Silk Road caravan

Silk Road notes 4: learning

This fourth instalment of the Silk Road Notes series shows the distorted picture the Cleveland Museum’s Silk Road exhibit gives to the development of writing and learning along that ancient trade route. More »

Seal of the Islamic State. Is Obama their secret ally, sowing complacency to give this State time to build?

Congress, are you thinking?

The people of America, Republicans, Independents and yes, even Democrats once again have been placed in future danger by this renegade government.  Yesterday the House of Representatives and the United States Senate More »

Bradlee Dean discusses what poverty in America often looks like.

America at war with God


And what cause soever shall come to you of your brethren that dwell in their cities, between blood and blood, between law and commandment, statutes and judgments, ye shall even warn them More »

The Constitution is not dead

Third Amendment case law

The Nevada case of Mitchell v. City of Henderson still slogs through the Nevada Federal District Court. This case has one unusual feature. It accuses police in two cities of quartering themselves More »

Revelation includes blessings, and a curse on this city.

Blessings not realized

It is widely believed that the Book of Revelation is confusing, not understandable, and divisive. As a result, it is seldom taught from America’s pulpits. It should be noted that prophecies account More »

Silk Road route tracing

Silk Road notes 3: glass

These notes on the Silk Road exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History continue with a discussion of glass and ceramics. Again the exhibit gives a false impression: that glassmaking and More »

Silk Road caravan

Silk Road notes 2: trade

This article continues the series about the Silk Road exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. As mentioned, the Silk Road exhibit betrays its name and deceives the visitors, individuals, schoolteachers More »

Silk Road caravan

Silk Road notes 1: silk

An exhibit, “1001 Inventions” is now showing worldwide, and what appears to be a small section, regarding the Silk Road, is on display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The larger More »

Seal of the Islamic State. Is Obama their secret ally, sowing complacency to give this State time to build?

ISIS v. ISIL: does it matter?

To most Americans, Obama’s use of the term ISIL instead of ISIS is a bit curious. It is widely acknowledged that ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria while More »

Julius Caesar said if you offer bread and entertainment, you can do anything.

Rome v. America: when nations die

It is said that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. While listening to the details about Congress’ latest financial deal, along with all the hype regarding the More »

Obama – the audacity of betrayal

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast
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Last week I had occasion to listen to two Conservative black men discuss the Obama election and subsequent administration. They both agreed that neither of them expected to see the day when a Black man would be elected president. This wasn’t the first time I heard this from members of the Black community. I heard similar remarks from an inner-city ministry in Indianapolis in 2009. I have to admit that I fully understand how and why they were inspired.

Forget Romney’s Tax Returns – Go Find Barack Obama’s Honesty and Compassion

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast
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Few stories have managed to jump off the page and grip the heart and the better sensibilities of this writer as much as the recently released news item about George Obama, the President’s brother. It flashed across a few of the better conservative internet sites, but was conspicuously missing anywhere in the main stream media. We have learned to expect less from the MSM, but this one may turn out to be the crown jewel of their collective dishonesty and indifference.

American leadership – the world’s great hope

Ronald Reagan knew the trouble with liberals
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The issue of “American Exceptionalism” was brought to the forefront by the man now occupying the White House. He claims that there is nothing exceptional about this country or our citizens. Of course this is not a surprising point of view for someone who grew up in Indonesia and was surrounded by Muslims professing that America is the Great Satan. However, someone who may have experienced the antithesis of the freedom we take for granted may have a different story to tell – especially if that someone escaped Castro’s Cuba.

Gold and silver ready to rise?

Gold coins. Will gold and silver coin replace paper money soon?
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Gold and silver sell today at bargain basement prices. Those prices have held for nearly a year. But now those prices might rise and not look back.

Obama grabs more kingly power

The Constitution is not dead
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Considering the Marxists, Islamists, Progressives, leftists and Communists that Obama has appointed during his first term of usurping the Presidency, would it not seem prudent for the House of Representatives, in control of the Republicans, to work harder at preventing more of that?

If you answered yes, you would be wrong. In fact, the Republican House has once again shown why the Tea Party is the only entity in this country that cares about the Constitution.

2016: Obama’s America

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.
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As most of us know by now, 2016 has been showing only in limited locations and for very abbreviated time frames. It is not clear why, but it may have something to do with liberal fear of the truth.

Obama Campaign Sinks to New Low – Scare Our Seniors to Death

The Pied Piper of Hamelin - metaphor for Barack Obama?
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Spending the last week studying the Ryan plan on Medicare against the remarks made about it by Barack Obama and Joe Biden has produced a surprising result. The surprise is in finding that the only way Mr. Obama can deal with Ryan’s plan is to lie about it and he has done plenty of that.

Ryan budget plan: new opportunity

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI-1), contender in the Vice Presidential debate
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Before the Ryan budget plan, putative President Barack Obama appointed the Simpson-Bowles Commission. Obama then threw their report away. Today the leaders of that commission hail Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). They say he tells the cold, hard truth.

Middle East regional war more likely

How should Israel feel about trusting Putin's Bitch?
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The Middle East could soon see a repeat of the Six-Day War of 1967. Egypt seems to want a rematch. Syria might like a rematch, but their civil war preoccupies them—for now. Iran now threatens anyone and everyone. Israel is getting ready to protect its people, and to fight.

Israel readies civilians for war

How should Israel feel about trusting Putin's Bitch?
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Will Israel attack Iran before the US 2012 election? The people of Israel do not agree on whether they should. But they seem to think that war will come, and they’re getting ready for it.