Demetrios Stratis discussing First Amendment issues with pastors Demetrios Stratis discussing First Amendment issues with pastors

Abortion: Monsters in Medical Coats

Once again I find myself asking the same old question that I’ve asked thousands of times over the years – where’s the outrage? How can abortion not outrage anyone with an ounce of conscience?

Witnessing a partial birth abortion

A few months ago, The New Jersey Tea Party Caucus, of which I’m an active member, hosted a God and Country conference. One of our keynote speakers was Demetrios Stratis, an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom organization. Mr. Stratis presented the ADF’s heart-wrenching video of a case he successfully defended where a nurse in Newark, NJ was being pressured to assist with abortions.

Demetrios Stratis, First Amendment advocate, defends those who object to abortion
Demetrios Stratis speaks to the God and Country Conference of the New Jersey Tea Party Caucus. Photo: CNAV

Nurse X, as I’ll call her, is of Hispanic descent but does not speak Spanish. One day her co-workers rushed her into an operating room to try to calm down a Spanish-speaking patient. She tried to explain that she didn’t speak Spanish but her co-workers did not accept her protest rushed her into the operating room. Nurse X found herself holding the hand of the woman – not understanding a word she was saying. As she tried her best to comfort the woman, she noticed the feet of an infant being born. Then she saw her co-worker pick up a scissor and insert it into the patient’s womb. She was horrified. Right before her very eyes, a helpless child had been mercilessly killed.

It may be one thing to protest the atrocity of abortion, but to place yourself in the operating room and see the child being killed right before your very eyes is quite another. If you have been pro-life but not actively so (as I have regrettably been), perhaps you need to place yourself in that operating room on that fatal day. Picture yourself standing there as a baby is brutally killed right in front of you while you stand there helpless. If the horror of the moment doesn’t bring tears to your eyes and make you sick to your stomach, either your thought experiment was not successful or you don’t have a heart.

Piecing together an abortion

The reality of abortion is even more gruesome. A friend, whose wife works at a crisis pregnancy center, recently told me about what has to be done during an abortion. This is graphic and not for the faint of heart but only for the brave and those who seek righteousness. A former abortionist told them someone must reassemble, like some draconian puzzle, the pieces of the baby that has been torn asunder, to be sure that all the pieces are accounted for. The abortionist went on to say that she was reformed when she watched a sonogram in progress during an abortion. At that time, she could no longer lie to herself about what happened to the baby during an abortion because she saw for herself the child’s frantic movements trying to escape its fate.

How could we – how could I – have been so quiet for so long? Of course I have shaken my head in protest as crisis pregnancy centers presented their missions to save the unborn – as have many others. And I have given my obligatory donation to the cause. I have fought back the tears as I’ve watched my church play a short video on Right to Life Weekend. I have also been an outspoken defender of our freedoms, of our right to educate our children, of our right to bear arms, of our right to keep our own property and the fruits of our labor, and of course I have fought to preserve our freedoms and liberties at every opportunity and have created the opportunity where none existed before. I have done all of these things, as have many others. But I haven’t heard the silent cry of a baby being pulled apart in its mother’s womb, or heard its screams while having its brains sucked out of its head, nor have I heard the crack as abortionists broke the spines of newborns that were born in spite of their attempts to kill it before it took its first breath. I have not heard their screams or their silent cries that reach to heaven and breaks the heart of our God and his angels. And because I have closed my ears to these things, I have done nothing.

How have we allowed 50,000,000 babies to be horrifically destroyed as we went on with our lives – driving our kids to all their sports activities, getting involved in local events and singing in the choir?

We did not speak up

We were able to continue with our lives as the most helpless among us had their lives brutally snuffed away partially because our Supreme Court said it was permissible. May I remind you that our Supreme Court also once said that a slave was nothing more than the property of the slave owner. This was not the first time that men in black robes failed to properly interpret our basic right to life and liberty.

We were able to continue partially because those in government have said nary a word to condemn it – and we made the mistake of trusting them or thinking we were powerless to do anything more. On occasion, some of our representatives have stood to defend those who could not defend themselves, but all too soon they abandoned the fight. Sometimes they abandoned the fight because they found themselves fighting alone. Other times they abandoned the fight for the some of the same reasons we did – because all those who would protect the unborn are called names, such as intolerant or enemies of women’s rights. But mostly they abandoned the fight because they feared losing votes, and those in the womb don’t vote. They are men and women who have compromised what is right for the allure of public office. They are incompetent to represent us because they do not understand that the most basic function of government is to protect life. They are cowards and wimps who shouldn’t be trusted to protect our rights since they are not willing or able to protect the rights of the innocent.

The real monsters

We were able to continue because we trusted the real monsters – the men and women in medical coats that kill the helpless for profit. These are the same people who take a pledge upon graduating medical school or upon entering into medical practice. It is known as the Hippocratic Oath, and although it varies by translation, one of its lines says:

I will prescribe regimen for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never to harm anyone.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing who commit the vilest of murders in the most vile of ways, against the most vulnerable among us and yet somehow manage to convince us that they are concerned about the health of human beings. They are liars, hypocrites, oath-breakers and murders. They deserve neither our respect nor our money. What they do deserve, if they don’t repent, is the hottest spot in hell where the cries and the screams of their victims pound in their ears throughout all of eternity.

Let me hasten to speak now to those women who, for one reason or another, have sought out abortion. Chances are, the reality struck you with the same horror that struck the patient of Nurse X above, when she fully realized what she had permitted to happen. And even if it hasn’t struck you now, it can always strike you later. Rest assured: absolutely anyone can find forgiveness at the Cross. That is why Jesus gave His life – as an All-sufficient Passover sacrifice for us. That is something to remember, as we observe the original Passover, and the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

And what about us – especially those of us who know better and should be demanding the end of this murderous practice? Will we pitifully succumb to the name-calling and the taunts of the monsters who ridicule us or will we finally grow a backbone and fight for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves? My prayer for those who love life and love liberty is that they will have their ears opened and that they will hear. They will hear the cries and the screams that break the heart of God. And because they hear, they will not rest day or night until this evil we call abortion is eradicated from our land.

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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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