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Obama bust in Trenton

What difference does it make to Obama?

The putative President reached another dubious milestone today. The Mayor of Trenton, NJ unveiled a bronze bust of Barack Obama. For the first time, lower government officials have honored a sitting President with a portrait bust. The Obama bust sets a thoroughly bad precedent.

Fiscal Cliff: Obama throws away chances?

What difference does it make to Obama?

Barack Obama wants to be President for Life. To do that he must show himself a voice of reason against a stubborn foe. But he threw away John Boehner’s cowardly deal on the fiscal cliff. When he did that he showed himself, not reasonable, but vindictive and spiteful. This will not win him the friends he needs, nor help the economy, either.

Fiscal Cliff: Cloward-Piven Redux

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast

Many opinion writers, like Dan Henninger at The Wall Street Journal, wonder what putative President Barack Obama has to gain if the “fiscal cliff,” or the “great sequester,” plays out. After all, they say, the economy goes into recession. This will only embarrass him and maybe lose him the Congress in 2014, and his power to choose a successor in 2016. But they’ve missed something. All of this is a sham. Barack Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff. He wants a recession, or even a depression. Because only then can he and his advisers do a rerun of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Warren Buffett: billionaire, manipulator, and un-American liar

Warren Buffett

The enemies of our country and it’s economic health are at it again. And once again they have the support of a selfish, money hungry, purveyor of misconception and class warfare, Warren Buffett.

Obama, we have some questions for you

Ambassador Susan Rice. Obama defended her lamely and in fact used her to shield his own ineptitude, or worse.

The utter contempt Obama has for the intelligence of the American people is staggering. Once again Obama has used a woman to cover for and save his own behind.

Coup d’état in America – calling a spade a “spade”

Chile's Moneda Palace. A violent gun battle broke out at this building during the 1973 coup d'état against Salvador Allende.

“What happened?” Everyone asked this on November 7th. The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama stunned the nation’s patriots who had worked tirelessly to unseat the would-be king. It’s my opinion that the answer to that question is that America has suffered a coup d’état, which many fail to either recognize or label correctly. If America is to survive, it’s high time we face reality and start calling a spade a “spade”. Only then can we figure out what we must do next.

Vote fraud: must GOP let it happen?

Ballot box. The Electoral College compact relies on stuffing this.

A strange thing going on in this country. No one seems willing to step up and say “This must stop.” At last count there are over 150 voting districts across this country, in which the opinion makers ask the American people to either believe or just accept, that not one person in those 150 districts totaling tens of thousands of votes, voted for Mitt Romney.

Fiscal Cliff – evidence of insanity

Albert Einstein. What would he think of our country coming to the fiscal cliff twice?

As the holidays and families draw near, so does the fiscal cliff. The term is as ominous as the numerous predictions that accompany it. The debt ceiling is expected to arrive by the end of February. This will have a deleterious effect on a host of indicators – from unemployment rates to an economically ravaged military.

Impact of hurricanes and governors

The impacts of Hurricane Sandy, like this uprooted tree, will vanish. The impact of putative President Obama will linger.

What impact did Hurricane Sandy have on New Jersey? What impact did Governor Christie’s actions have on the election? What impact will Obama have on the country? Here are some facts. You decide.

Fight for freedom!

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

Hi everybody. If you remember me at all, you know me well enough to read this article. And I know you well enough to think this election loss was probably tough to take as we accept a reality many of us worked very hard to prevent. I also know that because of who we are we will allow ourselves to grieve and then we will begin again to fight for freedom.