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Robert Menendez skates on thin ice

Robert Menendez. Poster child for liberal hypocrisy, especially on gun control.

Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has been a corrupt politician all his life. He knows all the tricks, whether for getting (and doing) special favors or for stopping any serious inquiry into how he does things. But now he’s in a spot of trouble he can’t dodge. Or can he?

Media in America – shameless beyond words

Useful idiots make the media of not much better use than to wrap fish.

If anyone had any doubt that the journalists and the so called main stream media that employ them, have lost all remnants of professionalism, these past few weeks will have “gaveled” that case closed.

Sheriff Project highlights third party meeting

Frank Cottone, originator and director of the Sheriff Project

The centuries-old office of sheriff might still save America from sliding into tyranny. Today an activist explained that at a bimonthly meeting of the Constitution Party of New Jersey.

Sam Donaldson, revolutionary

Sam Donaldson talks to colleagues

The rogues’ gallery of bloody leftist revolutionaries is a long one. It begins with Maximilien Robespierre and goes on with Vladimir I. Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Mao Zedong (or Mao Tse-tung). Last weekend it gained a new member: Sam Donaldson of ABC-TV. But Sam Donaldson made a mistake. He said out loud what the leftists knew they must keep quiet until literally nothing can stop them: they have taken America over.

Recall NJ – a deafening silence

Senator Robert Menendez, who enjoys the protection of a sycophantic media

Since Recall NJ embarked on a campaign to recall Senator Robert Menendez that was thwarted by the NJ Supreme Court, many have wondered why the organization did not take an active role in defeating the incumbent NJ Senator this fall. The answer is simple. There was no one deserving of the organization’s support.

Jim DeMint leaves Senate

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), soon to be Jim DeMint, head of the Heritage Foundation

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) will leave the Senate. When the Senate reconvenes to take part in the 113rd Congress, Jim DeMint will not take part. Many conservatives fear losing his strong voice in the Senate. But in fact Jim DeMint will raise his voice elsewhere, and from a place where he can do a lot more good.

Tea Party purge backfiring?

John Boehner, Speaker of the House: casualty of the Tea Party/Establishment War?

The Great Tea Party Purge, or the Night of Long Knives, might backfire on House Speaker John Boehner, Republican Floor Leader Eric Cantor, and Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy. Conservatives outside the House questioned it immediately. Now conservatives inside the House have denounced the move. And at least one activist says the subjects of the Tea Party Purge might be freer than ever to fight against Republican cave-ins.

Fiscal Cliff: Obama throws away chances?

What difference does it make to Obama?

Barack Obama wants to be President for Life. To do that he must show himself a voice of reason against a stubborn foe. But he threw away John Boehner’s cowardly deal on the fiscal cliff. When he did that he showed himself, not reasonable, but vindictive and spiteful. This will not win him the friends he needs, nor help the economy, either.

Party or America? You choose

The Constitution defines trason. Obama is demonstrably guilty of this.

Regardless of what party you are registered with, if you are a good American who believes in the values set forth in the founding documents of this, the greatest country on earth, and you see your political party, year after year, election after election, moving further and further from your ideals, your work ethic, and your vision of what this country should be, welcome to the club.

Coup d’état in America – calling a spade a “spade”

Chile's Moneda Palace. A violent gun battle broke out at this building during the 1973 coup d'état against Salvador Allende.

“What happened?” Everyone asked this on November 7th. The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama stunned the nation’s patriots who had worked tirelessly to unseat the would-be king. It’s my opinion that the answer to that question is that America has suffered a coup d’état, which many fail to either recognize or label correctly. If America is to survive, it’s high time we face reality and start calling a spade a “spade”. Only then can we figure out what we must do next.