Agenda 21 and ranch lands

The United Nations, and especially its General Assembly, is chief instrument of globalism and international government today, and precursor of world government. (And zero population growth) The UN works against the sovereignty of nation-states.
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The Cliven Bundy incident exposed many issues within our government that have bewildered the uninformed. Those familiar with United Nations Agenda 21, however, were not surprised to learn that the State of Nevada had few ranchers left due to the confiscation of their land by the Bureau of Land Management – all under the guise of sustainability.

Why ranch lands matter to Agenda 21

The loss of ranch lands is a double hit for the sinister UN program. It takes away rural land areas, and at the same time reduces the number of cattle, thereby inhibiting the beef supply in these United States. Below is a map that illustrates the UN plan regarding the confiscation of our land. When it was first presented, it was labeled as “Biodiversity” but since that failed; it reinvented itself and is now called “Agenda 21.” And YES, it really does mean that humans will only be allowed to live in the light blue coded areas labeled as “Normal Use.” Get out the magnifying glass if you want to find the “Normal Use” area closest to you.

The Agenda 21 mapThe confiscation of land and the diminishing of our food supply could not have been so easily accomplished without the willingness of the media to turn a blind eye. In this case, the media is well-represented by the New York Times. Unless you’re living in a cave somewhere, you should know that the Times did their best to paint Mr. Bundy as a racist. No argument that this rancher should have kept his mouth shut but the Times used his comments to diminish the impact of his situation on the rest of the country. Perverting the words of a hard-working American may be unjustifiable, but the propensity of the Times to turn its head and look the other way is more insidious than unjustifiable. And it has been doing this for far longer than any of us had imagined.

Agenda 21: a forty-year scam

In 1991, David Rockefeller stated in Baden-Baden:

We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

Let’s do the math: forty years prior to 1991 brings us back to 1951. Translation: this plan to create a New World Order by collapsing the sovereignty of the United States goes back to 1951 and couldn’t have been accomplished without the cooperation (or the “discretion”) of the Washington Post, The New York Times, and Time Magazine.

Maintaining a cool head and not entertaining conspiracy theories is becoming harder to do these days – especially when one is aware of the UN treaties that have actually been considered by our representatives. While the notion of a New World Order may sound like a peaceful solution to the world’s controversies, peaceful-sounding solutions often mask a multitude of tyrannical collusions. In this case, the land of the free may be the Golden Fleece that needs to be sacrificed on the altar of globalism. If only our citizens will wake up and smell the roses while they still can, this diabolical plan can be stopped. If not, they may soon find that the roses exist in Core Reserves and Corridors where human beings are not allowed to trod.l plan can be stopped. If not, they may soon find that the roses exist in Core Reserves and Corridors where human beings are not allowed to tread.

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