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Leadership: epic fail!

When a plane like this was shot down over Ukraine, de facto President Obama failed of leadership.

Two days ago, rebel forces in eastern Ukraine shot down an unarmed civilian airliner. Our de facto President barely acknowledged this. He was on his way to yet another fundraiser. Now we know the Russian Federation supplied the weapon the rebels used and even took it back into Russia. Barack Obama has barely answered this, and his answer lacks luster. All this goes to show his worst failing in the office he holds: he lacks leadership.

Apollo 11: the launch

Apollo 11 official insigne

Exactly 45 years ago at the time of posting (Wednesday July 16, 1969, 13:32 UTC), Apollo 11 blasted off for the moon. At least one gaming developer rates this as a wonder of the world. One can rightly wonder whether America, or anyone in the world, can ever do this kind of project again. Today begins a day-by-day look back at that historic mission.

Thou shalt not steal – or…?

Obamacare brought two circuits to a crossroads of the Constitution

Not a day goes by without someone asking why politicians of the two major parties cannot lay aside their different affiliations and “work together for the good of the country.” But anyone who must ask that question, might never understand why that is impossible, and probably just as well. Because the problem involves the kind of society we want to build and live in. In blunt fact, the members of one side want to steal from some for the unpaid benefit of others. And until they abandon this desire for organized stealing and covetousness, America will not have harmony in politics.

NAFTA complicity with aliens

Flag of Mexico. Symbol of the Obama alien invasion?

Most Americans have ignored a big player in the “immigration crisis” on America’s southern border. But today Jerome R. Corsi at WND reminded his readers of that player. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has done as much as, or more than, the de facto President in bringing illegal aliens by the trainload – literally – to American soil. And lately the American company that means “NAFTA Railroad” now faces criminal charges – in Mexico.

NAFTA Railroad facing human rights charges

Corsi cites this Associated Press report from more than three months ago:

Luis Angel Bravo, the attorney general of the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, said he filed a complaint with federal prosecutors against Ferrosur, a Mexican rail line, and a subsidiary of the U.S. railway Kansas City Southern.

The Kansas City Southern Railroad owns Ferrosur completely. This article gives the details:

On April 1, 2005, KCS completed the acquisition of Mexican Railroad TFM, S.A. de C.V., an acquisition which gained for KCS all the common stock of Groupo Transportacion Ferrovaria Mexicana, S.A. de C.V., the holding company that owned TFM. In December 2005, KCS changed the name of TFM to Kansas City Southern de Mexico (KCSM). The acquisition of KCSM was a key piece in putting together the “NAFTA railroad,” the marketing brand that KCS uses to market its North American service for both KCSM in Mexico and Kansas City Southern Railroad (KCSR) in the United States.

The NAFA Railroad, Corsi called it. And in another article he concentrated on one purpose of it: to bring goods into America by landing them in Mexican ports and putting them on these Mexican trains that the Kansas City Southern Railroad now owned. And who would run those ports? The China Ocean Shipping Company. A government enterprise. And which government? The People’s Republic of China.

Two years later, everything was running swimmingly, or so said USA Today. But no one paid attention to the other activity to benefit from rail travel: immigration.

The NAFTA Railroad, showing how to use it to get to America.

This map from the Jesuit Mexican Migrant Service illustrates the main cargo train lines and stops. The pink line is the far shortest route to the U.S. border, which explains why south Texas has seen the vast majority of Central American migrant arrivals. From: Jesuit Mexican Migrant Service, quoted by the Washington Office of Latin America.

The Washington Office of Latin America (WOLA) calls attention to the Mexico-Guatemala border: “Mexico’s Other Border.” They carry this link to the Jesuit Mexican Migrant Service. The latter has maps clearly showing anyone who wants to know, what trains to take to the United States. So what happens? All those unaccompanied minors, mothers with children in tow, young toughs, and so on, hop one particular train more than any other. The train starts in Lechería and stops in Nuevo Laredo or Reynosa, depending on which branch line it takes. Those doing the train hopping, and everyone else who knows about it, call it La Bestia – The Beast. Those who hop it risk having others rob, kidnap, extort money from, or kill them, or traffic them into America as sexual slaves.

And now the Attorney General of Vera Cruz has filed a criminal complaint against the owner-operators of La Bestia. Which means the Kansas City Southern Railroad.

KCSR hoist by their own blasting charge

Whoever sends the e-mail notices of new articles in WND seems to think this is a joke. They suggest the Vera Cruz AG shouldn’t blame Americans for what goes on aboard a train they indirectly own and run.

The facts suggest the AG of Vera Cruz should blame the KCSR, builders of the NAFTA Railroad, for what goes on aboard that train. They own La Bestia, because they own a company called Kansas City Southern de Mexico. They bought it out. They gave it that name.

They thought they would bring in cheap goods, the products of cheap labor. Surely they looked the other way when illegal immigrants hopped their NAFTA train. How long have the robberies, the trafficking, the kidnappings, the murders, and the extortions been going on? Maybe the trial will find that out.

And it gets worse. The AG says the railroad employees aid and abet these crimes.

True enough, in America a person, or a company, is innocent until proved guilty. And perhaps the Mexican criminal courts are dubious forums. But those who promoted NAFTA, and especially the Kansas City Southern Railroad, knew that from the beginning.

The real story isn’t about an American company facing prosecution for something another company it owns, either let happen or helped happen. The story is the role NAFTA played in setting up the current crisis. Without that “NAFTA Railroad” buy, La Bestia would not run, and those aliens would have no train to hop. And if an American company wants to hop in bed with scorpions, don’t let it complain about the stings. Especially when said company aids and abets the breaking of American laws.

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Israel in limbo about war

How should Israel feel about trusting Putin's Bitch?

The people of Israel are in a limbo of their own making. They suffer an unremitting and unprovoked attack. That attack would provoke almost any other country in the world to go to all-out war. But Israel will not. Or will it?

Power of One

Power of One can beat RINOs

I continue to wrestle with the Gallup Poll reporti regarding the most liberal and the most conservative states in the Union. The poll stated that after the 2012 presidential election, the nation was 38% conservative as opposed to 23% liberal with the balance attributed mostly to moderates. The breakdown in New Jersey, notorious for being “blue” and #9 on Gallup’s 10 most liberal states list, is more than interesting. According to Gallup, the Garden State is 27.1% liberal and 37.6% moderate, which leaves 35.3% of the state conservative. The stats for Massachusetts, another notorious blue state and number 3 on Gallup’s most liberal list, is 38.1% moderate, 30.2% liberal and 31.7% conservative. The poll stats for these two states indicate that the liberals with their lower percentage rates dominate the conservatives. In other words, the minority is dominating the majority.

Problems small and large

The problems of taxation and immigration are really the problem of taxation and government giving away free lunch.

Politicians make the news today, talking about problems they say are big problems. In fact, they are small problems, and symptoms of much larger problems. Until the people embrace a solution to the larger problems, even the smaller problems will stay insoluble.

Spitting toward heaven

Jeroboam spit toward heaven. Remember where that got him.

Last week we witnessed four denominations emboldened by this criminal, “sodomite-advocating” administration, joining the ranks of the apostate in America. Namely, the United Church of Christ (that claims 1 million members with about 5,200 congregations), the Presbyterian Church USA, the Moravians, who voted to ordain gay clergy, as well as the Pentecostal Church International (1 Timothy 4:1).

Thad Cochran will lose anyway

Thad Cochran

Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) can’t win the general election. His campaign did many disgusting and possibly illegal things. But suppose he wins the legal battles to come? Suppose no judge or jury can or will convict him or his campaign? He still can’t win. Because he laid himself wide-open to a common Democratic attack. So CNAV repeats: he will wind up hoist by his own petard.

Thad Cochran: specious story

Thad Cochran

The campaign staff of Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss) vigorously deny buying votes with direct cash payments. But the key witness in this affair has four text messages that speak to such payments. Yesterday the chief spokesman for the Thad Cochran campaign tried to explain them away. And his explanations are worse than specious.