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Attorney General gets rough treatment?

There may be good reasons why Attorney General Eric Holder may be finding himself in contempt of Congress. He is considered by at least one Justice Department lawyer to be the worst person to hold the position since the disgraced John Mitchell. But that didn’t stop the AG from complaining to Al Sharpton about his treatment at the 16th Annual National Action Networks Convention last month.

There he sympathetically asked:

What kind of Attorney General has ever had to deal with this kind of treatment?

Eric Holder asks what other Attorney General came in for his kind of treatment. He's got to be kidding.
Eric Holder, Attorney General. Photo: US Department of Justice

Poor Mr. Holder, he may have pulled out his race card a little too often. It seems to have lost its shine – for our citizens and finally for our representatives in Congress. Executive Privilege may have worked in the past but it is unlikely that its effectiveness will survive another investigation and he may be linked forever to one of the most hated woman in America – Lois Lerner.

Aside from Fast and Furious, Mr. Holder’s failure to prosecute the New Black Panthers for intimidating voters in Philadelphia and his refusal to prosecute Black on White crimes, this AG may be worse than the criminals he has refused to prosecute or the drug lords he has armed. And now we just may be able to add the coercion and persecution of our citizens through nefarious IRS collusions to the list of crimes against our citizens and our Constitution.

An earlier Attorney General did “get this kind of treatment”

Unfortunately, Mr. Holder isn’t the first AG not to escape the well-deserved scrutiny of Congress. John Mitchell was investigated by the Watergate Committee and ended up going to jail. And who can forget how AG Roberto Gonzales was forced to resign over controversies surrounding warrantless surveillances and enhanced interrogation techniques. But there were others that were held in Contempt of Congress, like Janet Reno, William French Smith, and the popular Henry Kissinger.

The Justice Department may soon have to take the blindfold off Lady Justice if it is headed by anymore ideologues who abuse the power of the office. You see, Dear Reader, elections have consequences. In the case of the election of Barack Hussein Obama, we may never know the full extent of those consequences. Never-the-less, it is incumbent upon us to purge ourselves and our government of all known abusers once they are exposed – and in that regard and for those purposes, AG Attorney General Eric Holder looks pretty good to me.

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