Your local sheriff might be all that stands between you and a coup d'état. Your local sheriff might be all that stands between you and a coup d'état.

Sheriff: last line of defense

By law, the sheriff is Chief Law Enforcement Officer of your County and answers only to you, the people who elected him. The sheriff is under no obligation to adhere to any unconstitutional law instituted by the state or federal government. In short, he is the last line of defense against an overreaching government.

Below is a link to the list of Constitutionalists running for sheriff in the June 4th, primary against the incumbents that refuse to take a stance to protect your Second Amendment rights. Though I personally always liked my County Sheriff, but at the Republican Club meeting I questioned him on his stance on the Second Amendment, his answers where satisfactory in that he believed in the right to carry and the Castle Doctrine. Up until that time I had no problem with him but then I asked him: “What would you do if the legislature enacted an unconstitutional law?”

In one breath he told us he believes in the Constitution, and the Second Amendment, then in the next, he said he would be compelled to obey the laws the legislature institutes and/or may look to the Sheriff’s Association to decide.

Excuse me! That’s not acting as a Constitutional sheriff, regardless what the majority of the Sheriffs Association decides. As the sheriff of my county, you have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, instead you may comply with unconstitutional restrictions that infringe on our rights to bear arms. That was not the answer I wanted to hear; I could not care less about the legislator’s or the Sheriff’s Associations; as Chief Law Enforcement Officer, you were elected to protect my rights and as sheriff your oath was not sworn to a bunch of legislators whom know little of and care even less about our rights.

Sheriffs in two States act on their oath

Your local sheriff might be all that stands between you and a coup d'état.
Badge of the Sheriff of El Paso County, Texas. Photo: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

The Sheriffs in Colorado and some in New York State have demonstrated they are Men of Honor. Those are the kind of Sheriffs needed in every County in New Jersey. Following the enactment of many unconstitutional firearms restrictions by progressive reprobates, Sheriffs in both New York and Colorado have filed lawsuits in federal and state courts to reverse the unconstitutional restrictions on our Second Amendment rights. You’ll not hear of these legal actions in the mainstream news or by any of the left-wing liberals in the media.

In Colorado eight cowardly establishment sheriffs declined to enter the legal action. One can be sure the voters will replace these 8 incorrigibles for violating their oath of office.

Again, I’ve been chastised by my fellow Republicans asking; “How I could go against our guys and the party?”

My reply should be everyone’s: “Did our so-called party candidates take an oath to defend the Constitution, which of course they did, and so why won’t they take a stand?”

Its easy to mouth the words of an oath. But backbone, fortitude and selflessness are required to enact it. The time has passed when we the people can afford to support anyone devoid of those attributes.

And, I’m not only referring to the Office of Sheriff. Every Senator and Assembly person that violates your Constitutional rights must be removed from office!

Where we sit in New Jersey

New Jersey is a cesspool of establishment good-for-nothings in both parties that care less about the public, or their oath to the Constitution. New Jersey needs moral people of character, honor, and courage to do what they swore to do – adhere to their oath of office.

Voting for a candidate because of an R or D is sheer blind stupidity and is precisely why NJ finds itself in the predicament we are now forced to endure. I pray every voter on June 4th stop and consider the past sacrifices of prior generations, those who have shed their blood to defend the Constitution. Then cast your vote, not for a political party, but for an American that understands the importance of your freedom, liberty and Constitutional rights.

New Jersey needs sheriffs like Sheriff Joe and Sheriff Mack. Listed below are TeamNJ candidates, people of honor and by no means Christie’s puppets or Obama’s socialist lap dogs.

We at “” are non-partisan citizens for better government. We intend to keep you informed concerning every challenger to the incumbent quislings from Senate, Assembly, Freeholder to GOP State Committee candidates. Today’s focus was on the important position of sheriff.

Each has read the Second Amendment Legislation posted on “” and “” and is in one accord. Each candidate listed here  is a committed American; Democrat, Republican, or Independent who loves his country and its foundation, the US Constitution.

It is also worthwhile to inform you the voters, that a number of TeamNJ candidates are Republicans the GOP establishment saw fit to run turncoat Democrats against, apparently with the blessing of Governor “Blunderbuss”. Why does Christie, who has a propensity to embrace progressive Democrats, appoint questionable judges, cater to sodomites, and ignore the dangers of Islamic propagation, always take the less than conservative position on almost every issue? One has to question why Christie is embracing these groups regardless of ideology and morality. This type of pandering is usually the playground of the left. For conservatives, is that not something that requires pondering?

For example, in Paterson Muslims have raised the Islamic flag over City Hall without a word from any elected official. Does anyone still believe this is a religion of love as opposed to a cult of brainwashing, murder and domination? Is it even remotely possible our politicians are so ignorant that they can’t see whats coming? This parsimonious cajoling is expected of the left, that’s what they do. The question becomes, will conservatives stand with those in our party who have conjoined their ideology with them? We pray not.

The citizens of New Jersey must stay vigilant and armed, not just with firearms but with information. There may well be some very tenuous and dangerous times ahead and conservative voters from any political party need to understand just who it is, Democrat or Republican, who has voted to render criminals armed, and law abiding citizens, defenseless.


Obama and his Progressive Marxist administration as well the legislature here in New Jersey, will relegate everyone to defenselessness. That is their objective, as it has been the objective of every tyrannical government in the history of mankind. All eyes are on Governor Christie, a long time anti-Second Amendment politician, what he will do is anybody’s guess. Will he too violate his oath of office and sign any of the draconian legislation that has and will  reach his desk?

You can help, forward this article to everyone you know and tell them the importance of this up-coming primary. Together we can make a difference.

Remember: It’s not about political party; it’s about candidates of moral character protecting your Constitutional rights.


The Eagle

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Ted Foster

After over a decade and a half in law enforcement , you are 100 percent correct . That will probably come into necessity sooner than later, the way things are headed .

Ted Foster

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