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Who does Bloomberg think he’s kidding?

Michael Bloomberg

It isn’t gun control.

– Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City

Recently, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg promoted his new $50 million gun control campaign on NBC’s “Today” show, in an aggressive financial push to combat the National Rifle Association’s influence on gun policies.

Second amendment: they don’t understand

The Second Amendment is the reset button on the Constitution

What is wrong with Eric Holder, Joe Biden, and for that matter Barack Obama? What is wrong with the governors of New York, Connecticut, and maybe New Jersey, too? (Not to mention Illinois?) They simply do not understand the Second Amendment to the Constitution. To its purpose, to the reason James Madison wrote it, none of these people have a clue.

We the people are the militia

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.


To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.

– President George Washington

America knows that one great obstacle this criminal administration is trying to get over is the disarming of the American people. If it is not President Barack Hussein Obama blaming the American people for the crimes he and his administration are responsible for committing in Mexico, then it is his sidekick, Attorney General Eric Holder, trying to teach the media to brainwash America’s young.

Vexatious liberal ‘lexicons’

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

Over the years, as part of the planned ruination of our culture and society the liberal left has endeavored to label and define activity, by use of words they choose and phrases they create.  All the while, our side, acquiesces and accepts and even uses those terms and then wonders why they always lose the propaganda battle.

New Jersey before you vote part 3

Chris Christie of New Jersey: did he learn anything?

Abbott District funding wasn’t the first time Christie cowered before the Democrat controlled progressive New Jersey Supreme Court.  Does the “Council on Affordable Housing” (COAH) decision ring a bell?.  These same “Hoodlums in Black-robes” completely ignored the “legislative intent” of the legislation as well as the United States Constitution.  Anyone willing to publicly debate me?

Liberal control, not gun control

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

For sure there has been enough written about last week’s massacre of more than 60 innocent and defenseless civilians in that Kenyan shopping mall.  But for the leftists in this country enough can never be enough if that misery aides their agenda of disarming America.  As with every event of multiple innocent deaths, this latest episode arrived with much desiderate anticipation by the psychotic left.

Smoke screens and mirrors

The smoke screen leads to worldwide confiscation of guns

Well, America, once again we have been duped by the man now occupying the White House. While he put on a good show this week castigating the United Nations, Secretary of State John Kerry was wheeling and dealing behind closed doors. This bait and switch tactic would have made the Great Houdini proud.

Impeachment talk quietly builds

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.

Talk of impeachment of the (de facto) President went beyond outraged citizens and conservative pundits. Yesterday a Member of Congress signaled his interest in it. He has had this interest for nine months, and now has renewed it.

Gun free zone shooting galleries

The Second Amendment is the reset button on the Constitution

Those who believe guns are the reason for the high crime rates in this country will have a hard time defending their belief system this week. Their unimaginative mantra has been “Gun control, gun control, gun control.” Those with a little more wisdom, such as a wise priest I know, once said, “I have guns. They just lay there. They don’t need laws to control them.” While the debate will most likely rage on with politicians leaning heavily on one side or the other, the data only leans one way – as the latest tragedy confirms.

Gun control: eyes wide open!

TEA Party to GOP establishment: enough already.

As the gun-control issue rages on – and rest assured, friends, it is raging on – gun-grabbing criminals tell one contrived or fabricated lie after another, acting under the guise of representing the people while they continue down the road of pushing their illegal agenda “forward” in the face of the American people.