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Panspermia? Really?

Tagish Lake meteorite, incorrectly cited as evidence for panspermia
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Panspermia — the idea that life is seeding itself everywhere in the universe — is suddenly popular again. The finding of the “stuff of life” in meteorites has made it popular. But panspermia assumes that those meteorites came from space and merely fell to earth.

Science in the Bible part 2

Isaiah, ancient prophet--and man of science?
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The point of this series is to cite specific instances where the scientific claims made in the Bible are well ahead of their time and have proved to be more reliable that the always-changing theories of men. All too often creationists find themselves defending against the dogmas of the day. Those dogmas, with time, prove to be either hoaxes & frauds, built on faulty assumptions, or are eventually invalidated. Exposing the reliable scientific statements made within the Bible is more inspiring than our defensively held positions. Frankly, we seem to spend more time defending against the theories of men than proving the science in the Bible. After all, who can be a more reliable source about the science of creation than the Creator Himself?

Lies of the devil: the three greatest

Revealed Lie
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In the Bible the devil has many names. His two most popular names are “Satan,” literally meaning adversary or great opponent of God and man; and “devil” literally means “slanderer” or “false accuser.” He is also known as “the tempter”, “the ruler of this world”, “the prince of the air”, “the Father of lies,” and many others. Regardless of his name, he is an enemy of God and God’s people and his ultimate goal is to separate God from His people. In order to accomplish his goals, Satan has cleverly devised lies that have been effective since the Garden of Eden. Although there have been lies too numerous to list, this writing will be concentrating on the three most effective lies the devil has told humanity.

Science — does it confirm or contradict the Bible?

Sculpture in memory of William Thompson, Lord Kelvin, one of the foremost pioneers of science
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I have been involved in the Evolution vs. Creation debate for decades. So I know from experience that Evolutionists commonly argue that the evidence for evolution from science is overwhelming. Since Darwin wrote his Origins of Species back in 1859, evolutionists have been on a quest to prove his hypothesis scientifically correct. As a result, many “proofs” of Darwinian Evolution have been presented through the years – including missing links, moths, embryonic recapitulation, punctuated equilibrium, etc. The list goes on and on.

Internet protocol: God has a prior claim

A harvester ant. Who knew that ants used an Internet protocol to decide how many foragers to send out?
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Biologist Deborah Gordon and computer scientist Balaji Prabhakar of Stanford University found harvester ants use a system to control the rate of sending out ant foragers that works in the same way internet protocols control data transfer on the Internet.

Evolution: Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do

Lucy, the most cherished modern icon of evolution
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The battle between Evolution and Creation has raged since the late 1800s when Charles Darwin’s book took the world by storm. However, that debate has seen certain testimony that the public rarely hears.

Evolution – science influencing government

Charles Darwin. Some rely on him for an extreme misanthropic doctrine.
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In 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Since then, the terms Evolution and Darwinism have been almost interchangeable. Unfortunately, the book influenced more than the pseudoscience it promoted. (For instance, it actually gave scientific plausibility to racism.) I call it pseudoscience because the concept did not rely on the scientific method. That method includes observation, repeatability, falsification, and prediction. Evolution only looked scientific in nature.

Curiosity, machine and motive

Curiosity diagram
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Hours after this post goes public, another roving robot, named Curiosity, will (one hopes) land on Mars. The builders of Curiosity choose a good name for their rover, with its seventeen cameras and on-board laboratory. They probably don’t realize that curiosity, both the machine and the motive, come from God. The machine might not seem to, but it is an indirect product. Man, with his basic curiosity built in, is the direct product.

James Ossuary Proved Authentic

The James Ossuary, photographed at the Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario, CA
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Ten years ago, the Biblical Archaeology Society announced the oldest known object relating to the life of Jesus Christ. A 2,000 year old ossuary, or “bone box,” turned up in an antiquities shop on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. This “James Ossuary” carried these words, in ancient Aramaic, on its side:

James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.

The find led to a criminal investigation, charges of forgery, and a sensational trial in Israel. Last spring the verdict came down: “Not guilty.”

Higgs Boson: So What?

Logo of CERN. Have they found the Higgs boson? And what if they have?
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Two days ago the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced some data they actually gathered in December of last year. They found a new subatomic particle, and they think they might at last have the Higgs boson. The news has excited most laypeople and many scientists. But no one seems able to say what the Higgs boson is, or what finding it really means.