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Judges as oligarchs

James A. Byrne Federal Courthouse, Philadelphia, PA, home of the Third Circuit, one step below the Supreme Court
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By what authority do those highbrows in  black robes think they have to violate the Constitution and by extension, the will of the American people?  Justices are warranted to determine the legality of a law or an activity, as relates to the US Constitution and then render an opinion thereon.   Redefining legislation or altering its wording or intent, is not legal. 

Perverted justice

The gavel: a symbol of justice. Perverted justice causes people to disrespect this symbol.
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Portia, a Shakespearean character in the Merchant of Venice, once said, “The quality of mercy is not strained…” Portia was a fictitious character that lived in the mind of Shakespeare. The rest of us have to live in the real world where mercy and compassion beyond reason is an obsession imposed upon us to the perversion of justice. In modern day America the quality of mercy is not only strained; it is also perverted. And this perversion interacts and wreaks havoc on the principles of justice that demand fairness and equal treatment for one and all.

Zimmerman: proscribed?

George Zimmerman as he appeared that night
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The case of Florida v. Zimmerman, in the Superior Court of Florida in and for the County of Seminole, should have been a routine criminal matter. One man shoots another under doubtful circumstances, and pleads self-defense. Except that the conduct of the case, and even the bringing of it, are anything but routine. In fact, the conduct of the judge in the case, and the conduct of certain city, State and federal officials, suggests something very wrong. Simply put: the Attorney General of the United States, or possibly the de facto President, proscribed George Zimmerman. And they did it to further the power of the federal government.

Supreme Court Advocates Darkness

The Supreme Court. Will it surbe recess appointment abuse?
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The record of the Supreme Court is not promising.

Where there is darkness crimes will be committed. The guilty one is not merely he who commits the crime but he who caused the darkness. – Victor Hugo

Tax or penalty? The fireworks have just begun

Supreme Court, group portrait 2010
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Contrary to his conclusion in the majority brief, Justice Roberts affirmed that “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, HR3590, is unconstitutional. To know why, see Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution (the “Origination Clause”). But watch how the Obama administration and its sympathizers in the media have reacted. Listen to the idiots in Congress as they scream that the Supreme Court erred, and penalties are not taxes. That tells me that they know that any tax revenue bill that starts in the Senate is unconstitutional. They will keep arguing, as Congress did, that a penalty is not a tax. And you can bet that they will argue this on cross-examination if any of the 26 Attorneys General notifies the Court that they will request re-argument.

Eligibility and American common law, part 2

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.
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What the media refuses to discuss, I will. I don’t care whether you are Republican, Democrat, white, black, brown or yellow (in skin pigment, not in spirit!). The eligibility issue strikes at the heart and soul of the United States. The truth must be told!

Obama eligibility: NJ judges suspend American common law

The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid?
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New Jersey’s courts made themselves a laughingstock by their handling of our Obama eligibility case. The people of New Jersey should hang a plaque at the door to each courthouse:

Welcome to Disneyland! See with your own eyes living cartoon characters masquerading as judges!

Obama eligibility: New Jersey appeal

Mario Apuzzo, arguing the latest Obama eligibility challenge
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The two New Jersey Obama eligibility challengers won an emergency appeal. But they must argue their case by telephone, not in public.

A Court Without Shame: the Supreme Court betrays the Constitution (Part 2)

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.
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As stated in Part I, oral argument on the constitutionality of Obama-care will take place on March 26-28, 2012. But whatever the Court decides, the integrity of the Supreme Court will forever be soiled. No decision can or will be legitimate, nor cover the shame of this Supreme Court for failing to adhere to the Constitution and laws of the land.

A Court Without Shame: The Supreme Court Betrays the Constitution (Part 1)

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.
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Many still believe we are living in a Constitutional Republic governed by the Rule of Law. Unfortunately, America is at a crossroads in which the freedoms we once enjoyed and are protected by our Constitution are rapidly eroding.

I write this article not as a disgruntled litigant, but as an American that fears and trembles for the course his country has taken. The Constitution was once the bulwark of our freedoms and protections. Now a government filled with tyrants in black robes has morphed it into something that our Founders would barely recognize.. The Courts, that exist to check and balance our other two branches of government, willingly rubber-stamp legislation that is clearly unconstitutional. One can only guess their motives, but their behavior violates their oath of office to protect and uphold the Constitution of these United States. It is a sacred oath that the Framers created to protect our Rule of Law from despots and usurpers.