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Second Amendment: winning issue

Constitution Day meme. Can Liberty Amendments serve that purpose?

Yesterday, Governor Nikki Haley (R-S.C.) boasted about her favorite Christmas gift: a 9-mm Beretta PX4 Storm handgun. Supporters and opponents, both of Haley and of the Second Amendment, reacted quickly. The two sides obviously set the tone for her rematch against State Senator Vincent Sheheen (D-Camden, S.C.). But it also spoke volumes about the Second Amendment and what the people think of it.

Liberal control, not gun control

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

For sure there has been enough written about last week’s massacre of more than 60 innocent and defenseless civilians in that Kenyan shopping mall.  But for the leftists in this country enough can never be enough if that misery aides their agenda of disarming America.  As with every event of multiple innocent deaths, this latest episode arrived with much desiderate anticipation by the psychotic left.

Smoke screens and mirrors

The smoke screen leads to worldwide confiscation of guns

Well, America, once again we have been duped by the man now occupying the White House. While he put on a good show this week castigating the United Nations, Secretary of State John Kerry was wheeling and dealing behind closed doors. This bait and switch tactic would have made the Great Houdini proud.

Impeachment talk quietly builds

The Constitution. Jihad is incompatible with it, because jihad means treason.

Talk of impeachment of the (de facto) President went beyond outraged citizens and conservative pundits. Yesterday a Member of Congress signaled his interest in it. He has had this interest for nine months, and now has renewed it.

Gun free zone shooting galleries

The Second Amendment is the reset button on the Constitution

Those who believe guns are the reason for the high crime rates in this country will have a hard time defending their belief system this week. Their unimaginative mantra has been “Gun control, gun control, gun control.” Those with a little more wisdom, such as a wise priest I know, once said, “I have guns. They just lay there. They don’t need laws to control them.” While the debate will most likely rage on with politicians leaning heavily on one side or the other, the data only leans one way – as the latest tragedy confirms.

Constitution Day

The Constitution. Jihad is incompatible with it, because jihad means treason.

Today, September 17, commemorates the signing of the United States Constitution, the document that both frames our form of government and simultaneously protects our liberties by strictly limiting the powers granted to that government.

Gun control: eyes wide open!

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

As the gun-control issue rages on – and rest assured, friends, it is raging on – gun-grabbing criminals tell one contrived or fabricated lie after another, acting under the guise of representing the people while they continue down the road of pushing their illegal agenda “forward” in the face of the American people.

Zimmerman case: now we know why

George Zimmerman as he appeared that night

Last Saturday evening (July 13), a jury acquitted George Zimmerman of second-degree murder, and of the lesser-included charge of manslaughter. That’s not enough for the federal government. They might try to prosecute Zimmerman all over again, for “murder with a racial animus.” Believe it or not, that is still a federal offense. (When is the last time the federal government prosecuted a black person for killing a white person? Answer: that hasn’t happened yet.)

Zimmerman: proscribed?

George Zimmerman as he appeared that night

The case of Florida v. Zimmerman, in the Superior Court of Florida in and for the County of Seminole, should have been a routine criminal matter. One man shoots another under doubtful circumstances, and pleads self-defense. Except that the conduct of the case, and even the bringing of it, are anything but routine. In fact, the conduct of the judge in the case, and the conduct of certain city, State and federal officials, suggests something very wrong. Simply put: the Attorney General of the United States, or possibly the de facto President, proscribed George Zimmerman. And they did it to further the power of the federal government.

Christie at bat: will he strike out?

Chris Christie called a special Senate election for his own benefit. Or did he?

Before I begin, allow me to set that stage. I believe the greatest danger to the survival of the Republic is the governmental education system. Let no one tell you differently Education is a National Security issue ignored by both political parties. Someone should have reminded Governor Christie of the words of one of our greatest Founding Father’s concerning our country and education: