The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.

Cliven Bundy: canary in the mine

Cliven Bundy cannot rest easy. The Bureau of Land Management withdrew its 200 armed agents (including war dogs!) – for now. But they’ll be back. Because a rich and powerful Senator will More »

Hijab for real

From Hijab to Jihad

Did Minneapolis’s democrat Mayor Betsy Hodges not get it? This was no game, not dress-up playtime or Carnival. Then I wondered if she ever found occasion to dress in the ethnic clothing More »

The UN is after your kids again

Cliven Bundy v. BLM: is it over?

Many are breathing a sigh of relief since the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) backed down in their attempt to relieve Cliven Bundy of his cattle and generational grazing lands in Clark More »

Mass murder succeeds only in gun free zones.

Cliven Bundy v. Harry Reid

Cliven Bundy owns a ranch near a town with a curiously apt name: Bunkerville, Nevada. For generations the Bundys owned this ranch and sent their cattle on the open range to graze. More »

Remedies for a culture run amuck

Rock of offense to Hollywood


The truth is like a lion, just turn it loose and it will defend itself.

– Augustine of Hippo

Hollywood is at it again. They are continuously mocking God and His Word only More »

Marine recruits. How many professors appreciate the role of the military?

Patriot responds to Step One: History

Dear Roseanne,

I am a Marine, one who entered the Corps as it was being wound down from Vietnam, and was full of those who hated the Corps, but knew there was no More »

Do whales really represent a step in evolution from land back to the sea?

Evolution: shouldn’t Eskimos grow fur?

As a Creationist I tend to watch and read more secular material than most might expect. There is a good reason for this. Usually the secular material provides me with the best More »

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.

Commerce Clause, plain and simple

The Constitutional controversy initiated by the Health Care Bill has brought the Commerce Clause in the Constitution back into public view. It simply states:

The Congress shall have Power … To regulate Commerce More »

Walt Brown, originator of the hydroplate theory

Hydroplate theory debate reality check

A challenger of Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory now accuses Brown of demanding sensitive information that might, if released, get him killed. He is due for a reality check.

More »

The UN is after your kids again

UN Agenda 21 – abolish private property

The United Nations wants to abolish private property worldwide. UN Agenda 21 is their tool—and local governments are already cooperating.

More »

Ayn Rand world: public hospitals

Obamacare wants the young and offers them a bad deal. They need not take it.
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Gary Weiss, among other critics of Ayn Rand, portrays her ideal world as a grim place. Among other things, they say, public hospitals would not exist. But would government hospitals cease to exist? Why might some of them still stand? And if they did not stand, would indigent patients have no place to go? Not so. Private charities would take up the slack. (And to answer one other canard: Ayn Rand did not despise charity; she despised taking wealth by force for “charitable” goals.)

Occupy Wall Street v. TEA Party

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.
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Occupy Wall Street plan to infiltrate and disrupt TEA Party meetings to provoke violence. TEA Party patriots must not let that happen.

Dark matter: where is it?

Genesis tells how the universe, and the world, began.
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Astronomers at last looked hard for dark matter in our own Galaxy. Surprise! They didn’t find it. Every current theory says that the Milky Way should have its own halo of dark matter, like every other large object in the sky. But the Milky Way has no dark matter. Maybe the “astronomical community” should admit that dark matter does not exist.

America Unplugged – The New Lord’s Prayer

The Geneva Bible. Are we in a silent war against what this book represents?
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Those who can hardly stand the syntax and rhythmic schemes of the English usage in our Constitution will not find any magnificence or beauty in the Elizabethan phrases of the Bible’s King James Version. Not to worry – other versions are readily available to elucidate and amplify; there is hope for those whose cognizance has been slighted.

Riot training in America?

Guy Fawkes, a symbol of riot in the name of populist causes
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An old movement with a new name, “99% spring,” plans “non-violent direct action.” Or do they plan riot and civil commotion?

Ayn Rand world: public schools

Statue of Atlas, that became the cover illustration for Atlas Shrugged. Is the Third Option a variation on this theme?
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The Ayn Rand world has no room for public schools. They indoctrinate instead of educating, and far from protecting rights, often violate them.

Obama eligibility: media pressure

The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid?
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The Obama eligibility case took a nasty turn today. Lawyers for the Obama campaign demanded that videos of a New Jersey administrative-law trial come down. Those same lawyers admitted that they had removed their associate, Alexandra Hill, from the case.

Ayn Rand world: entitlements

Statue of Atlas, that became the cover illustration for Atlas Shrugged. Is the Third Option a variation on this theme?
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The Ayn Rand world has no entitlements, nor “collective commitments.” But that’s not the same as saying, “you’re on your own.” Instead, each person looks after his own welfare, and can better do this when he and his neighbors obey the same laws.

Ayn Rand world: regulation

Statue of Atlas, that became the cover illustration for Atlas Shrugged. Is the Third Option a variation on this theme?
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In an Ayn Rand world, regulation would be private, not governmental, and would work on an old principle: value for value in honest trade. Government regulation, however, violates the trading principle, the Constitution, and the rights of free people to produce, trade, or even consume.

Ron Paul: more delegates than guessed

Ron Paul speaks about liberty and safety
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Candidate Ron Paul has more delegates than anyone guessed he would or could have. And he might earn many more this summer. Win or lose, he will go to the Republican National Convention, and neither Mitt Romney nor anyone else can ignore him.