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Kent Hovind: not a tax protester

Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind, the famous “Doctor Dino,” broke his silence yesterday to reply to many questions about his long-running battle with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). His message: he does not oppose the income tax on principle. But he says the IRS has misapplied the tax code and is asking for tax that he does not truly owe.

Intelligent Design v. Evolution: Ironic?

Flowers like this do not happen by accident, but by design. Intelligent design.

Texas is at it again. The Evolutionists are fighting to remove anything remotely connected to Intelligent Design or Creationism from the classroom by objecting to the appointment of six Creationists to review the science textbooks. What isn’t properly reported is that these six people also happen to be scientists with supporting credentials in their fields. But they also happen to be Creationists. And that scares the daylights out of the Evolutionists who fear anyone knowing that credible scientists do believe in Creationism and Intelligent Design.

Global flood astronomical date range

Comet Halley was launched during the Global Flood

Dr. Walt Brown, nearly three months ago, announced an astronomical fix for the Global Flood. When he did that, he provoked the precise sort of debate scientists ought to have. Brown, with his customary boldness, challenged anyone who doubted him: “Check my math!” Dr. Matthew Jachimstahl, a skeptic (both of the Hydroplate Theory and of the Bible), accepted Brown’s challenge. Brown recently released the full results of that challenge.

Global flood astronomical fix revised

Comet Halley was launched during the Global Flood

Dr. Walt Brown, Director of the Center for Scientific Creation, recently announced a new figure for his astronomical fix for the Global Flood. Like his earlier fix, he based this one on a common close-approach date for comets. But the new fix uses true orbital periods, not the hypothetical periods in the cometary catalog.

Global Flood gains astronomical fix

Comet Halley was launched during the Global Flood

The Center for Scientific Creation and the Creation Science Hall of Fame separately announced today that an astronomical date for the Global Flood is now available.

Resurrecting Sodom

Mount Sodom, where it really happened

I intended to write about the ghoulish Dr. Kermit Gosnell. (Who, by the way, waits for a jury to come in.) But then the reality set in: Kermit Gosnell is only the symptom of an increasingly amoral America. So this piece took a different turn. Years ago Ruth Graham, wife of Billy Graham, made a statement that I thought was a bit over the top: “If God doesn’t soon bring judgment upon America, He’ll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!” Back when Mrs. Graham made this statement, I hardly winced. After all, no one was knocking on my door to have sexual relations with any of my attractive visitors. However, the handwriting was on the wall. We were well on our way to becoming as arrogant, hedonistic, and morally defunct as Sodom – we just didn’t know it.

Censorship: key to sustaining evolution

Does Bill Nye hold to this?

Tina Dupuy recently called on government, or maybe voters (she never made clear), to “save our schools from Creationism.” I’m sure Ms. Dupuy believes her argument is based on logic and credibility. It is not. She has been fooled by censorship masquerading itself as science.

Genesis 1-11: a scientific apologetic

Genesis tells how the universe, and the world, began.

For centuries, beginning with Leonardo da Vinci, scientists accepted the account in Genesis chapters 1-11 as almost self-evident. As a result, they made few efforts to validate it. (Athanasius Kircher, who wrote a scholarly treatment of the voyage of Noah’s Ark, was one notable exception.) As a further result, those who doubted the Genesis account could easily persuade people not to believe it. But since 1960, many creation scientists have sought to show not only that those eleven chapters of Genesis happened as Moses wrote them down, but how they might have happened. Today, a careful scholar can read those chapters and imagine at least one, and often several, ways their story might have played out.

Life before Earth – or with it

Life before earth requires panspermia

Recently two scientists showed an amazing mathematical chimera: life before earth. They think they showed that life began 9.7 billion years ago – four billion years after the universe began. They really showed that life could not have come from non-life. At least, not on earth. In the process they made the creation story far more likely than they might care to admit.

360 day year: no coincidence

The 360 day year raises an interesting astronomical riddle.

The most ancient calendars all assumed a 360 day year. But why, when astronomers have long known that a year is about 365.24 days? Because the earth once had a 360 day year, and something changed. The ancients remembered the 360 day year. But they forgot how the year changed, or even that it changed, for centuries after the event.