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Stupid politicians

The Obama birth certificate. Why is this still accepted as valid?

After having spent many decades working, building businesses and careers, raising families, as so many other Americans have done, it has dawned on many of us, that maybe, just maybe, the typical political candidate, really doesn’t become an an expert immediately after being elected. They may become more arrogant, but remain quite stupid.

Life before Earth – or with it

Life before earth requires panspermia

Recently two scientists showed an amazing mathematical chimera: life before earth. They think they showed that life began 9.7 billion years ago – four billion years after the universe began. They really showed that life could not have come from non-life. At least, not on earth. In the process they made the creation story far more likely than they might care to admit.

Without Darwin, wither faith?

Charles Darwin. Some rely on him for an extreme misanthropic doctrine.

Three days ago, Michael Flannery at Evolution News and Views suggested that without Darwin, the worlds of science and faith would look vastly different today. He is correct as far as he goes. But the world without Darwin would not necessarily lack its strife and its sins. It would also have a complacency the world with Darwin now lacks.

Creation reborn

Radioactive decay chains. Radioactive decay was a key argument against creation, until Austin, Shelling, and Vardiman demolished three key assumptions.

Creation was once the ruling paradigm of science. A century and a half ago, it fell out of favor. Now it’s coming back, as people realize what the evidence really suggests. Which is: the earth is not old. It is young – and just as young as the Bible says.

Long Age: Misinterpretation of Evidence

Charles Lyell, an early Long Age advocate

Evolutionists allege a long age for the earth because their model depends on it. They justify it only by misinterpreting and misconstruing both historical fact and natural observation. In fact, that is the history of how Darwinism became current and “credible.”

Creation: important to Christians

Blake's Image of Creation should be a warning to fools who deny God

The Bible begins with creation. Yet most churches today, and even most Bible-believing churches, don’t want to talk about creation. They’re making a mistake. Bible-believing Christians should talk about creation, to strengthen their own faith and to be better witnesses to God’s sovereign – and awesome – power.

Coup d’état or playing with toys?

Obamacare brought two circuits to a crossroads of the Constitution

Fresh perspectives arrive every week on the new toys the Department of Homeland Security is buying. That includes 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and 2,717 Iraq War surplus light tanks. Is the Department simply acting like a child in a candy store? Or is the administration planning a coup d’état against the people?

Coup d’état in America – more evidence

Obamacare brought two circuits to a crossroads of the Constitution

More evidence came in last night (March 3, 2013) that the de facto President is either (a) living in fear of a coup d’état against his administration or (b) planning such a coup against the Constitution itself. The government is either over-reacting, running a psy-op, or planning to lay siege to the American people.

Ten Commandments: ACLU loses lawsuit

The Ten Commandments: antidote to communist ideology

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has lost its six-year campaign to tear down a Ten Commandments monument at the Dixie County, Florida courthouse.

Young earth v. old earth

The village at Qumran where the Essenes wrote and packed the Dead Sea Scrolls. Photo: CNAV

This morning, another type of creation advocate sent me a message at the domain of the Creation Science Hall of Fame. Some advocates choose not to dispute the conventional wisdom that the earth is old. However old the earth might be, they say, is still not long enough for evolution to take place unless God guided it. Opposed to this “old earth” view is the “young earth” view: that the earth is not nearly so old as conventional scientists insist.