Fiscal Cliff? What Hypocrisy!

Talk about the fiscal cliff: What hypocrisy from those who built this mountain of debt!
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The lunacy of worrying about the “fiscal cliff” can not be more easily shown than by this graphic.

This, my good people, is not the money both Democrats and Republicans have spent. This is money they spent, that they did not have.

The fiscal cliff pales before the debt ceiling.

Talk about the fiscal cliff: What hypocrisy from those who built this mountain of debt!

The US Debt Ceiling, if one tried to stack it in $100 bills. The Statue of LIberty stands among the columns, her torch dangling at her side as she looks up at a sight she cannot comprehend. Graphic:, adapted from the embedded video.

As you ponder just how far gone the ability to ever pay this back has gone, consider that we have long since dropped off “that fiscal cliff.”

Look at this mountain of $100 bills. Ask yourself why anyone would even consider debating that raising taxes on a few rich people would have any effect on this unholy gluttony of over spending.

Both parties, by even discussing the idea that a few billion more in taxes would fix this, clearly shows just how hypocritical they are and just how stupid they think the American people are.

For too long the two dominant parties have worked together, collaborated and overspent beyond the ability of most minds to comprehend.

People! You want bi-partisan deal making? You want the two parties to come together and agree on financial chaos? Look again at the above picture and be aware, this is what bi-partisanship looks like.

Do you really want more?

Ask yourself: do you want more of this?

You might be interested in knowing, you are about to get more, much more.

This screenplay of idiocy is continuing to yet another act. The two parties are once again collaborating in what hopefully will not be the final curtain call of the American experience.







All of you who read this and care about this country, please consider doing your part in stopping this madness and join the:


It may be the last chance we have to save this country.


Reprinted from Tea Party Advocate Tracking Hub

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5 Responses to Fiscal Cliff? What Hypocrisy!

  1. Geno says:

    Dwight calls our political parties the “demreps.”

    When my students ask me about this, I tell them we have two political parties…. the Demopublicans and the Republicrats.

  2. Dwight –

    Superb short, concise commentary! Nice pics! Yes! I agree. There will be more insanity with the two political parties over this whole issue! I very recently posted a blog article expressing my utter disgust with the Republican Party. I will no longer waste my presidential vote on the GOP’S presidential future nominee. The two political party basket is too rotten to ever resurrect. I can see myself voting for the Constitution Party’s candidate as its party actually seems to stand for something of substance. And, I think other like minded people will do the same!

    “Republican Party gives Conservatives another reason not to vote for the 2016 Republican presidential nominee:”

    Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

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