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Chris Christie caves on Ebola

Flag of New Jersey
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Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey caved today. He tried to deny it. But neither he nor anyone else can mitigate what he did: first declare a twenty-one-day quarantine, then relent on it. That kind of relenting could get millions of people killed.

Child removal for money?

The gavel: a symbol of judgment. Will same-sex marriage still fall before it?
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Friends of the family of Kayla and Hannah Diegel informed CNAV yesterday of a strange, and shocking, judicial policy in Maricopa County, Arizona. Melissa Diegel and (until recently) her daughters live in Maricopa County. An allied child advocacy group obtained video showing a juvenile court judge instructing other judges on how to issue child removal orders to ensure federal funding. In summary, this judge told his fellow judges to issue an out-of-home child removal order, whether the circumstances fully warrant this or not. The reason: Departments of Child Protective Services do not receive federal funds for in-home child removal orders. Thus the federal government gives courts a money incentive to separate children from their families. Thus the federal government corrupts juvenile courts across the country.

Voter fraud by mail

Ballot box. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this.
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CNAV has exposed voter fraud by stand-in (the Texas Voter ID Law should check this) and voter fraud in the voting machine. Now James O’Keefe exposes the latest voter fraud gambit: by mail. Specifically, mail-in ballots. He infiltrated the Democratic political machine in Colorado. He found a brazen criminal mind-set to rival that of “Boss” William M. Tweed of New York’s Tammany Hall.

Any devils left in hell?

The Obama rainbow flag. Democrats now run from this flag and the man.
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Sometimes the actions of the Obama administration leave me with many questions. And sometimes I wish the answers to those questions were beyond my grasp. Here are some of my questions:

Voter fraud with the machine

Ballot box. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this.
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The news rings with tales of the most obvious kind of voter fraud: registering to vote when the law does not allow it, or standing in for a registered voter who has died or moved out-of-town or better yet out-of-State. But how do you know the voting machine tallies your vote accurately? Today a Republican State representative candidate from Chicagoland found out the hard way: you can’t always trust the machine. Election authorities can solve that problem, but only if they want to.

Ebola, Obama, incompetence

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Ebola, Obama, incompetence. People will remember these three words together long after Obama leaves office. Obama has blundered badly at every stage of the Great West African Ebola Outbreak of 2014. A private company handled things better at its campus in the diseased region. Some think Obama hoped to gain an “October Surprise advantage” from this affair. He will not. He and the incompetent boobs he appointed, destroyed what advantage they had. Ebola tested Big Government, and found it lacking. Everyone should learn from this debacle. Learn what private persons and enterprises can do.

Wards of the state: lab rats?

Lab rat. Why do we treat wards of the state like this?
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In the past two years, the child-protective service agencies of three states have each tried to turn one or two children, having rare genetic disorders, into wards of the state. In every case, new doctors took over the children’s care and did not treat them appropriately. As shocking as these episodes are, this has happened before. Ten years ago a scandal broke involving other experiments on wards of the state. The case included a foster-care agency in New York City, fifty children in their care, and thirteen phase-one trials of drugs to treat HIV-AIDS. Several child advocates and professors of ethics thought they’d stopped the practice. They haven’t. The experimenters learned from that case and changed tactics. Until more child advocates connect such cases, such abuses will happen again. And again, and again, and again.

Protocol breach by CDC

The biohazard symbol, a warning to follow protocol.
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Over the weekend, the first American patient contracted Ebola fever in America. The patient, a nurse, will not give her name. She cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, alias “Patient Zero,” before he died. The CDC blames her for somehow “breaching protocol.” but they have no idea how she broke protocol. Of course they haven’t. Because she didn’t break protocol. The CDC themselves did. And so has de facto President Obama, since Ebola first broke out in West Africa.

NPR propagandist ruse

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NPR’s political position is heard by many, and its audience is led to sympathize with the Islamic enemies of civilization.  Our very future is in upheaval and I challenge NPR’s motives, ethics, and sense of responsibility.

Trust government? Why?

In God we trust, not in government
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Most people in America don’t trust their government. And most people haven’t trusted their government since shortly after the Manhattan Incident (September 11, 2001). The Democratic Party might have thought Barack Obama could restore that trust. He has not, and has only made it worse.