Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast

Jihad: Obama a recruiter?

By now everyone knows: as many as 300 Americans are, as the Constitution would put it, “levying war against the United States.” The Arabic, or at least Muslim, word is jihad. The More »

The Constitution. Jihad is incompatible with it, because jihad means treason.


Our Constitution is clear about what the federal government can and cannot do. Article 1, Section 8i, specifically defines the enumerated powers of the federal government. The rest of the Constitution was More »

James Risen writes for this paper. He told them what he thinks, and it is not pretty.

Media & Dems: evil consortium

During the past 5 or more decades we have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of Progressivism.  The degradation of our society and our country, which began slowly and stealthily, has More »

Sar Kenan, ancient gateway into Israel from the north.

Muslims and rebuttal of denial

Mention Muslims today and the politically correct crowd deny the threat they made, or at least refuse to believe it. This although the head of the Islamic State explicitly declared he intends More »

Diatoms, the smallest of sea plankton

Sea plankton in earth orbit?

The Russian flight director for the International Space Station said this week two cosmonauts had found sea plankton, or traces of them, on the outer hull and window of a Russian module More »

This man knew how to lead a coup d'état.

America’s bloodless coup

The American Patriot in 2014 is a frustrated human being. Many have been sounding the alarm that our country is being torn asunder by the incompetent, the illegitimate, the opportunist, and the More »

What difference does it make to Obama?

Officer Barbrady Syndrome

Has Officer Barbrady taken over the White House press corps, as well as the Press Office? So it seems, as the modern American press looks the other way while a de facto More »

Julius Caesar said if you offer bread and entertainment, you can do anything.

Rome v. America: when nations die

It is said that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. While listening to the details about Congress’ latest financial deal, along with all the hype regarding the More »

The Constitution. Jihad is incompatible with it, because jihad means treason.

Commerce Clause, plain and simple

The Constitutional controversy initiated by the Health Care Bill has brought the Commerce Clause in the Constitution back into public view. It simply states:

The Congress shall have Power … To regulate Commerce More »

A square political grid. Intelligence moves you up the scale. So are libertarians smarter on that account?

Libertarians smarter?

Are liberals really smarter than conservatives? Or are libertarians smarter than anyone else? A recent column in The Daily Mail suggests so. True or not, it shows that “liberal” and “conservative” are More »

False flag operation: what would it look like?

The Reichstag Fire. That kind of provocation is coming to America.
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Polls look worse for the campaign of Barack H. Obama with every passing week. But now, many Americans are afraid that Obama, quite simply, will not want to leave. Now a rumor has surfaced, a rumor that a Tennessee State Representative briefly took seriously. According to it, Obama plans a false flag operation, and specifically to stage an attempt on his own life. That will cause riots, and give the government the right to lock the country down, and suspend the election. Naturally most people find that outrageous. Nor can anyone possibly confirm it. But no one can deny it, either. In fact, that theory would explain several disturbing signs, and even has a historical precedent.

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day: success

Do the American people really accept homosexual marriage?
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Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day took place yesterday. Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) called for it last week. Today he said that it succeeded “beyond anything I could have imagined.” Thousands of photographs, and a few personal testimonials, show that he was right.

Congress Vitiates Itself

The Constitution. Jihad is incompatible with it, because jihad means treason.
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Congress weakened itself last night, almost fatally. They passed a bill to let the President appoint several sub-Cabinet-level officers without asking the Senate to confirm them. True, the Constitution lets Congress do this. But conservative and “patriotic” Congress watchers reacted in anger and outrage.

Tea Party Texas Triumph

Ted Cruz, Tea Party candidate for Senate from Texas
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Last night, the Tea Party again showed a strength it did not have two years ago. Candidate Ted Cruz never before held elective office. Now he has won a runoff against the Lieutenant Governor of Texas. This fall he will almost surely take the place of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX), who will leave the Senate next term.

Fast and Furious Buck Passing

The Constitution. Jihad is incompatible with it, because jihad means treason.
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Yesterday, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform sent out a report on Operation Fast and Furious. They promise two more after this. If those two are no better than this one, then they’ve lost already. Because they merely passed the buck. They blamed Fast and Furious on five underlings. True, they set out a mountain of evidence that confirms what CNAV has long suspected. The evidence shows the true goal of Operation Fast and Furious. And that is: “throw down” hundreds of assault weapons in Mexico, weapons that straw buyers bought in America. Why? So that the people will swallow more gun control. So why won’t Chairman Darrell Issa and his Committee say that?

Chick-fil-A: Eat Mor Chikin’

Do the American people really accept homosexual marriage?
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Each day brings new evidence of the Left’s hatred for Christians and other traditionalists, but the smear campaign against Christian-owned Chick-fil-A sets a new low.

You didn’t build that, Internet, revisited

You didn't build that, Obama! The Internet
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Last week, L. Gordon Crovitz showed that the putative President when too far when he said, “You didn’t build that!” Specifically, Barack H. Obama described the Internet as a government project. Crovitz showed that it wasn’t. After that, Obama’s defenders and apologists everywhere shouted in many voices, “Oh, yes, it was!” No, it wasn’t.

UN Arms Trade Treaty Dies Sudden Death

The United Nations figures in prophecy
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The UN Arms Trade Treaty is dead. The US delegation to the arms trade conference backed out at the last minute. They said they needed more time to consider its text. Three other delegations (Russia, Indonesia, and India) said the same. The putative President probably pulled the treaty so that he wouldn’t have to send it to the Senate until after the election.

John Boehner: political con artist

John Boehner, Speaker of the House: casualty of the Tea Party/Establishment War?
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For months Speaker of the House John Boehner (Pretty Boy Johnny) promised that the House would vote to repeal Obama-care. That promise is/was nothing more than political grandstanding, meaningless in reality. Pretty Boy knows perfectly well that the Senate will play him like a yo-yo. And even if they do vote to repeal, Obama will veto the bill. So where are “We the People?” Up the creek without a paddle, that’s where. This Quisling phony will watch his country turn into a Marxist republic, and stand by and do nothing. Nothing except to give new meaning to the phrase “diarrhea of the mouth.”

MF Global Scandal Only Part of Problem

Jon Corzine, later head of MF Global Holdings
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Yesterday (July 26), word came out that explains, in part, why the US Department of Justice never prosecuted Jon S. Corzine or anyone else at MF Global Holdings. The Attorney General, and two of his most senior associates, all had legal ties to MF Global, through the law firms that employed them. That alone should force them to yield to a special prosecutor. But it is part of a much larger problem. MF Global is not the only bad actor on Wall Street.