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Lois Lerner takes the Fifth

Obamacare brought two circuits to a crossroads of the Constitution

Lois Lerner, the IRS official in charge of vetting tax-exemption applications, pleaded the Fifth Amendment yesterday. Besides botching her taking of the Fifth, she displayed an arrogant – and hypocritical – attitude.

Is this still America?

Mass murder succeeds only in gun free zones.

Much has been written about the recent Obama Administration scandal that centers on the IRS’ abuse of power. One of the most profound questions asked during the House Ways and Means Committee investigation was by Rep. Kevin Brady (R) of Texas who asked: “Is this still America?”

Common core education: government poison

Common core has a lot of dity money behind it and distorts rather than teaches.

The New Jersey primary has another defining issue, as if it needed more. Its name is “common core education.” And it separates the wheat from the chaff among candidates.

IRS scandal should surprise no one

The IRS scandal gained a new face - in Congress.

Yesterday the scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service broke wide-open. Angry members of a key subcommittee (including half its Democrats!) took turns denouncing the agency and especially its leaders. But few of them got the true point. The IRS scandal should surprise no one. Least of all should it surprise any in Congress. For they, more than anyone else, created the monstrous tax code that needs a monstrous agency to enforce it.

Leigh-Ann Bellew v. Joe Kyrillos

Reclaiming America - one State House at a time

John Bennett, Monmouth County Republican Chairman, was quoted as saying, “It is ludicrous to me that these individuals (LD13) are being challenged.” He went on to say that he had no idea what their agenda is…. and that their candidates are doing a great job and are conservatives. Conservative! How dare you insult the Republican voters in Monmouth County. Christie’s puppet, Senator Kyrillos (a/k/a “Luke Fencewalker” as named by his colleagues in the legislature), is anything but conservative! He is, however, good at obeying the orders of his puppet master, Chris Christie. If you’re looking for a true conservative, Leigh-Ann Bellew is your woman!

Ready, aim, reclaim

Reclaiming America - one State House at a time

In a previous article, I identified six factors that have turned America from the land of the free into an all-consuming Beast – a Beast that will literally destroy the heart and soul of America unless we are able to slay it.

Why Opposition To Republican Incumbents?

Team New Jersey. Not a party. A team. And right now they say: not another Bush!

What does it mean to be a Republican in New Jersey? Absolutely nothing! New Jersey is the only state in the Union that has “NOT” adopted the Republican National Platform. Does that partly answer our question? Wait! That’s only the beginning.

Margaret Thatcher, RIP

Margaret Thatcher understood the evil, and the unworkability, of socialism

This morning, Margaret Thatcher died of a stroke. She was 87. She did more in one lifetime than most people might do if they had two. Only if Western people can appreciate what she did, can they save themselves from the sort of tyranny she fought against.

Saddam Hussein had WMD after all

Saddam Hussein after his capture.

Ten years ago, the Grand Coalition of the Willing invaded Iraq and took it over. Eventually US forces found Saddam Hussein in a “spider hole,” brought him to trial, convicted him, and executed him. But they did not find the “weapons of mass destruction,” or WMD, they were sure Saddam Hussein had.

Sarah Palin at CPAC

Sarah Palin speaks in Dover, NH

Twitters, emails, Facebook pages and cell phones were ablaze with fear and trepidation this past weekend. The clocks read 11:45 am, as the left began slithering out of their sweat soaked beds, reached for their first early (late) morning sedatives, and realized that it wasn’t a nightmare they had just experienced. At least one that they could be awoken from. Sarah Palin spoke.