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What will it take?

The Obama rainbow flag, a classic false front for American youth
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Let me begin with a categorical statement that, given current events and recent political history, can be easily defended: Barack Hussein Obama is a willful, indoctrinated child of the Left with strong Islamic sympathies who is not fit to govern. Indeed, he would not be fit to govern Lower Slobovia, let alone the United States of America. Obama is a historic disaster of the first magnitude and, if not restrained, he will see to the irrevocable decline of the country which foolishly elected him, leaving the world on the brink of a conflict — or in the midst of one — whose repercussions cannot be underestimated.

Four questions: Nuremberg redux

Who's to blame when tyranny thrives, or even when it stand trial?
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In response to my recent essay, “Nuremberg Revisited,” I received four questions from a reader, Mr. K, – four simple questions that reminded me of the centuries-old Four Questions that we read at the Passover Seder each year. The Passover Questions concern the Why and How Passover is celebrated, and were designed to keep our history alive, get the children involved in learning the lessons of the Jewish Exodus from slavery in Egypt into a life of freedom in our own land, Israel, as well as to enlighten the uninformed guest.

Obama: failure or success?

Obama acts like a tyrant. Does that make him worthy of Time's POTY award?
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Let me say this plainly: This president is not a failure. He is a success! He knows exactly what demographic he should go to. The older generation has not yet figured out this method. He is going to the younger generation where the real battle rages. And that is where America must go if we are to win the future.

Nuremberg Laws revisited

A memorial to a real hate crime. Self-inflicted hate crimes trivialize the real hate crimes we should remember.
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The other night I watched a PBS special on Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass), a series of coordinated attacks against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria on November 9-10, 1938.  These were carried out by Hitler’s forces and non-Jewish civilians and resulted in the death of hundreds of Jews who were incarcerated and sent to concentration camps.  A vast number of Jewish homes, hospitals and schools were destroyed and more than 7,000 Jewish businesses were devastated. Over 1,000 synagogues were burned to the ground.  I was able to find a transcript to further review the two infamous Nuremberg Laws that Hitler initiated during his rise to power. From those, more than 2,000 antisemitic laws were ratified at all levels of government, thereby sealing the fate of the Jews of the Third Reich.

Why do we have a Medicaid program?

Obamacare wants the young and offers them a bad deal. They need not take it.
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Star-Ledger (Newark, N.J.) headline reads: “ObamaCare fuels applicant boom for NJ Medicaid—Advocate hails 35% increase in October.” (Read the article here.) Almost 22,000 new applications were filed in October, up from 16,000 in September. Is this a triumph? Was a 990-page law needed to accomplish this? The taxpayers will have to fork over $5,000 per applicant to a Medicaid HMO—that’s $110 million—and what will the patients get?

Obamacare spells doom for Democrats

Obama acts like a tyrant. Does that make him worthy of Time's POTY award?
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How serious are the problems with Obamacare, or the Patient Protection (racket) and (Not) Affordable Care Act? This will cost several Democrats their seats in Congress. Many Democrats won those seats (or won them back) in 2008 and 2012. Barack Obama promised the moon to the American people. Those Senators and Representatives echoed that promise. But those promises were false when the Democrats made them. And everyone who cares to know, knows this.

Republicans in Name Only

Power of One can beat RINOs
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In an age where language is as much under assault as values, the term RINO (an acronym for Republican in Name Only) is now the target of the liberal cabalists who wear the Republican platform as a mask to hide their real agendas. The list of Republicans in Name Only is as exhaustive as the list of liberals, who also have hidden agendas but are at least honest enough to bear the appropriate label. It should be obvious why RINOs object to being called RINOs. It shatters their image as the alternative to Democrat liberals. Unfortunately, the Republicans in Name Only of today have more in common with their Democrat liberals than they have with the Republican Platform.

Operation Restoring Freedom Part Two

Benjamin Franklin, who wncouraged men to unite for freedom.
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Spinning grassroots into gold may seem like a task for Rumpelstiltskin. But it may very well be the key to reversing America’s decline. The second part of this series will be presenting strategies and plans to overcome the regressive philosophy that is turning the land of the free into the home of the power-crazed elitists. The very first thing that We the People must do is to stop acting like victims and unite in a common cause – the cause to preserve our liberties and bring sanity back to government. This may also be the most difficult task to accomplish. It seems that the more liberty-loving we are, the less likely we are to unite. Egos and hidden agendas, coupled with my-way-or-the-highway attitudes, fuel disunity among fiercely independent people. The kind of cooperation that is needed to achieve unity is often not achievable once people are asked to get “behind” and idea or a strategy. This is the first obstacle that must be overcome.

Socialism and what’s wrong with it

Margaret Thatcher. Kerry Ludka should think about what she said about other people's money.
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The collapse of Obamacare has begun. None could have predicted it would collapse so soon. Yet collapse it is. Why is it collapsing? Because it is a form of socialism. And socialism always collapses. Many people in America today do one of two things: deny that fact, or lament it. They should do neither. The only lamentable fact about the collapse of socialism is that socialism ever existed.

Kristallnacht: probing the propaganda

Kristallnacht - a product of the Nurembereg Laws
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‘The Kristallnacht was started by one individual,’ she said, referring to Hershel Grynszpan, a 17-year old German-born Polish Jew who assassinated Ernst von Rath, a German diplomat stationed in Paris. “It shows how a minor event in history can lead to mass destruction.” Cleveland Jewish News, Nov. 1, 2013.

Roni Berenson, a Holocaust survivor, was interviewed about Kristallnacht in the Cleveland Jewish News (CJN). Born in Berlin, she remembers being pulled out of school on the day after the violence, and she and her parents boarded the next-to-last ship that left Europe. Berenson blames the events of Kristallnacht on Herschel Grynszpan, himself a Jewish victim of the Nazi menace.