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We have ‘Met’ the enemy

The Met
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To the Staff of the Metropolitan Opera (the Met):

During World War II, a violinist dressed in military uniform went to play for the servicemen in a United States Army hospital in Italy. As he entered a ward designated for young men who had recently lost limbs, he was shocked to see that one patient was attempting to applaud with his only hand. As the musician’s face lit up with compassion and sensitivity, he raised his violin and played. His name was Jascha Heifetz, a Lithuanian-born Jewish American whose 65-year career began at age four. He made his Carnegie Hall debut at age 16, and became world renowned for the perfection to which other violinists still aspire.

Obama eligibility: Dwight responds

Obama eligibility court hearing in progress, takes place in absence of Obama and his lawyers
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Yesterday’s posting “Obama Can Be Stopped” (reprinted here) has elicited quite a response. Hundreds of emails were in support. A few were not. It is a daunting task to try to answer individual emails, but I try to do that.

Good Cop Bad Cop (Letter to the Editor)

Virgil Goode. Alternative to the good cop bad cop choice?
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The Romney/Obama campaign reminds me of the good cop bad cop scenario. Consider the Obama administration over the last four years. It is hard to think of a worse record in any administration since Grant was President. By all accounts, Obama should be soundly defeated in this election. So, why is the election so close in the polls? I would suggest that the choice of the Republicans to run Romney as their nominee is the answer to that question.

Glenn Beck: Open Letter

Glenn Beck and Saul Alinsky
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Dear Mr. Glenn Beck,

You have been opening your nightly show on GBTV with the statement “The network you are building”.  In a sense you are correct, at least in a small way, possibly one brick or one 2×4 was purchased with my membership fee.  And in the more real meaning, I and so many more of your audience are helping you build an alternative news organization simply by being long time and devoted listeners.

CNSNews conservative?

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I question why the CNSNews website won’t provide an online facility which allows web readers to contact them with a suggestion or comment box. From my present perspective and viewing, such a contact facility isn’t highlighted on the CNSNews homepage. And, if it exists, it isn’t that noticeable for easy access like many websites.

Evolution and Academic Freedom

Charles Darwin. Some rely on him for an extreme misanthropic doctrine.
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Evolution rules in public schools today, and school instructors teach uncritical acceptance, not critical examination. A CNAV contributor suggests an alternative, one that challenges evolution on scientific grounds, not theological ones.

Evolution and Academic Freedom

by David Buckna

(submitted as a Letter to the Editor to Conservative News and Views and also to The Denver Post.)