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Cliven Bundy v. Harry Reid

Mass murder succeeds only in gun free zones.

Cliven Bundy owns a ranch near a town with a curiously apt name: Bunkerville, Nevada. For generations the Bundys owned this ranch and sent their cattle on the open range to graze. They began this long before the Bureau of Land Management was more than a gleam in a Congressional eye. Now the Bureau says Cliven Bundy is somehow trespassing on federal land. (Whether the land is federal, is in dispute.) It began with a dispute over grazing fees and continued with a new designation of a wildlife habitat. A habitat for a species of tortoise that is not about to go extinct. But the real problem is not with any particular administrator. It is with his own United States Senator.

Parental rights under assault

A family a play. Without parental rights, scenes like this might never play out again.

Hillary Clinton once said that it takes a village to raise a child. At the time it seemed like she might have meant that all of us are responsible for the children around us. Given Mrs. Clinton’s ideas regarding socialism, it is more likely that she meant that the responsibility for raising children rests with the collective culture and not parents. If the medical case of 15-year-old Justinia Pelletier is an example of Mrs. Clinton’s ideology, then this ideology may be more sinister than any of us could have imagined and parental rights hang in the balance.

Tea Party: another dangerous encounter

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

Anyone, left, right or middle, extreme or moderate, who is able to exhibit even a minuscule amount of honesty, would be very hard pressed to deny that everything conservative groups, such as the Tea Party, have been warning about the Unaffordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare) and the devastating impact it would have on America has come true and in spades.

Judges as oligarchs

James A. Byrne Federal Courthouse, Philadelphia, PA, home of the Third Circuit, one step below the Supreme Court

By what authority do those highbrows in  black robes think they have to violate the Constitution and by extension, the will of the American people?  Justices are warranted to determine the legality of a law or an activity, as relates to the US Constitution and then render an opinion thereon.   Redefining legislation or altering its wording or intent, is not legal. 

Licentious illiberal liberals

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.

Across this nation there are streets, blocks, neighborhoods and cites which exist in various gradients of contrasting security and danger.  It has been pointed out by many, and many times over, that the safest locations for the people to live, work and enjoy life are those areas where the constitutional right to self defense has not been taken away by socialist legislators and liberal judges.

Recess appointment abuse before SCOTUS

Supreme Court, group portrait 2010

Yesterday (January 13, 2013) the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case of recess appointment abuse. Several Justices heaped open skepticism, if not scorn, on the U.S. solicitor arguing the government’s side. Perhaps now the Supreme Court will rein in the Obama administration and curb one of its most flagrant abuses of the Constitution.

We are all Little Sisters

Remember Martin Niemöller during the Little Sisters of the Poor case.

The Department of Justice is doing its best to strong-arm a group of service-minded nuns to comply with Obamacare rules and regulations that conflict with their faith. The Little Sisters of the Poor have refused either of the options available to them in Obamacare that could make this problem go away. They include dropping their group health insurance and paying the Obamacare taxes or applying for the “accommodation” that exempts them for religious reasons. The options seem simple enough, but the consequences have not eluded the Little Sisters.

Perverted justice

The gavel: a symbol of justice. Perverted justice causes people to disrespect this symbol.

Portia, a Shakespearean character in the Merchant of Venice, once said, “The quality of mercy is not strained…” Portia was a fictitious character that lived in the mind of Shakespeare. The rest of us have to live in the real world where mercy and compassion beyond reason is an obsession imposed upon us to the perversion of justice. In modern day America the quality of mercy is not only strained; it is also perverted. And this perversion interacts and wreaks havoc on the principles of justice that demand fairness and equal treatment for one and all.

Impeachment: a viable option?

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.

Editor’s Note: Over the weekend of December 28-29, 2013, the Democratic National Committee sent out an e-mail to its mailing list. In it they quoted several Republican Members of Congress who, they say, talked openly of impeachment of Barack Obama. They sought to use these quotes to move their base to flip the House. But Nicholas E. Purpura, below, makes the case for impeachment. For real.

NSA surveillance – circuits split

Thomas Jefferson promoted liberty, not license

The mainstream media are buzzing today with a breathless report. According to them, the NSA surveillance program got a new lease on life. Specifically, another federal judge, this time in New York State, said the massive NSA surveillance program does follow the Constitution. This other judge uses highly dubious reasoning. All he has done is set up a split between circuits. Thus the NSA surveillance program will come before the Supreme Court.