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Child removal for money?

The gavel: a symbol of judgment. Will same-sex marriage still fall before it?

Friends of the family of Kayla and Hannah Diegel informed CNAV yesterday of a strange, and shocking, judicial policy in Maricopa County, Arizona. Melissa Diegel and (until recently) her daughters live in Maricopa County. An allied child advocacy group obtained video showing a juvenile court judge instructing other judges on how to issue child removal orders to ensure federal funding. In summary, this judge told his fellow judges to issue an out-of-home child removal order, whether the circumstances fully warrant this or not. The reason: Departments of Child Protective Services do not receive federal funds for in-home child removal orders. Thus the federal government gives courts a money incentive to separate children from their families. Thus the federal government corrupts juvenile courts across the country.

Thank you, Houston

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

Recently the town council of Houston added its name to a long list of constitutional bullies. It recently attempted to infringe upon its citizens 1st Amendment rights by conducting a witch hunt against Houston’s churches in an attempt to find something that will justify removing their tax exempt status. But its actions may have proven that the proverbial last straw does actually exist when it comes to assaults against our rights to worship freely. Not only have Houston’s churches refused to submit to politically correct bullies; they have done what churches around the country should have been doing since 1954. When Lyndon B. Johnson subversively attached the Johnson Amendment to a piece of IRS legislation and silenced the political voice of the churches, the churches remained silent. But not this time. This time Houston may have gone too far and forced the churches to finally take a stand. And for that, we thank you, Houston!

Texas voter ID law in effect

Ballot box. The Texas voter ID law will stop people from stuffing this.

This fall, the Texas Voter ID law will take full force and effect. The Supreme Court voted, six to two, not to stop it. The usual suspects complained about it. They suggested Texas meant to stop people from voting. True: Texas did mean to stop people from voting. Illegal voters.

Crossless love

Jesus Christ showed the ultimate love.


Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

– written on the wall of a POW camp

America’s poison of choice

Common core has a lot of dity money behind it and distorts rather than teaches.

“Choice” may be an odd word to use when discussing America’s educational decline, since lack of parental initiative to exercise choice in education is a large contributing factor. Still, by not choosing to choose something other than government-run education, an overwhelming majority of American parents have chosen to condemn their children to the poison of an academic life of mediocrity and substandard quality. It is understandable that many parents may not have options other than government-run education available to them, but they certainly can and should make their objections to an unproductive curriculum known. Many do not do this because either they do not know or care about what is going on in the classroom or they simply trust that the government knows what it is doing. In either case, they have chosen poorly. By trusting government to run education efficiently and increase its quality, Americans have trusted government to do two things it has never done: run something efficiently and fix the problems it created.

Ebola: distraction or weapon?


Ebola has arrived in the United States. This arrival challenges the philosophical foundations of Progressivism and libertarianism. It also challenges the public policies of the last century. More to the point, Obama has blundered badly in the Ebola crisis. Or has he? More to the point: how can you handle it?

Who’s in control?

Constitution Day meme. Can Liberty Amendments serve that purpose?

In spite of America’s greatness, many people today feel less free and don’t believe elected officials represent them. The federal government seems like a foreign country, filled with pompous officials. State-by-state heterogeneity makes the United States unique and complex. That’s a good thing. Many believe our states are America’s most important legacy. But what are the odds one federal law will be best for people in the Northwest and Southeast? Priorities vary from region to region. Our country has grown too large and distinct for one set of policies. The federal government fails because it has gotten so big and centralized its members cannot adequately represent people who elect them.

Zoning Regulations: Extortion

A sample zoning proposal

This is a story of lies, political corruption and arrogance that led to the extortion of a respected small business owner and effected an entire community. The names have been altered to prevent further harassment by town officials.

Holder: try and convict him

Eric Holder

Proven to be a faithful criminal with his little cronies under the Clinton administration, Attorney General Eric Holder has now been exposed once again by showing the American people how truly corrupt he is. If he is not stonewalling, then he is attempting to cover for some unlawful scandal this criminal administration has committed. Now he is even attempting to run from what he is responsible for by attempting to get out before being held accountable.

National Criminal Registry

The Constitution assumed local control of most government functions, not the current centralized system.

The Federal gun law of 1994 is about to expire.  This law made it illegal to manufacture or own a semi-automatic weapon that would let the user handle and fire the weapon skilfully.  It limited the magazine capacity for these weapons while not limiting how many magazines one could own.