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Zimmerman: proscribed?

George Zimmerman as he appeared that night
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The case of Florida v. Zimmerman, in the Superior Court of Florida in and for the County of Seminole, should have been a routine criminal matter. One man shoots another under doubtful circumstances, and pleads self-defense. Except that the conduct of the case, and even the bringing of it, are anything but routine. In fact, the conduct of the judge in the case, and the conduct of certain city, State and federal officials, suggests something very wrong. Simply put: the Attorney General of the United States, or possibly the de facto President, proscribed George Zimmerman. And they did it to further the power of the federal government.

Liberty to break the law?

The Declaration of Independence sets forth the relationship between government and people.
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The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness, which the … ignorant believe to be liberty. – Fisher Ames, architect of the First Amendment

Republicans: did I vote for that?

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.
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The amnesty bill, S-744, has sailed through the Senate and now awaits a decision by Speaker Boehner in the House. The question now becomes, will he and the rest of those supposed Republicans sell America down the river, just as have the Conservative pretenders in the Senate?

Christie at bat: will he strike out?

Chris Christie called a special Senate election for his own benefit. Or did he?
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Before I begin, allow me to set that stage. I believe the greatest danger to the survival of the Republic is the governmental education system. Let no one tell you differently Education is a National Security issue ignored by both political parties. Someone should have reminded Governor Christie of the words of one of our greatest Founding Father’s concerning our country and education:

Unemployment as high as ever

The unemployment line. Does welfare make this worse?
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Unemployment in the United States is still as high as ever. The government says the economy added 195,000 jobs. But the best measure of unemployment, that counts everyone, not just those at the unemployment office, went up last month. Worse yet, America has fewer than half its workers working full-time.

Media sleight of hand

James Risen writes for this paper. He told them what he thinks, and it is not pretty.
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The fact stands true that if you’re not careful, the media will have you hating those that are being attacked and loving those that are doing the attacking.

Grounded talking-head conservatives

Has conservative salt losts its savor?
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Compromise: An agreement between two men to do what both agree is wrong. – Lord Edward Cecil

The American people are inundated on a daily basis with unlawful bills being presented, passed, or signed by Obama. Meanwhile, scandals pop up all over the place around the administration…and instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Obama uses millions of tax-payer dollars to take a family vacation to Africa. The long train of abuses by the Obama administration has the American people in an outrage. And rightly so.

IRS scandal plan B: Go off road

Mark A. Falzon. Photo: self
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Here we are, it is day whatever in the IRS scandal. New evidence is heard daily but it has to be wrung out of the establishment like turn buckling a washcloth. The new daily evidence just uncovers even more horrifying crimes. I don’t use that word easily, horrifying. But soon maybe I will. Because ladies and gentlemen, it gets much worse. Much darker and much more sinister.

Immigration reform: legal bribery

Bribery in immigration reform isn't done quite this way, but the results are the same.
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The immigration reform bill now percolating through the Senate will solve nothing. If it passes, the United States will have yet another constituency for politicians and employers (or labor leaders, or both) to exploit. The Gang of Eight know this. For that reason, they resorted to out-and-out bribery, that politicians call “pork,” to get it through the Senate. And yesterday and today, a big alternative-media organ called them on it and made them squeal like – well, like stuck pigs.

IRS, White House worked together

The IRS scandal gained a new face - in Congress.
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No one can doubt it any longer. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the White House worked together to steal the Election of 2012 and try to destroy the Tea Party. They succeeded at the first, but failed at the second. The Tea Party won by enduring. They must follow this up with a push to abolish the IRS and change the tax code.