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Muslims and rebuttal of denial

Sar Kenan, ancient gateway into Israel from the north.
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Mention Muslims today and the politically correct crowd deny the threat they made, or at least refuse to believe it. This although the head of the Islamic State explicitly declared he intends to conquer the world in the name of Allah, as Muhammad so declared fourteen hundred years ago.

ADL, are you alert or what?

Does the ADL realize what is wrong with this picture?!?
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Editor;s note: this is an open letter to Mr. Robert Tanen, Associate Regional Director, Anti-defamation League (ADL) of Florida.

Patriot responds to Step One: History

Marine recruits. How many professors appreciate the role of the military?
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Dear Roseanne,

I am a Marine, one who entered the Corps as it was being wound down from Vietnam, and was full of those who hated the Corps, but knew there was no civilian job that would pay them to sit on their derrieres, and give them power, with only a small coterie of “true believers” who stayed on because they would not allow “Their Corps” be ruined by “know-nothings”.

Millennial committees of correspondence

A fitting symbol of Millennial Committees of Correspondence
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Do you believe that the average American is woefully uneducated about the national problems we are facing?

Do you feel compelled to inform and educate the masses about the troubles we are facing as a nation?

Doctor, Doctor! Where are you?

The Rod of Asclepius came from the Greeks. But the Silk Road exhibit would suggest modern medicine really began with Muslims.
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Six hundred ninety-nine doctors answered a recent survey of doctors’ attitudes about Obamacare, and medicine in general. Nine in ten of them say that medicine is on the wrong track. Five in six might quit. Liberals, of course, refuse to believe that. (They dare not tell so many doctors not to let the door hit them on the way out!) But even conservatives aren’t paying attention to everything the doctors said in that survey, or why they might have said it.

Ayn Rand world: public lands

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.
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The Ayn Rand would would have no such thing as public land, except for courthouses, other government offices, police and military facilities, and the like. Gary Weiss, among others, laments this. But he does not tell you the dirty secret of public land. The Constitution never authorized it. Worse, Congress carved out the largest federal lands for unworthy and abusive motives.

Babes in debt land

A wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread. This is what Obama, with his fiscal cliff plan, threatens us with.
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We hear much about our national debt in the news. Who really wants to listen to that stuff? Our favorite sitcom is coming on the tube. Yes, we’ve heard how bad things are. But we don’t see the bread lines (or the “migrant mothers”) we associate with the Great Depression. So things can’t really be that bad. Of course Lyndon Johnson replaced the bread lines with food stamps and government programs. But no one is starving. Hey, this is America. Things like that just don’t happen here anymore. Our government protects us from stuff like that.

Ayn Rand world: entitlements

Statue of Atlas, that became the cover illustration for Atlas Shrugged. Is the Third Option a variation on this theme?
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The Ayn Rand world has no entitlements, nor “collective commitments.” But that’s not the same as saying, “you’re on your own.” Instead, each person looks after his own welfare, and can better do this when he and his neighbors obey the same laws.

Ayn Rand world: government

US Capitol, West Front
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Tax season is a good time to review the Ayn Rand theory of government, and what services she found necessary and proper to good order. Those services all deal with the basic mission of government: to manage force.

Ayn Rand world: introduction

Statue of Atlas, that became the cover illustration for Atlas Shrugged. Is the Third Option a variation on this theme?
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Gary Weiss (Ayn Rand Nation: the Hidden Struggle for America’s Soul) fears what an “Ayn Rand world” would look like. We should all fear a “Gary Weiss world,” or rather, strive to get out of that world. More to the point, an Ayn Rand world would not be nearly as horrible as Weiss and his fellow travelers make out. One need only “think outside the box” to imagine not only how an Ayn Rand world would work, but that it would work, and work well.