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Paul Ryan: Bipartisanship at work

The National Debt Clock - the forgotten fact in the fiscal cliff drama
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If there were any doubts that one of America’s perceived conservative leaders of the future, is nothing more than just another spineless “go along to get along” establishment Republican, RINO Paul Ryan’s budget deal with the Socialist Democratic Party has unquestionably confirmed those doubts.

Perverted justice

The gavel: a symbol of justice and punishment for corrupt officials.
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Portia, a Shakespearean character in the Merchant of Venice, once said, “The quality of mercy is not strained…” Portia was a fictitious character that lived in the mind of Shakespeare. The rest of us have to live in the real world where mercy and compassion beyond reason is an obsession imposed upon us to the perversion of justice. In modern day America the quality of mercy is not only strained; it is also perverted. And this perversion interacts and wreaks havoc on the principles of justice that demand fairness and equal treatment for one and all.

New York Times: Walter Duranty Syndrome

James Risen writes for this paper. He told them what he thinks, and it is not pretty.
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How does one diagnoses Walter Duranty Syndrome? A news organ publishes a report at wild variance with the facts as others understand them. When those others challenge that report, the editors hiss back, “We s-s-stand by our s-s-story!” Such an organ suffers from Walter Duranty Syndrome. That disease afflicts The New York Times. How appropriate! After all, Walter Duranty worked for The New York Times. And today, the Times has another Walter Duranty as a bureau chief.

Benghazi report: Walter Duranty redux

What difference does it make to her?
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Yesterday The New York Times released another Benghazi report, in six parts. David D. Kirkpatrick wrote a book on Benghazi. This six-part Benghazi report consists of excerpts from that work. In it Kirkpatrick tries to revive the Hillary Clinton/Susan Rice narrative. He blames “The Video,” and denies that Al Qaeda operates in Libya. But this new Benghazi report brings back the ghost of another infamous writer for The New York Times: Walter Duranty.

NSA domestic surveillance: what’s wrong

The NSA surveillance program is now in bad hands.
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The conservative movement now seems to have split itself on the question of NSA domestic surveillance. Some conservatives, mindful only of external threats, want it to go on. (Or maybe they haven’t thought the matter through.) Others, mindful of the new domestic threat the Obama administration poses, want it to stop. This debate gives a prize example of how to balance liberty and safety.

Obama secret government policy rebuked

The NSA surveillance program is now in bad hands.
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The promised Barack Obama transparency never came true. Instead we got the Obama secret government policy. And now two federal judges, and even a select group of Presidential advisers, have rebuked that policy. These rebukes have a scathing tone, but give a more profound signal only because they exist.

Obamacare delays enrollment

If you believe HHS delayed Obamacare enrollment just to give insurers more time to set rates, I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge
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At about midnight last night, the government announced the latest in a series of cynical ploys. They delayed the period for open enrollment in Obamacare from 15 October-7 December 2014 to 15 November 2014-15 January 2015. How convenient! Eleven days after the midterm elections! technical disaster

Kathleen Sebelius
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The site is one of the worst technical disasters in the history of computers and their networks. The White House knew it would be a disaster and opened it anyway. Now many Democratic politicians are running, not walking, away from it. Oh, a few die-hard fanatics insist the site stay up. But those more in touch with their constituents, know better.

Mainstream media disgraceful, culpable

Useful idiots make the media of not much better use than to wrap fish.
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Uninhibited speech without a doubt was thought by our founders to be integral to freedom and an oppression-free future. So they included it in the first of the 10 great Amendments. By putting special rights of the press in the First Amendment, right alongside freedom of religion, they telegraphed the importance they placed on the need for freedom of and for information. They did this not out of any particular love for those that would take to the pen or to the printing press, but to protect them, so that they could protect us.

Lies incompetence negligence malfeasance

What difference does it make to Obama?
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The Great Republican Hope in New Jersey – otherwise known as Chris Christie – has been a colossal disappointment to Movement Conservatives. Other than being Pro-life, there is very little about this very large man that conforms to the Republican platform. As a white woman, I can say that without being accused of racism. However, I will have to risk being called a racist to make an equally true statement. The Great Unifying Hope of the nation, Barrack Hussein Obama, is not just a disappointment; he is an embarrassment to all things American. Lies, incompetence, negligence and malfeasance are the defining hallmarks of his administration. Not only is he a disgrace to the nation, he should especially be regarded a disgrace to the black citizens of America and all citizens that took pride in this once racially divided country overcoming centuries of racism. He has done more to divide us than the Mason Dixon Line divided the north from the south. That line needs to be obliterated today, just as it did back at the time of the Civil War.