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Noah the movie: not recommended

Noah's Ark: not the Hollywood version

The long-awaited movie Noah will be out in theaters this evening. As a Christian and a creation advocate and reporter, this correspondent recommends you give this movie a pass.

Ceres water find vindicates creation

Ceres orbit, plan and profile

Two days ago, the journal Nature published a shocking report. The dwarf planet Ceres has water vapor on it, and is actively releasing it. This finding confounds conventional notions of the origins of planets, asteroids, meteoroids, and planetary moons. It also vindicates creation, and more particularly the Hydroplate Theory of the Global Flood. The reason: Walter T. Brown Jr., who originated this theory, predicted this finding years ago.

Genesis 1-11: a scientific apologetic

Genesis tells how the universe, and the world, began.

For centuries, beginning with Leonardo da Vinci, scientists accepted the account in Genesis chapters 1-11 as almost self-evident. As a result, they made few efforts to validate it. (Athanasius Kircher, who wrote a scholarly treatment of the voyage of Noah’s Ark, was one notable exception.) As a further result, those who doubted the Genesis account could easily persuade people not to believe it. But since 1960, many creation scientists have sought to show not only that those eleven chapters of Genesis happened as Moses wrote them down, but how they might have happened. Today, a careful scholar can read those chapters and imagine at least one, and often several, ways their story might have played out.

Mercury ice should have blown away in meteor showers

The Mercury ice is found where the sun never shines on Mercury

The Mercury ice excites everyone who hears about it. After all, people forget that even Mercury has areas of endless shadow cold enough to hold ice. But they smugly assume that the ice would sublimate slowly, if at all, even over billions of years. If the ice rested quietly, and nothing disturbed it, then it would stay, even that long. But it does not rest quietly. Meteors of all sizes bombard it all the time. In millions of years, and certainly billions, those meteors would have blown the ice away.

Mercury ice must have come from earth

The Mercury ice is found where the sun never shines on Mercury

Almost everyone agrees that comets and water-rich asteroids delivered lots of ice to Mercury. But the Mercury ice must have come from Earth. It cannot have come from anywhere else.

Evolution contradicts itself

Opabinia regalis, from the Cambrian Burgess Shale. Evolution would not have predicted so complex a creature as this appearing so "early."

Evolution contradicts itself in many ways. The fossil record contradicts all that evolution predicts about how species develop. A recent lecture series shows how and why.

Creation Day 2 – Fire in Water


On Creation Day 2, God called the “firmament” “heaven.” So says Genesis 1:8. Could the word that translates as “heaven” mean something else?

Creation Day 3: Dry Land


In Creation Day Three, God finished what He began the Day before: shaped the earth’s crust to create oceans, and land for planting. This was not a separate miracle, but a continuance of the same one.

Creation Day 2: Firmament

Black Smoker, consisting of supercritical water. This vindicates the Hydroplate Theory.

On Creation Day 2, God made a “firmament among waters,” to “divide waters from waters.” Where was this? Perhaps not in space, but on earth. But what about the “firmament of the heavens” on Creation Day Four? That was a different firmament.

Hydroplate theory debate reality check

Walt Brown, originator of the hydroplate theory

A challenger of Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory now accuses Brown of demanding sensitive information that might, if released, get him killed. He is due for a reality check.