A wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread, metaphor for inflation. This is what Obama, with his fiscal cliff plan, threatens us with. A wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread, metaphor for inflation. This is what Obama, with his fiscal cliff plan, threatens us with.

Debt ceiling questions for Mr. Obama

President Obama warned Congress not to call his “bluff” regarding his stance on the debt ceiling. Recently the Administration fought against those who oppose raising the debt ceiling by threatening to withhold Social Security checks from seniors, suspending Medicare payments, and of course the usual, suspending military pay.

The mainstream media would have you believe that our debt has reached critical mass and that we will go bankrupt if we don’t immediately do as the President asks. To put it in terms the average citizen might deal with in real life, it’s like living above your means and just taking out a new credit card to pay the interest on the old one.

While the country debates this issue, perhaps Mr. Obama might be more willing to answer a few questions here than to negotiate with Congress.

Questions for Mr. Obama on the debt ceiling

Barack Obama, time to set debt ceiling priorities
What priorities does Barack Obama have in the debt ceiling debate?

Dear President Obama:

Do you suggest that we don’t pay Social Security checks, Medicare bills, or our military but instead we pay:

  • 22% of the UN’s regular budget and 27% of the UN’s peacekeeping budget (which in 2009 equated to $6,400,000,000); or
  • $350,000,000,000 rest of the Troubled Asset Relief Program that is sitting in limbo; or
  • $436,000,000 in earmarks that Congress funded anonymously and without accountability attached to the 2012 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Action; or
  • $40,000,000 for Boll Weevil eradication in the 2012 Agricultural Appropriations Act; or
  • $13,200,000 for five projects by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), including $5,000,000 for unspecified construction in San Francisco, $1,000,000 for the San Francisco electric vehicle initiative, and $1,000,000 for the San Francisco energy-efficient LED street light project; or.
  • $1,000,000 by Rep. Bob Filner (D-Calif.) to design and install community vehicle charging stations for electric cars in Chula Vista. According to The New York Times, even though a single electric car could use three times the electric load of an average home; or
  • $500,000 by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) for LED streetlights in Los Angeles; or
  • $300,000 by Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) for an urban wind demonstration project in New York City; or
  • $22,000,000,000 in federal funds for improper payments in Medicare, or
  • $495,627 (July 2003-June 2004 Figures) to Coalition for Humane Immigrant’s Rights of Los Angeles; or
  • 400,000 plus to the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (2004 figure); or
  • $4,200,000 to The National Council of La Raza?

(NOTE: All figures come from Citizens Against Government Waste.)

Mr. President, surely you do not suggest to the American people that we continue to fund these projects and not pay Social Security, Medicare, or our military?

Featured image: a Weimar-era householder wheels a barrow full of worthless scrip to the corner baker to buy a loaf of bread.



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RoseAnn Salanitri is a published author and Acquisition Editor for the New Jersey Family Policy Council. She is a community activist who has founded the Sussex County Tea Party in her home state and launched a recall movement against Senator Robert Menendez. RoseAnn is also the founder of Veritas Christian Academy, as well as co-founder of Creation Science Alive, and a national creation science speaker.

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Do you remember the last “created crisis” on the budget, “Oh! We can’t pay the military!” (to get conservatives screaming), “Oh! We can’t fund abortion!” (to get the liberals screaming).

None of it happened.

And the modus operendi should become clear, would offer this food for thought.

The checks won’t stop coming, it’s a political ploy and a charade.

The deal is done, the die is cast, the ceiling will be raised to the amount the “co-conspirators” in the 2 “parties” have already decided.

What you see is a manufactured and choreographed show, to make you think you are considered, involved and have a say.

“The world is but a stage and each must play his part.” ~~ William Shakespeare

They could all win Emmys.

As for me, I am tired of the machine and media mind manipulation, maneuvering and control.

jackie roose

Adrianne says it like it is. On the other side of the coin, do we see or hear that the politiians, including Pres. Obama, willing to take a reduction if their salaries/expense accounts/goodies, etc. that they receive? Do most of us fly around in our own planes or take several thousands of dollars PER NIGHT vacations?
What was our President thinking when his family lived it up in the ultra rich places while millions in “his” country are going hungry & without jobs? The list goes on.
He, the PRESIDENT, wants us CITIZENS to tighten our belts–why should he or all the politicians be exempt from cutting theirs?
The list goes on and on and on.


Obama’s snarky remark – let them eat peas! At least Marie Antionette gave them cake.

Roger Nobles

I Truly hope the President will stick to his stance – We have compromised enough with the conservatives who continue to demand that their corporate gods pay no taxes, have no responsibilities, yet ‘enjoy’ the benefits of U.S. Citizenry. For you conservatives who still support the likes of Ryan, Boehner, Bachmann, Palin – ask yourself (and them, but don’t expect an answer)- “How can cuts to Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid have any immediate impact on the Federal Budget, General Tax revenues, or National Debt? They have absolutely nothing to do with each other, with the exception that Congress, both Democrat and Republican, have borrowed heavily from the Trust Funds to support earmarks, bail-outs, and pet projects not approved under general funds. DoD budget accounts for more than half of the total annual expenses, prudent cuts should begin there. Increasing income, not by raising taxes, but by closing loopholes that allow so many to avoid paying any tax at all must be included. Even simple math proves that 2 plus 2 only equals 4 if you don’t subtract something first. President Obama is working much more bipartisan than even many of his supporters would like, yet the attitude of the Ryans, Cantors, and Boehners, have proven again that they are not interested in what is best for the United States, our Citizens, our Health, or our Environment. Bachmann is the self-proclaimed history buff, Ask her how other Presidential Greats in the past have handled stubborn, narrow minded, members of the Legislature – *hint – (check Teddy Roosevelt concerning military exercises and training, especially the Navy) – I strongly urge anyone who thinks our President is being unreasonable, disgraceful or despicable, to do just a wee bit of research, examine even one or two of the proposals by the GOP, or actually listen to a conversation or two with Cantor, Ryan, heck listen to Romney, and good ol’ Newt. My Daddy used to say to “engage the brain before putting the tongue in gear.” Next time any of you want to criticize the President, You need to take my Daddy’s advice.


I can’t believe the federal government is funding the ‘National Council of Raza’. This is a racist nazi organization with the intent to overwhelm the southern states with hispanic people from Mexico and points south and then ultimately create a new state. The federal government is creating treason of the highest order. Its traitorous elements need to be rooted out and imprisoned for life. We need another Operation Wetback to kick out all illegal aliens. We need to put the unemployed back on farms picking grapes, never mind paying illegal invader aliens sub-par wages.

The federal government needs to just stop trying to please everyone. If cities want LED bulbs in their streetlights they can just pay for it themselves. The more that the federal government plays Santa Clause the more America becomes a socialist nanny state with a controlled authoritarian economy.

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