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Cliven Bundy v. BLM: is it over?

The UN is after your kids again

Many are breathing a sigh of relief since the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) backed down in their attempt to relieve Cliven Bundy of his cattle and generational grazing lands in Clark County, Nevada. However, the situation exposed a Pandora’s Box of crimes against the Constitution, as well as the will of the American people. The list below is not meant to be a comprehensive one, but raises points we should all seriously consider:

UN is after our kids – again!

The UN is after your kids again

The United Nations is at it again. They are once again doing all in their power to come between parents and their children – in true Hitlerian form. Whether it be through Common Core or the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), global elitists must lie awake at nights trying to figure out ways to turn out kids into slaves and neutralize the sacred bond between parent and child. Their latest ploy is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

United Nations v. the American family

The UN is after your kids again

The current United States leadership begs the question. Are they suicidal, simply brain dead or worse, traitors? For once again the progressive Marxists media lap-dogs are silent concerning the up-coming United Nations Treaty that the Islamic-Marxist Chief is pushing. Its name: “United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (UNCRPD).

New Jersey before you vote part 4

Flag of New Jersey

As I write this series, I couldn’t help remembering Christie’s fly over adventure with hug-a-buddies Obama and Bruce Springsteen, when they allowed him tag along, and how, being with his hero Bruce had brought tears to Christie’s eyes. Just think, if the public remains brain-dead, New Jersey will suffer another term of progressive politics. That would bring tears to my eyes.

Smoke screens and mirrors

The smoke screen leads to worldwide confiscation of guns

Well, America, once again we have been duped by the man now occupying the White House. While he put on a good show this week castigating the United Nations, Secretary of State John Kerry was wheeling and dealing behind closed doors. This bait and switch tactic would have made the Great Houdini proud.

Palestine to Israel: summary

How should Israel feel about trusting Putin's Bitch?

This article reviews the analyses of the competing claims of the Jews and of the Arab residents to a land known variously as “Israel,” “Judea,” and “Palestine” for its millennia of history. What follows necessarily from this analysis is that the Jews, and not the Arabs, have a claim.

“Palestinians” under international law

How should Israel feel about trusting Putin's Bitch?

The Arabs residing in Palestine, a small group of the Arab people, who have been named “The Palestinian Arab People” by the Soviet dezinformatsiya1 claim political self determination in Palestine as a separate “Palestinan people” as provided by “natural law” and International Law” and also make the claim as a minority of Arab people who are much oppressed by the majority Jewish People. The UN General Assembly has adopted their claim in its Resolution 3236, November, 1974. The UN General Assembly cannot make International Law but it does greatly influence world public opinion.

Israel’s sovereignty and boundaries

How should Israel feel about trusting Putin's Bitch?

The decision on whether the Arabs or the Jews have sovereignty over all of Palestine west of the Jordan River under International Law is res judicata, lawyer talk for “the issue has already been decided”.

Syria: wrong war, wrong time

Azaz, Syria, after rebels took it over after a bloody fight. Is Obama still messing in the Syria war?

The US Navy got ready yesterday to pound targets in Syria with cruise missiles. Secretary of State John Kerry pontificated about “moral obscenity” on Syria’s part. (I meant that word. Pope Urban IX didn’t issue a more ringing call-to-arms to launch the First Crusade.) But American citizens will gain nothing from making war in Syria. They will gain even less if they go to avenge a crime that someone else committed. Recent evidence suggests precisely that.

UN Agenda 21: Battle San Francisco Bay

The UN is after your kids again

The growing national scandals surrounding the Internal Revenue Service and Attorney General Eric Holder are bad enough. But they also distract the people from an even larger threat to their fundamental rights. That threat is UN Agenda 21. But two activists in San Francisco Bay are getting ready to file a landmark lawsuit. If they prevail, beleaguered property owners in other States will learn quickly what UN Agenda 21 is – and how to fight it.