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State legislators – an open letter

Mass murder succeeds only in gun free zones.
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Dear State Legislator,

During the past several months I have attended a few of the hearings held in the capitol as one committee after another sat in judgment of my rights as an American citizen and debated as to what extent they would unconstitutionally infringe on the Bill of Rights.

Traitors among us

Obamacare brought two circuits to a crossroads of the Constitution
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Traitors can come from a myriad of places – but none are more effective than those foxes that have been entrusted to watch the henhouse. We can debate if they exist in America and who they may be - with the man now occupying the White House being the first on many lists – however, there may be others that also qualify but slip under the radar.

Pat Toomey – an open letter

The Second Amendment is the reset button on the Constitution
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To Senator Pat Toomey:

First, thank you for posting the proposed “Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act” on your website. Being able to read the entire bill helps in the understanding of its implications. TPATH has spent a great amount of time reading it and reverting back and forth between the many titles and sections of existing law that this legislation would implicate.

Leadership and representation

3D Team Leadership Concept
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I can’t speak for other states, since I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life. However, I can speak about a very disturbing trend that seems to have taken over the Garden State: lack of leadership.

Dianne Feinstein ignores Constitution

Senator Dianne Feinstein
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Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) finally had a colleague bring her up short on how much she knew about the Constitution. In answer she said, “I am not a sixth grader!” Senator Feinstein, if you are indeed not a sixth grader, stop acting like one.

Dianne Feinstein, Aristocrat

Senator Dianne Feinstein
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Senator Dianne Feinstein wants your guns. She has said so. But now she says outrageously that, under current law, one human being can hunt another.

Maxine Waters and other con artists

Rep. Maxine Waters
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Last week we posted the facts about the sequester. This week the political hysteria continues as the media, Fox News included, and big government leftists march forward with fear tactics and just plain lies. Then, Maxine Waters, who actually is dumber than Joe Biden, announced that the cuts in government growth will cost 170 million jobs. Someone may like to point out to this jewel of colossal ignorance, America only has 140 million people working right now. Which by the way is about 2 million less than when the usurper took office.

Menendez allegations – statement

Senator Robert Menendez, who enjoys the protection of a sycophantic media
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The only surprise about the allegations against Senator Menendez is that they have taken so long to materialize.

Robert Menendez skates on thin ice

Robert Menendez. Poster child for liberal hypocrisy, especially on gun control.
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Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has been a corrupt politician all his life. He knows all the tricks, whether for getting (and doing) special favors or for stopping any serious inquiry into how he does things. But now he’s in a spot of trouble he can’t dodge. Or can he?

Compromise – a poor excuse for lack of leadership

RoseAnn Salanitri, a leading activist in New Jersey
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While on the campaign trail last year with a friend, his opponent made it clear that he was a man that could reach across the aisle and compromise. Thereafter, a tea party leader in the room commented: “You mean like John McCain?” The tea party leader meant it facetiously and sadly the candidate was obviously befuddled by the remark – believing his propensity to compromise was a badge of honor. My friend humorously remarked: