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America’s slippery slope

An American flag flying at Chimney Rock, NC

Apostasy is the renunciation of a religious or political belief or allegiance. In America, where our government was founded upon the principle that our rights come from God, the implications of a religious apostasy creates a slippery slope that affects our government as well. This two prong apostasy shakes the very foundation of who we are as a people and what we expect and permit from our government. After all, it is logical to conclude that if God doesn’t exist then our rights can’t possibly come from Him. And as we have seen, our government has been more than willing to take God’s place as the author and giver of our rights – rendering the very foundation of our Constitution inconsequential.

Water beyond the belt

The asteroid belt and the Trojan asteroids of Jupiter

NASA, two days ago (March 12, 2015), confirmed what planet-watchers have known for years. Ganymede, the largest moon of Jupiter, has a thick layer of ice, with an ocean beneath. Ganymede becomes the third large moon in the solar system to harbor such vast amounts of liquid water. And once again, NASA and those who work the Science Beat indulge themselves, speculating about Life Beyond Earth. Well, NASA might have good reason to find life on these three moons. But that reason would never occur to them. The subglacial oceans of Ganymede and Europa (moons of Jupiter) and Enceladus (moon of Saturn), and their respective ice coverings, likely came from Earth. And this water likely brought living things with it.

Hillary Clinton v. Obama

Obama, hypocrite in chief at the National Prayer Breakfast

Yesterday Hillary Clinton flew her true colors. She holds the American people in the utmost contempt. She insulted our intelligence. She finally ordered us to take her word on everything. In so saying, she disqualified herself to be President. Barack Obama happens to agree. But he agrees for a reason not only wrong, but monstrous.

Origin of universe and life

Earth during the Ice Age

One can speculate without end about the origin of the universe, the earth, and life. That is all evolutionary astronomers and biologists do. Any model of the origin of these things, must explain what they are like today. No one can do this, who rejects the one Historical Record we have from the earliest times. The Hebrew Bible holds that record.

Hillary Clinton cut loose?

The elephant in the room: is Hillary Clinton paving the way for Bill? Or his her own ideology bad enough?

Why does Hillary Clinton face a scandal she cannot suppress? Did Barack Obama, or Valerie Jarrett, or some other senior Administration official, decide to destroy Hillary Clinton? Whom does Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have to thank for all this? Few commentators seem to want to know, or care. But the mainstream media did not have a sudden attack of conscience or embarrassment. Someone ordered a hatchet job on Hillary Clinton. She laid herself wide-open to that, to be sure. But by now the scandal should have faded. It hasn’t.

Mark Levin: great enabler?

Alleged long form birth certificate

Several years ago Mark Levin, tagged by Hannity as The Great One, was offered and then accepted a full time gig doing a “conservative” talk show on the ABC radio network and affiliates.  He began that job not as the Great One, but as the Great Enabler.  He may have been told that it was not in his best interest nor the best interest of the network to discuss the eligibility of Barack Islam Obama relating to Article II or any aspect of his credentials which might actually prevent an illegal presidency.

Volcanism, impacts, and the Global Flood

The K-T boundary. A new theory credits volcanism with that boundary layer. But the explanation might be much simpler.

Recently I had the privilege of conducting a presentation on the dinosaurs to our church’s children’s Sunday school class. I began with a question: what do you think happened to the dinosaurs? The answer was as I expected: an asteroid strike killed them. This theory is under challenge. As many multidisciplinary studies suggest, the Chicxulub impact (commonly believed to be the asteroid strike responsible for the KT Boundary theory) predates the actual mass extinction record for the area. Yet the theory persists in textbooks. So teachers still teach it in classroomsi nationwide. Interestingly, the studies give rise to a resurgence of the Deccan Volcanism hypothesis.

Free Jonathan Pollard

Obama interferes in Israeli elections. Does he also use taxpayer money to pay for it?

Jonathan Pollard should go free at once. Thirty years ago, then-Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger accused him of doing more damage to United States national security than any other spy. Weinberger accused Pollard in writing, then classified his written misgivings. A court, not even having all the evidence, then sentenced Jonathan Pollard to life without the possibility of parole. Now an executive appellate body has ordered the Defense Department to declassify what Weinberger wrote. And for that reason we now learn something stunning: Weinberger had nothing on Jonathan Pollard, other than causing awkwardness with Arab “allies.” That didn’t rate L-WOPP. Weinberger knew it. So he lied about it.

Subcrustal ocean roof found?


Earlier this month, a team of geologists in New Zealand reported making a seismic image of the base of the earth’s crust. They reported their find as the base of a tectonic plate. But a noted creation scientist takes heart from this find for a different reason. This team could have found the roof of a now-drained subcrustal ocean. That same ocean, he says, broke confinement about fifty-three hundred years ago. We know that break-out as the Global Flood.

Scott Walker on creation

Scott Walker

Darwin Day arrived today. That could explain why a London reporter wanted to ask a likely candidate in the 2016 presidential election where he came down on creation v. evolution. The candidate, Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisc.), chose not to answer. That question, and Scott Walker’s choice, speaks volumes about society today.