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Syria: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Azaz, Syria, after rebels took it over after a bloody fight. Is Obama still messing in the Syria war?
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As the world contemplates what to do with Syria, I had the opportunity to speak to Shadi (last name withheld) and his mother and I asked them about what life was like in Syria before the Arab Spring, as well as other things. Shadi and his mother now live in a small town in northern New Jersey. Both Shadi and his mother were living in the US and went to visit Syria before the outbreak of the uprising in that country. They wanted to return to the US but could not and thus were stuck in the land of their birth in the midst of a revolution for 2½ years. Finally Shadi and his mother were able to escape from Syria and come back to New Jersey in June of this year to live with relatives. I sat down with Shadi and his mother for over four hours to discuss Syria in detail.

Syria war: lack of standing

The Syria war is all about the use of chemical weapons, like these the USA still has in storage.
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All media outlets carry breathless reports on the Syria war. Most seem to urge the United States to jump into it. They report on the politics, the geopolitics, the further prospects for war, and the horrors of an alleged attack on Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus. None have treated in any detail whether the United States, or any country, has standing to join battle in the Syria war. A careful read of the relevant treaties shows that no country has any standing to join that war. Not unless the Syrian army is foolish enough to attack a neighboring country with chemical or other weapons.

Syria: wrong war, wrong time

Azaz, Syria, after rebels took it over after a bloody fight. Is Obama still messing in the Syria war?
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The US Navy got ready yesterday to pound targets in Syria with cruise missiles. Secretary of State John Kerry pontificated about “moral obscenity” on Syria’s part. (I meant that word. Pope Urban IX didn’t issue a more ringing call-to-arms to launch the First Crusade.) But American citizens will gain nothing from making war in Syria. They will gain even less if they go to avenge a crime that someone else committed. Recent evidence suggests precisely that.

Benghazi attack always was terrorism

What difference does it make to her?
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On Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hear from three witnesses about the Benghazi attack of September 11 last year. Those witnesses have a story to tell that could have swung the election, had the people known it then. The Benghazi attack was never a protest about a silly video. It was a terrorist attack, and these witnesses knew it at the time. And what’s more, Hillary Clinton knew it, or should have known it.

Margaret Thatcher, RIP

Margaret Thatcher understood the evil, and the unworkability, of socialism
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This morning, Margaret Thatcher died of a stroke. She was 87. She did more in one lifetime than most people might do if they had two. Only if Western people can appreciate what she did, can they save themselves from the sort of tyranny she fought against.

Letter from God – Popes and Protestants

Middle East irony: plaque describing Zacchaeus' sycamore tree
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Much to the chagrin of the liberals it seems the Catholics have chosen a standard bearer Pope in the conservative vein and should be congratulated for this move in a day when liberal leanings are attacking foundations around the world.

Since the election of Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) the old argument about apostolic succession has risen yet again like Italy’s Mount Vesuvius between the Protestant and Catholic faithful – can it be settled?

‘Killing Allegory’ – Bestseller?

Does Bill Nye hold to this?
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Fox anchor Bill O’Reilly and his co-author Martin Durgard recently signed to write Killing Jesus. The excitement and anticipation has piqued a lot of Americans since O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy have both been a great success.

UN Palestine Vote: So what?

Flag of Palestine - symbol of peace, or of war? Why does the ASA take their side?
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Yesterday the UN Palestine vote finally took place. Everyone knew how it would turn out, years ahead of time. So now the UN calls Palestine (whatever that is) a “state” but does not give it a vote. So what? Palestine might have better standing in the UN. But it does not have sovereignty. The world has not recognized its territorial claims. No one will re-divide Jerusalem tomorrow or any time soon, if ever. All the UN has done is to harden hearts all around.

Israel Gaza conflict – wider war?

Members of the Israel Defense Forces on the Golan Heights. What has the ASA to say to them?
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The Israel Gaza conflict broke out again this week. It has simmered for seven years, and hints of a breakout came when the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS in Arabic) seized power in Gaza and governed it their own way. Now the armies of Israel have had enough. But they also have evidence that Iranian advisers helped HAMAS this time. This war might become much wider, and involve all the Middle East.

Benghazi attack: Obama refused aid

Ambassador Stevens. Was he the pawn in the Benghazi attack, for something much bigger?
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Three times during the Benghazi attack, employees at the US consulate in Benghazi begged for help. Fox News Channel has the e-mails to prove that. And three times the White House refused. Yesterday we learned something more shocking: ex-military men, who worked for the CIA, offered to help. And the White House told them to “stand down.” They disobeyed that order to rescue the consular employees. Two of them were the ex-Navy SEALS who died at Ambassador Stevens’ side.