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Coup d’état in America – calling a spade a “spade”

Chile's Moneda Palace. A violent gun battle broke out at this building during the 1973 coup d'état against Salvador Allende.

“What happened?” Everyone asked this on November 7th. The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama stunned the nation’s patriots who had worked tirelessly to unseat the would-be king. It’s my opinion that the answer to that question is that America has suffered a coup d’état, which many fail to either recognize or label correctly. If America is to survive, it’s high time we face reality and start calling a spade a “spade”. Only then can we figure out what we must do next.

Vote fraud: must GOP let it happen?

Ballot box. The Electoral College compact relies on stuffing this.

A strange thing going on in this country. No one seems willing to step up and say “This must stop.” At last count there are over 150 voting districts across this country, in which the opinion makers ask the American people to either believe or just accept, that not one person in those 150 districts totaling tens of thousands of votes, voted for Mitt Romney.

Fiscal Cliff – evidence of insanity

Albert Einstein. What would he think of our country coming to the fiscal cliff twice?

As the holidays and families draw near, so does the fiscal cliff. The term is as ominous as the numerous predictions that accompany it. The debt ceiling is expected to arrive by the end of February. This will have a deleterious effect on a host of indicators – from unemployment rates to an economically ravaged military.

Impact of hurricanes and governors

The impacts of Hurricane Sandy, like this uprooted tree, will vanish. The impact of putative President Obama will linger.

What impact did Hurricane Sandy have on New Jersey? What impact did Governor Christie’s actions have on the election? What impact will Obama have on the country? Here are some facts. You decide.

Fight for freedom!

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

Hi everybody. If you remember me at all, you know me well enough to read this article. And I know you well enough to think this election loss was probably tough to take as we accept a reality many of us worked very hard to prevent. I also know that because of who we are we will allow ourselves to grieve and then we will begin again to fight for freedom.

Obama: thief in chief

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast

Putative President Barack H. Obama told the American people today what he wants to do. He wants to steal large amounts of money from those who create wealth. He set up the “fiscal cliff” to do just that. And if anyone stands in his way, the country can collapse for all he cares.

Obama wins: what happened?

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

As the dust, so to speak, settles and many of us begin to recover from the shock and disappointment over the prospect of giving Obama another full term to fundamentally change our country, many are asking themselves, what just happened?

October Surprise from Chris Christie

Chris Christie of New Jersey: did he learn anything?

Hurricane Sandy wasn’t the only October storm to do damage in NJ and other states. Unlike Sandy, this storm wasn’t predicted and no one saw it coming – although perhaps they should have.

Hurricane Sandy to sway election?

Mitt Romney. Will Hurricane Sandy give him New Jersey, though he didn't even campaign here?

Hurricane Sandy did damage, and a lot of it, to a part of the country that normally doesn’t see hurricane damage. And now it might change the election.

Obama v. Romney: better leader?

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast

As Hurricane Sandy comes near and grows stronger, the pundit class speculates on whom the storm might help more (or hurt worse): Barack Obama or his challenger, Mitt Romney. They talk about whether polls will be open or closed, and whether those who have not voted yet will bother to vote. (They also haul out the old chestnut about rain clouds helping Republicans.) But if anyone is telling you that both campaigns are suspended, don’t believe that. Both campaigns sent out e-mails to their subscribers. And their tone speaks volumes about which candidate (three guesses) is truly acting like a leader.