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New Jersey politics: insider payoffs

Bribery in immigration reform isn't done quite this way, but the results are the same.
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A dear friend of mine who is somewhat interlinked with the Republican Party in New Jersey, after a few cocktails, to my surprise blurted out words to this effect.

I’m having trouble being in your company. Many of my friends don’t want to be in your company. Why don’t you do something constructive, instead of attacking every politician in town? If our town is so bad why don’t you just move?

Mobocracy: no coincidence

Barack H. Obama gave one of the worst State of the Union addresses of his career.
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If there had been any doubt just how much trouble this country is in and how intentionally the trouble is being perpetrated by that Divider and Chief, that Communist, that Muslim, that racist hijacker of our country who is ineligibly occupying our White House, this past week will have opened your eyes, your ears and your senses to the impending doom, chaos, anarchy and the eventual and planned permanent take over of our government.

Who is supporting this administration?

What difference does it make to Obama?
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Good question: who is supporting the Obama administration?

Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have. – Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals,” p. 126

As the amnesty debate rages on, one has to ask: Why is it so important to this criminal administration to give a license to illegals to come into America? While most Americans are under the delusion that people favor this administration, the real question is, who exactly supports Barack Hussein Obama? Let’s go down memory lane and recollect just who (so you’ve been told) gives him all this support.

IRS scandal: top lawyer involved

Logo of the Internal Revenue Service, the federal income tax authority
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The 2013 IRS scandal reached closer to the White House today. Two key committee chairmen in the House of Representatives sent a letter to Acting IRS Commish Daniel Werfel. In it they said some of the extra “review” of Tea Party and other conservative non-profit applications took place in the IRS chief counsel’s office. The problem: the chief counsel of the IRS gets his appointment directly from the President, same as the Commish.

Zimmerman: proscribed?

George Zimmerman as he appeared that night
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The case of Florida v. Zimmerman, in the Superior Court of Florida in and for the County of Seminole, should have been a routine criminal matter. One man shoots another under doubtful circumstances, and pleads self-defense. Except that the conduct of the case, and even the bringing of it, are anything but routine. In fact, the conduct of the judge in the case, and the conduct of certain city, State and federal officials, suggests something very wrong. Simply put: the Attorney General of the United States, or possibly the de facto President, proscribed George Zimmerman. And they did it to further the power of the federal government.

Liberty to break the law?

The Declaration of Independence sets forth the relationship between government and people.
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The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness, which the … ignorant believe to be liberty. – Fisher Ames, architect of the First Amendment

Republicans: did I vote for that?

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.
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The amnesty bill, S-744, has sailed through the Senate and now awaits a decision by Speaker Boehner in the House. The question now becomes, will he and the rest of those supposed Republicans sell America down the river, just as have the Conservative pretenders in the Senate?

Christie at bat: will he strike out?

Chris Christie called a special Senate election for his own benefit. Or did he?
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Before I begin, allow me to set that stage. I believe the greatest danger to the survival of the Republic is the governmental education system. Let no one tell you differently Education is a National Security issue ignored by both political parties. Someone should have reminded Governor Christie of the words of one of our greatest Founding Father’s concerning our country and education:

Unemployment as high as ever

The unemployment line. Does welfare make this worse?
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Unemployment in the United States is still as high as ever. The government says the economy added 195,000 jobs. But the best measure of unemployment, that counts everyone, not just those at the unemployment office, went up last month. Worse yet, America has fewer than half its workers working full-time.

Media sleight of hand

James Risen writes for this paper. He told them what he thinks, and it is not pretty.
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The fact stands true that if you’re not careful, the media will have you hating those that are being attacked and loving those that are doing the attacking.