The reverberation of her words, excreted rather than spoken, faded not nearly as quickly as her retreating image.  Her words; “How dare you or any man, have the nerve or perceive to have the right to tell any woman what she must do with her body.”

And she was gone……

An abortion advocating woman tosses friendshp aside when a long-time (male) friend objects.Not for a minute will I try to tell anyone that this was the first time I had heard this, it was not.  It was not her message that struck me so, but the immediate volatility that that subject and my position on it, had aroused.  This meeting, had perhaps for the first time, caused me to reflect on the statement she left ringing in my ears.  I actually listened to the meaning of them as opposed to just hearing the rhetoric.

I couldn’t stop wondering how and why my friend had become a feminist of such passion. There seemed to be no difference in how we had raised our children, clearly conservatively and morally strong.  Her husband worked hard and was successful.  Well, maybe not too hard, he worked for the government.

Then it hit me, I remembered hearing her speak of how her father was the dominate force in her house and how she hated the way he controlled things and treated her mother.  I remember this because my friend, even back then was fiery and passionate and not someone even us guys would want to cross.  All of us who knew her, knew full well, that the fatherly male domination in her house, no doubt never extended beyond the threshold of her bedroom door, her Kingdom, um Queendom. That environment, may well have been the catalyst for the Birth of a Feminist.

Research, data and facts compiled by TPATH:
Some interesting research, polling and interviews, all of which cast a dark shadow on the prospect that abortion rights equate to women, not having men tell them what they can or must do with their bodies. The influence, the direction and the physical control over a woman from the male dominated abortion agenda pales any intervention by anyone wishing that her child would live and grow.

Remember, the vast majority of abortions, and don’t forget even early abortions, are very serious medical operations.  They are dangerous and intrusive and as you can see below, on most occasions not the choice of the woman.

Some facts about abortion that may disturb the feminist:

  • 72% of unwed abortions for women 17 or younger are done by order of the girl’s father, a male.
  • 21% of those abortions are encouraged by the teen’s boyfriend not ready to settle down or take responsibility for a child.
  • Less than 5% of those teenage abortions were decided on without the girl being coerced into it.
  • More than half of teenage girls say they would rather have had the child than abort it.
  • Not including medical issues related to pregnancies, 66% of the time it’s the husband who makes the decision to abort and pressures the wife to do so.
  • An astounding 50% of married or partnered women say they would not of aborted their child if it had not been demanded or encouraged by their husbands or boyfriends.

Here are some more male dominated facts:

  • 91% of doctors who provide abortions on a regular basis where abortions encompass 40% or more of the procedures they perform, are men.
  • 99% of doctors who provide abortions where 85% of their work is abortions, are men.
  • Except for some categories of some very specialized surgeons, abortionists and abortion clinics are the most highly paid and profitable.
  • Malpractice insurance is much lower for abortion doctors than the average doctor coverage.  This may be because only one of the two on the operating table needs to survive.

More male/female abortion facts and the true war on women:

  • Every week in America more than 4,000 children are aborted.  Records show that the sex of the aborted child is recorded.  On average, females are ejected from the womb almost 62% of the time.  Extending these numbers out, over 31 million little girls have met a male abortionist and his suction hose, prior to taking a first breath.
  • American families planning for just one child have practiced “gender selection” abortions until tests show a male child has been conceived.
  • In China, where the ruling Communist Party, made up of nearly all men, have instituted the “one child” law. As a result, 98% of all first time abortions are performed to rid the uterus of a female child.
  • Some researchers coming back from China have reported that almost every school appeared to be “boys only”.  When he asked where the girls only schools were, he was informed there were none nor were there boys only schools.  It just looked that way because there are no little girls.

For all those Feminists, born of the past or those who are about to take that path, supposedly in support of women who would refuse to allow a male to decide what they can or cannot do with their bodies, they may want to rethink whether it’s the male abortionist or the one who chooses life, who is the most invasive.

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  • “How dare you or any man, have the nerve or perceive to have the right to tell any woman what she must do with her body.” and she was very right. The person who wrote this letter clearly has problems with women, claiming she “excreted” those words. Yeah, thats even if this story is even true.

  • ‘72% of unwed abortions for women 17 or younger are done by order of the girl’s father, a male.’
    Presumably you can supply reliable sources for this and the other statistics that have been quoted?

  • “Presumably you can supply reliable sources for this and the other statistics that have been quoted?”

    Two letters, starts with N, rhymes with go.

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