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Battle cry TeamNJ v. The Machine

Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team.
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TeamNJ has always advocated that voters should stand behind candidates of high moral character regardless of party affiliation. The problem in politics today is the public no longer chooses the candidate. It’s become apparent it is no longer about values, public policy, or what is beneficial to the public. It’s all about the “machine,” or should I say the “establishment” and of course, money.

But not for Rick Steves

Should Israel Exist?
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Mark Twain said,

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…

But not for Rick Steves.

WPE – We Plan to Endure – how we do it

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.
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During the past 7 years a very close relationship between TPATH  and many of our members has resulted in the formation of WPE (We Plan to Endure).  As a consequence of several years of research, training and instructions provided to us by many experts from various survival disciplines, WPE has become a formidable source for information, training and disaster preparation.

Like a herd of ‘once’ wild pigs

A Gadsden flag at Occupy Wall Street? This is not a provocation; it's the real deal.
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The question in a recent email asked, “Do you know how to catch a large herd of wild pigs?” And, thinking that it was just another silly pig joke, I read on.

Schumer, Cuomo, and other fragmenters

Charles Schumer
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For the past several weeks, beginning with RINOs the likes of Peter King and John Boehner , and expanding the chorus with Liberal Andrew Cuomo and the Communist Mayor of NYC, and the latest entrant, Chuckie “Where’s the TV Camera” Schumer, the attack on Constitutionalists and conservatives has gone full throttle.

Wooing Wyoming – for Muslims and Islam

Wooing Wyoming
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I became aware of an invitation issued to 125 libraries across our nation, a lure for these institutions of learning to participate in a five-part reading and discussion series, titled “Let’s Talk About It: Muslim Journeys.”  I do not use the term “lure” lightly, inasmuch as this is a strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s furtive jihad into our society – an effort to provide additional reading material for our public school students who are already on a diet of Islamic propaganda.

Planners: ten tricks they play

An earlier version of the Regional Plan for the San Francisco Bay region.
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Here’s a test. Think of a regional sustainable development plan that does not include open spaces, compact living and reduced vehicle miles traveled. From Plan Bay Area in San Francisco, to New York’s Capital Region Sustainability Plan the programs are the same.

Polar Vortex, Part 2: Facts

The Hubert Lamb CRU headquarters, center for worldwide global warming alarmism
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Editor’s note: in Part 1, Dwight Kehoe introduced the overblown Polar Vortex narrative. Below he lists several relevant facts that give the lie to that narrative. He might never convince certain liberals. But maybe he can set at rest any minds that might think they have any cause to worry.

Polar Vortex, Part 1: Narrative

The Hubert Lamb CRU headquarters, center for worldwide global warming alarmism
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All right. It’s time to admit it.  I’m a cynic.  You will have to excuse me for not accepting, without proof, anything people or groups preach without seeing some facts.   Especially if a particular group has an agenda aimed at confiscation and distribution of property they don’t own or have any right to. And that includes the so-called “polar vortex.”

Tick, Tick, Tick… Incrementalism at work

What difference does it make to Obama?
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Incrementalism has always been the secret behind the success of the progressive’s agenda. Their strategy of coercion and manipulation has often been implemented over extended periods of time whereby the rights and freedoms of the people are slowly changed or taken away so that few notice and wake one morning in full acceptance of their new reality.