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Obama interferes in Israeli elections. Does he also use taxpayer money to pay for it?
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Lorna Salzman, author of “Jews Behaving Like Muslims,” featured in the New English Review, claims “Zionists and observant Jews” complain like Muslims regarding The Death of Klinghoffer, an “opera” to be produced at the Met. Salzman, evidently an anti-Zionist and self-hating Jew, disregarded the spirit of the complaints. Rather, she uses moral relativism (trickery) to equate disparate events and reactions, villains with victims. The two cultures are disparate. (Observant) Jews don’t behave like Muslims.

Jews don’t behave like Muslims

She knows that Islam, the harshest death cult on the planet, metes out severe punishment for minor behavioral infractions to maintain total control over its people – antithetical to Jewish law. She understands that Islamists invented Islamophobia to quash free speech and hide Islamic history and current activities from the masses – not so in Judaism. She grasps that the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was formed to enforce the prohibitions – Jews have no such organization. Salzman can research the hundreds of millions converted, enslaved, or slaughtered under Islamic law – unheard of among the Jews. She knows that the purpose of jihad is to establish sharia law over all the world. Jews do not impose Judaism on others. Jews don’t behave like Muslims. The opera’s producers provided the murderous terrorists with justification for their evil and expunged the humanity from their victim. The conscientious Jewish community is trying to prevent a libelous, fabricated interpretation of an historic event from poisoning the minds of naïve viewers. Salzman is discombobulated. Similarly, Salzman has rewritten the death of Rachel Corrie, again blaming “Zionists and observant Jews” for objecting to a performance that distorts the truth, without researching evidence that is a matter of record. Therefore, I will lay bare the proof that she ignored.

Rachel Corrie, fact and fiction

Jews don't behave like Muslims. Muslims wouldn't plant this in a conquered land.

Farming in the Golan Heights. Only after Israel recaptured the Golan did these farms spring up again. (Photo: CNAV)

Contrary to Salzman’s claim, Rachel Corrie, an American student, was not killed by a tank; this was not a battlefield. She was killed in an area where an earth-moving bulldozer was operated by a worker who sits high off the ground, in a cage with limited visual range. It would be obvious to even the most naïve that this was a hard-hat area, restricted to a labor force. Why was Corrie in Rafah, in Gaza during the Second Intifada? Why should any American student have been in Gaza around construction equipment? After intense investigation, it was learned that Corrie was a frequent activist and a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), who took a year off to join in Palestinian unity. She was one of seven who acted as human shields to impede IDF-led bulldozer demolition of illegal housing on the border between Egypt and the Rafah refugee camp, in order to destroy guerilla hideouts and tunnels used for smuggling weapons to kill Israeli citizens. However, on this day, the IDF was conducting only routine terrain leveling and debris clearing. The investigation revealed Corrie was standing behind the debris, an area out of visual range by any driver from his elevated protective cage, and was pushed over with the debris by the Caterpillar D9 bulldozer. Corrie’s autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was falling debris, and not from the tractor’s rolling over her. Rachel Corrie was “a rabidly anti-American and insidious opponent of the Jewish state,” stated attorney and former prosecutor Ari Lieberman, in Frontpage Magazine. He described photographs in which this woman, consumed with hate of America, the West, Israel and the Jews, was shrouded in black Islamist clothing in the midst of an Islamist demonstration. The illegal and traitorous conduct of Rachel Corrie and her fellow activists was directly responsible for the successful smuggling of explosives from Egypt into Gaza – explosives that were later used to kill children in southern Israel, six of whom had been named Rachel. The query of why her friends did not reach out to save her resulted in the discovery of the experiences of other female activists — that in all likelihood, Corrie was one of many female activists who are used by Palestinians for their sexual gratification — routinely harassed and raped not unlike the “comfort women” of the Japanese during World War II. Rabid anti-Zionist Norman Finkelstein also confirmed that female internationals serve as comfort women for Palestinians. Jews don’t behave like Muslims. Therefore, it is possible that Corrie was raped, betrayed by her fellow activists to maintain silence, and depressed enough to act irresponsibly in front of the bulldozer.

Muslims don’t behave like Jews, either

Returning to the Klinghoffer opera, Lorna Salzman wasted no time referencing the Met’s financial woes and its need of donor money from “wealthy Jews.” Why not add “successful and wealthy Jews,” although Jews, in general, have long been known for their participation in the arts (consider the names Jan Pierce, Beverly Sills, Richard Tucker, Robert Merrill, Rise Stevens, and more), and their strong financial support, both of which are legendary and disproportionate to their number. Jewish commitment and generosity are also known in medicine, science, education, technology, and their bounteous spirit is evident when Israel is among the first responders to victims of disasters. Muslims don’t behave like Jews. The Hebrew word, tzedakah, meaning justice and righteousness, aptly describes the Jewish obligation to contribute to the welfare of others. However, in Judaism, the benevolence is considered an obligation rather than a mere act of goodwill. Do the Salzmans not share their good fortune with others? The Arabic word, zakat, one of the Five Pillars of Faith, allows for alms giving by Muslims based on accumulated wealth and is obligatory for all who are able. However, it is designed to ease economic hardship for other Muslims and eliminate equality for followers of Islam – only. Muslims don’t behave like Jews. Lorna Salzman appears to be psychologically damaged, bearing a deep resentment of her heritage. How else might we comprehend her belief that the authors were not expressing their own views, but those of the killers – jihadists who are taught to hate Jews, Christians, and Western civilization from toddlerhood on. Had the Muslims been as compassionate as she insists, they could not have killed a defenseless, aged stroke victim. Islamic jihad cannot be assuaged. It began in the 7th century and it is eternal until Muslims refute their Qur’an’s directives to enslave, murder, and plunder with the end purpose of establishing a caliphate over the world. (Editor’s note: have they not already set up the nation-state they intend as the basis of their new Muslim world empire?)

[Muslim 001,0031] Mohammed: “I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah and that they believe I am His prophet and accept all revelations spoken through me. When they do these things I will protect their lives and property unless otherwise justified by Sharia, in which case their fate lies in Allah’s hands.”

The opera’s purpose is to promote the Islamic narrative – to hate the Jews and to temper our acceptance of Islamic violence and sharia law. The sooner we grasp the Islamic ideology and methodologies, the sooner we might save our country and civilization. Muslims are not like Jews.

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